Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 New Year Resolutions!

I shall come up with 13!
Because i am Awesome like that!

But honestly, i wonder what else is left for me to do, since i am, already Awesome.
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
Ok, i shall be humble. XD

I think i should ensure that as every year come to an end, i'll make New Year resolutions for the er, new year, then review them again at the end of that new year to see if i had achieve it!
A quick check through my archive informs me that i made a very stupid 2009 New Year Resolution, one which i will never ever ever achieve.

So moving on, here's my 2010 New Year Resolutions!
  1. Go for an Island Holiday.

    I'll push Ah Ma off the end of the pier thingy oh yeah!!
    (ps: Not that island in the picture lar!!!)

  2. Be a better Blogger.
    Take more pics, post more pics and stop ranting so much like an idiot, because chances are people won't understand half the things you say because you go at a different wave-length than most people what turf.

    And definitely be more hardworking in being a Twitterer Blogger!!

    And not let little things stop you from blogging what turf.

    This ties with no. 7 really. Eh.

  3. Be better at expressing my feelings for others.
    Because people who loves me deserves every ounce of it (^^ )!

  4. Be humble.
    Difficult. So not even bother attempting. I'm just putting it here just because.
    This one surely won't achieve one because i am AWESOME!!
    Narcissism FTW!!! ♡

  5. Make an effort to dress up when i go out.

    Ties to no. 7 too argh, why is no. 7 like the core to everything??

  6. Lose weight.

    Ultimate one.
    One i said every year, yet i did not accomplish every year except 2001 FMAL.

    I just want to be able to wear super colourful skinny jeans and pull it off.
    ... i don't literally mean pulling it off bloody hell. As in look-good-in-it!!

  7. Stop being so lazy.

    No wonder why (everything ties to no. 7).
    Because i'm lazy to the core.
    So i resolute not to be that lazy anymore!! Go go go!!!

  8. Learn a musical instrument.

    In real time, and not RB what turf.

    Besides when it comes to RB already master it (medium). Hah!

    ps: It's a coincident why some of the pics are from the super-idol drama 미남이시네요, because i was Googling for 장근석's pics just now ㅋㅋㅋ. (ok, maybe not a coincident whatever lar, whatever.)

  9. Stop procrastinating too much.


  10. Tweet less.
    Yeah right you bet i will.

    Nah, not bothering as well.

  11. Stop being so random and retarded.

    I will just be me =)!

    In fact, i resolute to be even more random and retarded and annoy the daylights out of everyone!!

    Oh yeah!! ♡

  12. To be more evil and mean. (under my own definition)

    Because being evil will always be Awesome! Oh yeah! ♡

  13. U.

Of course, as you can see the main purpose of the list is to show you how retarded and random i can be, so i advise that you don't take anything you've read seriously what turf.

And also because by saying that way i can save my own skin just in case i didn't accomplish anything off that list!! Hah! I'm smart =D!
Yes, there are a few "more supposedly serious ones" which i've made, which i will not publish. If i achieved it only i'll post wookie??

Happy New Year (^^ )!
May your new year be as Awesome as i am! Oh yeah! ♡


Was reading some comments about the song JoJo...

Some girls want to kill JoJo, because of hurting the SHINee boys...

Some girls wants to be JoJo...

Some girls said they are JoJo because their name is JoJo.

But hey, let's face it, we know who the real one really is.

And because i very thick face what turf.


My theme song!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Ok, narcissism to the max that's why i love myself ♡.

SHINee loves 누나 ME.

They sang a song for me some more ok.

That said, the meaning behind the song... oh gosh...

Oi don't blame me, i only have eyes for my 13 boys ok.
Ok thanks byebye.

ps: Big LOVE to @joycecyoj for informing me about this, ㅋㅋㅋ!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The wrong picture and fail brain.

I am fail ELF.

I saw this pic, and went, "I think it's KyuHyun!" =D
Very proud of myself because well somehow, i am like, 80% positive it's KyuHyun, due to the way the look is (though behind mask), the pose etc...

Don't ask why i thought so lar, i just did!! I thought i remember Kyu doing this before!

(or really, rather my brain maybe what turf.)
... is right behind the masked guy.


Fail ELF man, fail ELF. o(>< )o o( ><)o
*pulls HeeChul's fur*

I dream a dream.

Edit: The next day after this dream i dreamed of thinking about the pros and con of using a shotgun what turf.

This is getting ridiculous.

