Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My idea of a good day.

Is it emo? Perhaps.
Is it sien? Definitely.

It's like damn tired/ bored to have any feelings now. Rofl.

Times like this, how i wish it was day with the sun shining brightly, blue blue sky and beautiful fluffy clouds above, so i can lie on the grass as i look at the sky above and use my imagination to see the shapes in the cloud, and perhaps the world.
Perhaps add some dragons flying about, evil sorcerer who wanted to take over the world, handsome vampire Prince, pretty dresses, heavy armour, accented English, creatures from mythical stories, talking animals with houses, evil witch craving for youth and beauty too perhaps... and etc etc... ooh, perhaps even Nessie too! And and MAGIC!! Hogswart!!!
Ok, imagination overload. Too much fantasy books and movies.

Or i can go to the city, and as i walk along the street, i started to sing and dance and random people will join in and we'll perform a huge musical number!! Ooh!

Or... it can rain so heavy, cats dogs puppies and kittens (and rabbit, guinea pigs and hamsters for good measure), then perhaps i can watch a movie and lose myself in it or something.

Current craze: Jurassic Park.
I just spend the last two days watching Jurassic Park until 5am, and it's not enough. What turf.

Perhaps the current imagination shall be running along the forest with a group of my most trusted allies as a Tyrannosaurus-Rex comes chasing after us.
But it's still an imagination after all.

But if true... *glees*...
Wah, siao.
I can't believed i can be emo to the extend i wouldn't mind a man-eating dinosaur from millions of years ago to chase my friends and i as we run through the forest in an attempt to save ourselves. But maybe if we throw a really hot guy or something...

Ok, i shall go back to my favourite imagination, because it'll always make me happier.

Ah... bliss.

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