Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lousy day.

Where possibly the best thing that had happened was my dream this morning, which i was married to Zac Efron, and we went to Redang for our honeymoon (holiday?) with my family and we went horseback riding, to which i live to my name on being random and rode off another direction all by myself... even though i don't know how to ride a horse.
So typically me to have weird (but sweet) random dream. Hmm.

Ok, where do i begin?
First off, i slept late and woke up feeling like tahi. Except the dream which was really good.
Then i went to post office at OU, buy some stuffs, then blah-blah-blah, and went to Plaza Damas for my hair appointment.

For starters, i got my hair dyed (and eavesdrop the conversation happening next to me, which this lady was saying her friend, who is 23-years-old, and had "virgin hair", meaning she had never done anything to her hair before... which brings back to the feeling that KL is like New York, because i've read a similar expression in the book "Chasing Harry Winston" before), and sat there for like... 3 hours, which i read past issues of HOT magazine, to the extend i felt the need to quote everything i said like a celebrity, then i shall criticize, condemn and contradict my own quotes like a magazine editor.
Seriously, no wonder i don't buy gossip magazines. It gets to your head. BTW the mag costs RM4.90 only.

My hairstylist is a gem, but this time round she reckon i should let my hair grow. It seemed like a good idea then... until i see the after product which she only thin my thick-lion-ish-hair, but otherwise there was no other major changes to my style.
It's ok really, it has been seriously years since i last let my hair grow. I always cut it short at every chance possible, but this kinda contradicts my principle of "new hairstyle everytime i step out of the salon".
My hair is still exactly the same now, just thinner... if you can see it, otherwise there is no major difference and it kinda gets on my nerve because i like getting new hairstyles. I am contemplating if i should go back to change the style? But at the same time, i want to see what other styles i can pull with this.
In other words, it's bogging me now.

After that i went somewhere and got some "sorta-bad-but-i'm-going-to-look-at-it-in-positive-light" news.
But whatever i think, it's still kinda sad ok, so yeah, today officially lousy. I felt so bad until several minutes before i reach home.

I was at the junction outside my house when i saw Yow-Yow. This male-cat living around my area who i come to admire and "salute".
You see, Yow-Yow is a male cat, and as male-cat goes, you really "fight" in order to stay around the area, more over with new male-cats coming left and right all the time.
Seems like an ordinary story right?
Well, Yow-Yow injured one of his hind-legs, giving him only 3 functioning legs (so he limps all the time) and is partially blind.

When i first saw him, i actually thought he won't survive the "harsh stray-cat world", but i was wrong. Several months after, he was still alive and fighting (albeit limping). And i still see him around every now and then!
It makes me happy every time i see him, because it means his still alive no matter how the world is treating him. And that really makes me happy.

So yeah, lousy day, but Yow-Yow made me happy. I'm glad simple things in life easily makes me happy, and i am grateful for everything.

Oh, and it's Keita's birthday today too (^^ )!

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