My L4D2 withdrawal symptoms are getting serious.

You see, whenever i play L4D2 (or L4D before), it's usually continuous playing for a few days, then stop for awhile, and continue.

So why i say it's getting serious?

Apparently, during the "stop" period, i will either dream about zombies, saving the world, or about sniper (or basically just guns).

Last night, i can't remember the full details, but i remember a lot of people were all hiding at strategic spots around this place with loads of floors, and stuffs.

I think it was a movie set or something? We were all just waiting for the shoot-out to start.

But apparently, there is two bad guys hiding behind some boxes near me, and they have like really powerful weapons. They are trying to sabotage the place or something?

Nobody else knows about them except me. I was thinking if i should just yell or tell someone, or sabotage their plan, but i'm afraid they will shoot me what turf.
I was thinking i should shoot them instead... but i only have a handgun (the default melee weapon in L4D2).

And they have the silencer machine gun thingy (but somehow the size is bigger), and also the sniper (also somehow turned into XL?). They were wearing black suits in shades, like Men In Black what turf.

Then i woke up liao, so i don't know what happen next.

But seriously, this so only mean one thing.
What turf.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Wow, apparently a lot of people have this perception that i:
- Only listen to Korean musics.
- Watched tons and tons of Korean dramas.
Among others, but let's just stick to these two points, because i feel i need to clarify.

Now, it is not wrong to perceive me as so. I won't blame you, even if you based such judgments *because* i'm a Super Junior fan.

I find that most people have this perception that if you like Korean artists, it also means you must like everything Korean.

I blame those "little girls siu mui mui" for it seriously. They are the reason why "older fans" image are tainted what turf, because the siu mui muis have this tendency to suddenly want to be and do everything Korean just because they like Korean artists.
(Clarify point: To be fair, i remember liking everything Japanese when i first got into J-pop. But Japanese culture were not very popular here then, that it was difficult to be involved in anything Japanese except for Kinokuniya and food, so i justify myself here what turf.

Besides since this is my Blog i shall diss those siu mui muis as much as i want and nyeh-nyeh-nyeh boo-boo! Because they annoy the crap out of me.)

To answer your question, NO, i do not like everything Korean.
Yes, i LOVE the food and shopping, and i miss that place terribly, and speaking Korean is FUN!!
BUT that does not mean i have to worship the ground of everything Korean.

BTW, i don't like Korean's national football team. Team Japan FTW!!
Ah, i still remember the good 'ol 2006 FIFA World Cup, when Hallyu just started to get popular in Malaysia, and the amount of Team Korean fans sprouted out like mushrooms after the rain. Classic.

Anyways, back to what i was saying, NO, i do not like everything Korean. I like what i like, finito.

I don't listen to Korean music only, and the amount of K-dramas i've watched can be counted with a pair of hands.

No i'm serious! Please don't give me the weird eye!! It's true!!!

Let's start with songs:

The songs i listen to are kinda limited. I listen to songs which i like, and that's about it. There are no specific genres, as i don't believe in binding myself to a certain genre, though i find that most of my favourite songs are Pop or Rock, and my favourite bands are mostly Alternative Rock (or Pop Rock) bands.

And definitely, since i don't limit myself to genre, i sure as hell don't limit myself to only one language!
Furthermore most mainstream Korean songs are not Rock, and how can i ever live without Tyson Ritter's voice what turf.

I don't listen to every single new Korean songs which are out and hot at the moment. I don't even know what's the latest popular songs in Korea now!

Furthermore, i do have more English songs than Korean songs on my iPod... if not including Super Junior's of course.
Not like it matters, i'm just saying that if i happen to hear a song, and i like that song, i'll listen to it, regardless of it's genre or music (or even artist MOF). I just listen to whatever i feel like listening to at the moment.

To conclude, i guess you can say i only listen to songs which i like, and that's it.
And i definitely don't bother with what type of song it is!! If i like it, that's a keeper!

Then Korean dramas.
Most of the dramas are too predictable, weak storylines, draggy and plain dumb female leads.
Oh yes, and someone will always die.
Or sick.
Or they may share the same parents what turf.

And most of all, i hate having to read subtitles bloody hell.
I don't mind English subtitles, but i can get Chinese ones more easily and thus...

Dont' get me wrong, i still appreciate the fact that i can read Chinese! But i'm just lazy nya, because i'm super slow (in reading Chinese)!
And having to read Chinese subs while watching Korean dramas means i can't multi-task, thus, though there ARE Korean dramas which i really like and had finish watching, in conclusion i still very lazy to watch most Korean dramas.

