Sunday, December 28, 2008

So turping embarrasing.

I was supposed to have Korean class on Sunday morning.
So as usual, for the class, everything else has got to wait.

So at 1.45am or so, when my classmate messaged me that we have no class tomorrow because the teacher was busy... i wanted to message my cousin sister complaining about my classmate informing us late, because otherwise we were supposed to have a "slumber party" (rofl!)... BUT... i accidentally send the message to my classmate instead.
Which i added the word "stupid" in the message, as below.
Tmr no korean class one er T-T!
My classmate late notice. Stupid. Haih.
But when i realized it (that i sent message to wrong person)... it was too late.

Luckily my classmate is a very nice person, she doesn't seemed to mind and even apologized to me. My teacher was late in informing her the first place anyways. I replied that i was only joking because i had canceled plans tomorrow for the class, and it's ok. She replied, jokingly as well, and said i bully her!

It was fortunate she didn't take it the "wrong way". I didn't mean any harm at all anyways, i just commented that the whole bloody thing was stupid (not her definitely), because if not for the class other plans would've gone through properly.

At the same time, the message i was supposed to send to my mom to ask her not to wake me up tomorrow morning (since no class)... was sent to my cousin instead.

Either too excited tomorrow no class, or it's getting too late my mind's not working well. What turf.
Maxis bloody untung that night.

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