Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12 things I shall cherish about 2008.

I wanted to Blog something like this, but since Ah Ma tagged me, i might as well use her tag =)!

So yes, the 12 things i shall cherish about 2008.
(What turf Ah Ma, why not my 13?? XD)

Anyways... the 12 things shall be:

1) My trip to Korea.

And went for the BEST CONCERT ever!!

2) First snowing experience.

3) My trip to Redang.

Best trip ever!

4) My trip to Bangkok.

Where i saw something which most fans probably didn't get to see.
Ok, maybe they had... but they are not as retarded to talk about it, so... but i am. XD

5) Getting to meet both of my nephews at the same time, and had a blast being around them.

6) My crazy impromptu trips to KLIA and Genting for the boys.

And don't forget MTV Asia Awards 2008 where i saw loads of artists!

7) The times i spent with my friends.
Finally the "mafia family" (i lazy type all your names lar =P) has a proper "family portrait", what turf XD!!

With everyone present =D!
(Stole this photo from Sam ErJie and Cheryl AhMa!)

8) Met really nice peoples from all around the world.

9) All the musicals i've watched and attended!

And i discovered how much i love musicals!

10) I learned lots of valuable lessons, understand more about myself and others and everything else.
I somehow felt as much as i matured, i got even more childish along the way, like seriously. Like i discovered the wonders of kiddyhood. What turf.

11) I am happy a lot of people around me found happiness.
And nothing makes me happier than seeing other people happy (^^ )!

12) My 21st birthday.

Where all my family and friends are around to celebrate it with me!
I'm sorry i super procrastinated (that i didn't write my birthday post SORRY (ㅠ-ㅠ)!), but i super love all my birthday presents and parties!!!

And just because, since 13 is a good number...
13) All the experiences with my 13 boys (^^ )!~

But if you honestly ask me, i think 2008 is a not-a-very-good year, and i am very really incredibly glad that it will be over soon.
Too many left me, too many unhappy matters, though i am very super grateful for the happy matters, and of course, all the lessons learned. I guess it's a lost and gain thing.

But really, am very glad =).

Happy New Year (^^ )!!♪~~


cereal said...

aw...but sounds like u had a pretty memorable 2008!! Still wanna wish you a very happy 2009 n better memories yet for THIS YEAR!! MUAKZ!


eiko-chan said...

Yes, and it's big thanks to my "mafia family", hehehe! MUAKS!!

Same same, hope we'll have better memories for this year! Love you guys!