And yes, the ones which i had watched and like are:
Boys Over Flowers. Coffee Prince 1st Shop.

Other than those two, i've also watched (as in complete):
Stairway to Heaven. Love in Harvard. (took one year to finish whole thing what turf) Full House. My Name is Kim SamSoon. Gung.

I've watched Winter Sonata and Autumn in my Heart in snippets. I know how the story goes, and it's ending, but i was too lazy to finish it properly.

That should be all the Korean dramas i've watched.
And i haven't watched any of it again btw, except Boys Over Flowers i think, because that's my favourite!!

So yeah, now you know.
In terms of dramas, yes, i do rant and go on-and-on about how typical some dramas can be *coughYou'reBeautifulcough* but i till watch it. Why?

I guess because i'm just a sucker for it.
And i think i've posted about it before? Hmm...

But no doubting that i still don't like watching Korean dramas. Even if it has a plot which attracts me to watch, and can somehow made me finish the whole bloody thing.

Ok, to end it in an orderly fashion, NOW YOU KNOW!!
As much as i'm sure people will still continue with that very preception - won't blame them - but i hope at least you do understand what i'm trying to say!


Don't talk to me like i'm a kid.

You know one of the things which annoys me.

Here's the story.
Donald D. was admitted into the hospital for elective surgery on Sunday night, with a room to his own, and surgery on Monday morning.
When we visited him on Monday evening in the NICU, his belongings were still in his room.

Today, he was supposed to be transferred back to his room in the morning, but somehow he was not, and his room was given to someone else.
Which is FINE. Who cares lar, plus who would want to pay for a room you won't be sleeping in?

But what about his belongings?

Ask his floor punya nurse, they tak tau.
Mind, i wasn't screaming or angry, but i didn't bother being friendly because i was sleep deprived (self-inflicted) and hungry. Not an excuse, but whatever.
They didn't know where his stuffs is, but it is possible the NICU nurses took his belongings.
They are nice, they said they will check, but asked me to go NICU (where he is anyways) to see if his belongings are there.

So i went, and upon glancing into his room i can't see his bag, so i asked the nurses.
I was explaining when my mom just cut in, so i told mom to let me explain (too many mouths might just confuse the nurse). Maybe i wasn't explaining properly, but the bloody nurse...

Don't get me wrong, she is nice and friendly (surprised, i was used to unfriendly nurses the nurses there so friendly it got a bit mind-boggling at times, haha!), but i guess she thought i was angry because his room was given to others.

So she proceeded to explain to me, SLOWLY like i'm a bloody 3 year old kid who can't comprehend English what the turf. Some more don't let me cut in.


And used words like, "if you can afford to pay for the room *and* the NICU, of course we can let you have the room, but no point why want to pay for two rooms" (something like that) bla-bla-bla to be honest i wasn't listening properly because well, she's not telling what i want to know, why listen?

Like i said, i'm only interested in his belongings, so i said:
"I don't care about his room. Give it to someone else. I'm just asking for the belongings IN his room before. Where is it now?"

It turns out another nurse took his belonging the night before, and kept it in the cupboard in his NICU room (thus why i cannot see).

And that nurse (the one who took the stuffs) was the only who listened throughout our conversation what turf.

To be fair, i don't blame them. I probably sounded mad so they were trying to er, "calm me down" i guess. Fine.
Don't answer my question, fine too, maybe i might have conveyed it not so properly it leads to misunderstanding.

What made me mad is:
The minute she started he "slow-talk" i went !@#$%^&* in my head liao bloody hell.

I guess if i was mad about the room matter, and you talk slowly to me like i'm an idiot, i have nothing to say.
But when i'm asking about SOMETHING ELSE COMPLETELY... STFU really, STFU.

Ok, back to watching idol drama what turf.

Monday, December 28, 2009

How to know if you are not a very good Law student.

Here is something to bribe you guys after i diarrhea four pointless entries about idol dramas.

Here's the checklist, as tweeted by me on 20th November 2009:
  1. How do you know if you are not a good Law student? One, you are tweeting now, instead of studying when your exam's 2 weeks away.

  2. Two, your arms aren't strong at all/ lack upper-body strength... because you don't read/ carry enough books to build 'em.

