Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why puppy dog eyes don't work anymore.

Because kitty cat eyes works even better.

If you tell me that did not work, you need to get your eyes checked.

OMG, if this pics taken at night, it'll be even more adorable that after posting it, i'll have to barricade my house, install the best security system, employ personal body guards and insured every part of HeeChul... because definitely she will be targeted by people who can't resist her adorableness and natural charm that they will want to catnapp her!

Ok, exagerated. But you can't deny it's funny.

I just watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and omg, i want to pamper my HeeChul too! Seaweed wrap, mask, highlights, spa, mani pedi... what turf!
And by all rights, i should call HeeChul "chiquita"... but i called her "papito" just now (i got it from a book). I just googled it's meaning... it turns out "papito" is latin to calling a "desirable man" (= =").
No wonder HRH is staring at me one kind. Woops. I should've noticed that it's for guys because the heroine in the book only calls guys that, but i mistaken it means "darling" and those sort.

I am very thankful i didn't say that out loud in public, especially in front of people who understand Spanish. Turf.

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