Saturday, December 20, 2008

HeeChul's Super Belated Birthday Present!

It arrived in the mail today!
I heard the postman while i was still half-asleep this morning, then i immediately jump up and run downstairs... and there it is!

My bunny is so Royal, her presents must be delivered as to fit her Royalness.

But as a Royal... nothing is "worth" making a big fuss about, because she's used to people making a bis fuss *about* her instead.


So what is it?


Super Junior Boys in City 2 Season 2 - Tokyo!!
Season 1 was in Kuala Lumpur btw!
And Season 3 would be in Redang, titled "Boys by the Beach - A Wedding".
Even though we are married, it's not exactly official until a ceremony is held right?
So as soon as we are all free, it'll take place soon. Sorry, by invitations only. And the photobook will not be for sale nor for public display, considering it'll be a personal collection.

Moving on... (HAHAHA!!)
What's inside:

Look at my carendar.
And Dec's HeeChul's appa XD!! On her birthday month!

HeeChul's present is fab isn't it?
So what's in the little packet?

The first character from HeeChul, "희", or ""!

Isn't she gorgeous?

La ♪!~

"Yes, i know i'm beautiful," says the Narcissistic Little Rascal HRH Princess Kim HeeChul.

Ooh, but she haven't seen the carendar (and book) yet!


Tada! Bunny, appa yo *points at carendar*!



"Appa!!! Where are you???"

"Oi, tipu me issit?"

"Hmm..." ponders HRH Princess HeeChul as she looks as the picture.

"My appa is as cute as me!~ (Of course, i remain cutest and bestest)"

닥 · 숭
Approach. Worship.

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