  3. Three, you are more likely to be seen in a Rock concert, in CC playing L4D, on Twitter/ FB... than in the library. Or even reading as MOF.

  4. Four, when someone asks you what is "habeas corpus", you reply them politely that you don't speak Latin.

  5. Five, when someone asks you what is "Vicarious Liability", you ask them if it is a new band.

  6. Six, when someone asks you if you know about the "Land Registration Act", you accuse them of being rude and that they are swearing at you.

  7. Seven, when someone asks you about Equity and Trust, you act like a know it all and proceed to talk to them about relationships and trust.

  8. Eight, when someone asks you if you really are a Law student (after reading this list), act insulted and proceed to talk about psychology.

  9. Nine, when someone asks you why aren't you studying now, you reply that you have a life.

  10. Finally, how to know if you are *really* not a good Law student... you are cracking your brains to finish this list instead of studying.

And some additional ones...
  • If asked, "Why are u studying law then, if you have a life", say "Oh, because i want to see how it feels like to be sad. Diversity ya 'noe."

  • And it would do good to give them a "wink" after saying that, just to clarify your point.

  • Why not to be in a band if you study Law: Your band's name might be called "Salmon v Seafarer Restaurants".

Ok, guarantee fail if my brain is so FML.

The perfect idol drama.

Wah, just spawned like, 3 entries about idol dramas in a row!!
All which are half-heartedly drafted, forced to finish, and rushed to post what turf.
(Because if i don't post, there'll be too much drafts lying around. And if i don't finish, i can't post, thus... *sigh*)

So don't bother trying to make sense out of any of it. I don't find sense in it myself what turf.

So in conclusion, my idea of a PERFECT IDOL DRAMA would definitely be 流星花園, 花より男子 and 꽃 보다 男子.
But among three which is my fave version?

Let's go by their main selling-point F4! *shivers*
(Because the storyline all also almost the same one, how to choose you tell me!.)

The Taiwan one is out liao.
Terms of storyline or F4 also... =P!
As much as i appreciate it for teaching me to be fluent in Mandarin (can speak, write and read just by watching this one drama I AM AWESOME FTW!!!), it just... well... yeah... sowee...

Japanese one... well, i don't like Matsumoto Jun (not Domyouji mind, but Matsumoto Jun!!), and the other two... is just... yeah...
(OGURI SHUN FTW!!!!!!!!)

Korean one... OH YEAH!!
TICK TICK TICK... except i don't like JiHoo (I like HyunJoong but JiHoo... nah!!)...

And thus to me *the* Perfect Idol Drama would be 꽃 보다 男子. The Korean version!!
Except that instead of JiHoo, we put JAPNESE VERSION HANAZAWA RUI inside!! =D

Oh yeah, i am AWESOME!!
And also as i've explained in this previous post, the reason why Rui is my favourite is also because of his relationship with Tsukushi!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and this is mine!
Ok, back to watching drama and let my brain be sucked into all the idolness what turf.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boys Over Flower - 流星花園, 花より男子 and 꽃 보다 男子.

Why is it my favourite idol drama of all time?

Check-list again!

Storyline: Girl entered a school where majority are super rich people and somehow offended one of the most powerful(?) guy in the school.
Ok, i suck at synopsis what turf, but anyways...

Drama: Oh yes, definitely!
(And it's hilarious! And the antagonist of the show is evil, but not too "reality true evil" those type if you got what i mean!)

Dreamy: Hell yeah. So yes!!
Favourite part will always be the maid and act-sleeping part. (If you watched the drama you would know what i mean!)

Far from reality: I don't know, it's very unlikely for anything inside to happen... but somehow it's not "too fake" you know. =D

ALL THREE COUNTRIES ALSO NO (although the Korean one is kinda sampat at the beginning, but i grew to like her in the end!).

This idol drama's "main" selling-pointing is their so-called "F4" *shivers*. So the four dudes must surely be good looking!

Let's look at this by countries:
Taiwan:Well, to be fair when i first watched it i like Jerry Yan. Now er... let's just say i'm spoiled by Japan and Korea's version... so... =D! No check!
Japan: Got two out of four i like! CHECK.
Most important is Oguri Shun 小栗 旬!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Korea: FOUR ALSO HOT BUT LEE MINHO FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER ULTRA CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conclusion: IDOL DRAMA... in a way.
But one eiko-chan loves because there's NO dumb female lead =D!

Let me explain:
The thing with 杉菜, つくし and 잔디... ok i'll just go with Tsukushi, since the original version is the Japanese one anyways!

The thing with Tsukushi, she is not your typical (dumb) female lead! That alone is worth 10x brownie points liao!
She is book-smart smart (she studied LAW in the Japan version, and MEDICINE in the Korean version), she is also street-smart smart (aka not dumb lar), and not afraid to rough it out, is determined, hard-working all those, won't bow down to anyone those type... etc etc... blah-blah-blah.
And she can kick the male lead's ass oh yeah!

Most important is she's not dumb, and she knows how to stand up for herself!

And she is likable! Or maybe it's just me, but seriously too many idol dramas has those "dumb female leads" which made me want to stab the scriptwriters with my calculator liao what turf.

This one - 流星花園, 花より男子 and 꽃 보다 男子 - is different in the sense it has all the "main ingredients" on what makes an idol drama, yet it still works (for me) at the same time!

Thus, my favourite one (^^ )!

And as regards to male leads...
Lee MinHo and Oguri Shun did nothing to make me bias ok noooooooooooo!!! I'm not bias what turf.
Ok lar, apart from those two...
I love 道明寺, 道明寺 司 and 구 준표's character HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Somehow or rather, i lazy explain why but so be it, i like can liao!! Hah!

I don't like 花澤 類 (Chinese) and 윤 지후 (Korean) (ok it's getting annoying having to type the same character's names in three different languages what turf)'s character, but i LOVE 花沢 類 Hanazawa Rui the Japanese one!!!

Reason being well, his Oguri Shun 小栗 旬 lar, what's not to like =P!

Ok ok, stop being bias!!
The reason why i like ONLY Hanazawa Rui the Japanese one (i sound racist what turf), is because i like his relationship with Tsukushi in the drama.
Instead of making him like the poor heart broken puppy who got abandoned (what turf), he is actually helping them to be together!
Not your typical one-sided love, but well, really friend friend!!
Even if not, well, at least he don't put on that "OMG i love that girl so much but she is with my best friend liao i heart broken see my emo face" look.
And his Oguri Shun 小栗 旬 FTW! Hahaha!

And thus concludes why this is my favourite idol drama ever!
Also because i very malas liao and wants to go out!
Till then!

And because I CAN:

I think his the best looking Rui ever =D!
*runs from SS501 fans*

미남이시네요 You're Beautiful.

Like what i said about IDOL DRAMAS.
Using a check list, let's see if this drama fits what makes an idol drama shall we?

They even have a corny looking poster to top it up lols =P!

Storyline: Girl pretend to be a dude and gets to stay with a bunch of hot guys who all likes her and also become a superstar as well.
Overused idea (the initial part), but interesting! CHECK.

Drama: What happens between the girl and the hot guys, etc.
Oh yeah! CHECK.
(Plus it's funny too!)

Dreamy: Yes. OMG. 장근석 HOTNESS! Eh, where did that come from?
Anyways... CHECK.

Far from reality: Most of what happened is so totally unlikely to happen.

I think HeeChul has bald spots liao because i kept pulling at her fur when i geram hmm.

REALLY REALLY HOT male leads: CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(And added extra bonus, there are THREE male leads instead of two nya yeah!!)


Why i am watching this:
Because i'm a sucker for this.

Ok, die die also watch!!

To be honest, initially i procrastinated watching because i couldn't stand the female lead!
Too too innocent and dumb to my liking with not an ounce of common sense! Tak tahan!

But in the end... well... the girl's hair reminded me of JongWoon's hair too often, plus towards the middle she wasn't that dumb and annoying liao, so i continued watching.

And yes, Jang GeunSeok helped a damn lot.
A whole damn lot!!
I walloped like... 3 episodes in a day because i want to watch Jang GeunSeok (And Jung YongHwa and HongKi!!!) what turf.

Oh well!! =D

ps: Remember my description of how lead guys in idol dramas should be?
The character TaeKyung (first male lead) and ShinWoo (second male lead) CHECKED every single bloody box to make that perfect idol drama lead!!


Idol dramas.

Love 'em, hate 'em, you can never live without them.
(ps: It's just a saying, it sounds better if i start of the post like that ok. I can live without idol dramas. Long story, just read.)

To begin with, i clarify "idol dramas" as dramas which sole main purpose is to promote the pretty boys. Yes, the pretty boys. ONLY.
The girls, unfortunately, are mere accessories to the drama.
Unless if of course, the girl is a very likable actress/ character to begin with!

That said, 98% of idol dramas consists of female leads you want to kill, and thus... i made my point.

The following will consists of ONE-SIDED OPINION all by yours truly.
Because i am Awesome so my opinion is awesome too.

What you are about to read may be true, may be not. I don't bother with research blah-blah-blah. This is my Blog anyways, my opinion is what that matters most.

Let's begin.

What makes an IDOL DRAMA. *jeng jeng jeng*

Here's a rough sketch:
First, the oh-so-predictable storyline.
You can have all the pretty boys you want, but if the drama's main core storyline is like something out of my toilet bowl in the morning, it just does not work.

That said, if the pretty boys power is strong enough to overcome the shitty storyline, that is a whole other story.

Secondly, there must be drama.
TONS of it. But the dramas must be innocent and pure and not too evil.
And it must be funny too!

Third, the leads can never go wrong, can never do anything wrong.
They will always be right.

Even if they are not, their looks are good enough to convince you that they ARE right.

Fourth, dreamy settings, corny lines and cheesy scenes.
You get the gist.

Fifth, far from reality.
Chances of it ever happening is ZIP.

That's about it. If there are more my brain cannot think of anymore, so whatever lar.

Ok, idol dramas can come from three countries.
Or i acknowledged only these three countries can produce idol drama lar what turf.

Taiwan, Japan and Korea.
They mostly start with the same ingredient (as what i've mentioned above), but what differs them from one another is:

Annoying cannot shut up female leads with chirpy voices you want to slap across the face. And must be SUPER-KAWAII-HELLO-I-HAVE-BIG-SPARKLY-DREAMY-PUPPY-EYES-KAWAII those type.

The ending is always unpredictable, they may or may not be together. You'll just have to finish the whole thing.
Or they'll end with an ending which is not an ending, but just give you hints on what might, or might not, happen and you'll just have to use your own imagination to finish the ending what the turf.

Japanese dramas also like to finish most issues within one episode, if possible. And 15 minutes before the end of that episode, the will have this classic "WAH-DRAMA" scene.

Difficult to explain what i mean, i must either explain to you personally, or you must have watched enough J-drama to realize this point.

Someone will always die (accident or sickness, only this two reason), or they are most likely siblings, the "i-love-you-but-we-are-siblings" those type.
Or they will lose their memory what turf.

Technically, they are very different (apart from the main ingredients), but one thing they all do share, is:
Plain dumb, stupid, pure, innocent, self-righteous, kind and just seriously DUMB female lead.

Sometimes i wonder if the existence of idol dramas is just to tell people that feminism shouldn't exist what turf.
But they have hot guys, so i shall overlook this point.

Besides, the stories are supposed to be FAR from reality.

Now we know the rough sketch of what makes an idol drama, and the similarities and differences of the three countries which makes them, we shall talk about the core of an idol drama - the hot guys.

An idol drama is never complete if they do not have a super HOT handsome good-looking young MALE lead.
Or they can, but it just won't be successful.

There will always be two male leads.

The first male lead.
He will always be RICH, and with a personality which if he existed in real life, you would've just slap him across the face, but since he is in an idol drama, you will fall heads-over-heels for him.

He will also always have a "pained past", which explains why he is such an idiot, which makes you feel like you want to give him a big hug sayang him instead of slapping him.

And ahah, there will always be a second male lead, who is also equally rich and hot, but what makes him different is that he will be really nice and kind!! The perfect guy which has no flaws, and complete opposite of the first male lead!!
He will also love the female lead like he have nothing else better to do in his life!

Then, this is how it'll work:
The second male lead will love the (dumb) female lead, but the girl will always go for the first male lead and leave the second male lead heart broken.
Second male lead will then have this very sad heart-broken kesian face which makes you feel like you want to hug him and sayang him as well what the turf.

Basically saying, the first male lead will always get the girl, even if he is flawed, because nature depicts that most people who watch idol dramas are suckers for the bad boys.
And also since the storyline depicts that the first male lead should always get the girl what turf.

Ok, i think this point is only for Korean and Taiwan dramas. I haven't watch enough Japanese dramas to stereotype it's mostly like this.

If you've actually survived until here, i have nothing but admiration for you, that you can even last this long.
*big applause*

So to make your suffering worth while, and to not prolong it as well, i shall conclude the reason for my writing up everything above.

You might ask, since i've crapped so much about idol dramas, and made it sound like it's the worst thing in the world, WHY DO I STILL EVEN BOTHER TO WATCH IT?

For starters, i don't watch a lot of idol dramas. Really, i don't!
I've only watched the few which caught my attention, and despite all being of a different background/ storyline - except a few - the fact remains that THEY ARE ALL ROUGHLY THE SAME!!

So why still watch it?

Now, to me, what makes a nice idol drama (which i will watch) is the:
Good storyline + Hot pretty boys.
Neither can be without the other, mind.

If the storyline sucks to begin with, i wouldn't watch it.
If it doesn't have pretty boys, i cannot even bring myself to touch it.

Oh yeah!

Then of course, there are the cheesy, predictable, corny, yet dreamy and sweet scenes.
Like this.

Well, believe it or not, chicks dig it.
Ok, or maybe i am the only sucker for it what turf.

How many times do i complain or rant how this kinda scenes are so cheesy or corny!
Yet i'm not ashamed to admit, i dig it!!
It's just so dreamy ok!
Plus it's something which is highly impossible to happen in reality, so what's wrong if we watch it and be mesmerize with it every once in a while?
And bear in mind what makes an idol drama is to be FAR from reality, like in another dimension those type...

So yeah, in total it works!
Ok rephrase. I think as long as a hot guy in involve, any scene will work.
A-lelaki to that!

So yes, now you know the gist about what makes an idol drama, and despite all it's flaws and predictability, why it still works!

Have a nice day!
Congrats and thank you for actually reading the whole thing =D!

ps: I really don't know why i even bother writing this. This whole entry has no purpose nor meaning i find! Just to express my opinion nya, and what i've observed so far!! Hahaha!
Too much time on my hands perhaps, meh!

pps: I was watching "You're Beautiful" when the idea for this entry came along. Because that drama is seriously like... the father of all idol dramas!!
In the sense that everything is just so cliché and predictable you just... hehe! I'll write another entry about it! Just you wait!!

ppps: The BEST idol drama EVER is 流星花園, 花より男子 and 꽃 보다 男子.
Just in case you're wondering, they are all the SAME DRAMA, except that it's made from the different countries as mentioned above!

I LOVE that drama most. I'll also write another entry for this, why i would consider it the BEST idol drama! Just you wait! Again! Hehe!

Friday, December 25, 2009


I have tons of Stitch in my car, whose name is Angel.

Oh yeah, we're meant to be (^^ )!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Stitch Christmas!

From all of us, Blue Stitch Warrior and 13 Awesome Boys and Fat Cat =D!

Have you successfully spotted the doppelgänger (^^ )?

So which is better?

Fangirly fandom post, don't bother reading if you think you're "normal" what turf.

I actually wrote a few entries on this matter, but because i malas edit them, i didn't post them. Shall just sum it all up in one post!

So you know what happened.

Before i begin.
As most would know, i think, i do have this opinion that there is what you call, an "older" fangirl.

I am proud to say i already belong to the older category when it comes to my 13 boys.
Or maybe i'm just too lazy, so i'm just finding an excuse for myself. Hah!

You don't need to understand, i'm just blabbing.

When i first heard of the news, the person who told me said she cried nuts about it. I told her i still can't feel anything, and she wondered why it felt so strongly to her, and not me.

Up till now i still can't feel anything.
I haven't even properly cried like an idiot over it.
Believe me, i want to, i really want to.
Then maybe i can recover and move along as usual.

But somehow i can't feel anything now.
I just watched two awesome blockbuster movie i've been waiting to watch for quite some time.
And as much as i appreciate the story line and i know i liked it...

I can't feel anything when i'm watching the movie.

It's like i'm in a parallel universe from everyone else in the cinema. So many times i constantly tell myself, try to push myself, to focus back on the movie.
But i can't.

And now i still can't feel anything.

Sometimes i curse the day i became an "older" ELF. Seriously.
Because somehow, it affects me more than crying can help.
Hey, it i can "cure" it by crying, i would cry a river over it!!

I don't know, somehow or rather i feel that the older ones (or maybe just me) are in too deep, and too long... it became difficult to express anything.

And the numbness is not helping.

I'm not angry.
I'm not sad.
Worried. Yes. Who won't be?

Worried about a bleak future. Which anything might happen.

It's like a nightmare you're in and you cannot wake up no matter how hard you struggle.
This nightmare is not of ghouls and scary, it's like you're stuck in a white place with no ends. No matter how long, how far you walked or run... there is just no ends. And you're stuck there. Alone with nobody.

Or your worst fear perhaps even.

Cassiopeians, i finally understood how you guys felt.

Except that the grounds we ELF were on were even more fragile, and had always been this fragile, ever since it first started.

It's like standing on a glass floor propelled up to great heights.
With the fear that one day, there'll be a crack.

Which leads to waiting for that one day... it might just break.

And we will all just fall into nothing.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Alien in my room mystery SOLVED.

Remember the Alien in my room?

No, it's not an Alien!

It's my Stitch =D!

Well, he is an alien - technically - but Stitch's ohana, so it's ok!!
Because he glares green lights, so at night i put on an eye mask for him so *I* can sleep!

Genius =D! Mwehehehehehehe!

Spot the doppelgänger.

Difficult task really. Hmm...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The 5,000th mark.

I passed my 3,500 Tweet mark on November 25th.
Wrote a long-ass entry, didn't publish because needs editing...

Then before i know it...
On December 21st, i passed my 5,000 Tweet mark.

Yes, i am Awesome ♡!!

Follow me on @_eikochan =D!

ps: I spam Tweet. Very badly. Consider yourself warned! Hehe!
I'm not angry.
I'm not sad.
I'm not disappointed.
I guess i'm probably just worried.

Just leave me alone.
I hate you idiots.

Alien in my room.


Monday, December 21, 2009

I have sinned.

Another TWO to the family.
Pretty soon i will have to sleep on the floor liao what turf.

Last one liao really, last one!! ... for now lar =D!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I is going home.

Cast members shall hereby be trained to say: "Welcome Home."
Because i am going home (^^ )!

Oh yeah!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My 3-year old baby,

I initially wrote a super long entry about your big day.
But i know between us, we don't need words.

Am supposed to post a more flattering pic of you, but your mah-da me very lazy so this will do =D!

And may we you lose some weight.

Me and 아빠.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I love taking pictures

I love how as you grow older, you discover new things you really like which you had never noticed before.

One my favourite would definitely be animal photography!

The euphoria feeling when you get a decent awesome shot. It's the best feeling in the world!
Especially when animals are difficult to photograph (the ones who keep moving type)!!

I may not be a professional photographer. There may be a dozen things which i could've done to make the pictures look nicer! But hey, i'm satisfied! I think they are Awesome! =D

And of course, all credits go to my Awesome SungMin!
Best thing ever (^^ )!

ps: Was supposed to post pics with this but i got lazy. Hehe!

The thing with pet owners.

To be fairly honest, i think i would be a Dog Person.
No seriously, i am!!
I'm comparing it in the broadest sense of the word(?), not just by preference!

Pre-HeeChul, as much as i love cats too, i love dogs very very much! Never something i can choose between (well, actually i can haha, but whatever!).
Post-HeeChul, i still love dogs!! And i still badly wanted one. I'll trade HeeChul in for a Golden Retriever or a Siberian Husky =D!
It's a joke lar!!! Hehe!!

To me, apart from liking cats better, i see a cat person would be someone who gives in to the wimps and demands of his or her cat! Treat them like Royalty! The cats will have the owners well-trained to give in to whatever they want!

As for a dog person, well, you get the gist!

As a cat owner, you would think i'm well-trained!
Well... i won't say i'm "well-trained", it's more like HeeChul just unleash her cuteness, fluffiness and adorableness at me and i give in what turf.

And unlike most cat owners, i discipline my cat. And i teach her tricks!

Most cat's are smarter than you think!
HeeChul knows that to get her treats she'll have to do all those stuffs! And trust me, she'll NEVER do it unless you have a treat in your hand!!

And thus, HeeChul and i have a love-hate relationship. No seriously. I think everyone who i love (and who love me in return) have the same kind of relationship with me. I don't know, i think i'm just sado like that haha!

I torture HeeChul like mad! But she'll take her revenge on me.
It's like two kids trying to out-do each other. Personally, i liked to think i'm winning, but if you look closely, HeeChul can get me to do things she wants at times - without fail - that in the end, well... i refuse to admit defeat!! It's a tie i shall say what turf!

And yes, whether or not you want to believe, HeeChul can be revengeful.

I once ignored her cries to me (probably telling me the food bowl is empty or something), and she jumped up and bit my hand.

Evil cat.

If you are not a pet owner, it've very likely that you WILL NOT believe whatever i'm going to say next. You'll say i'm just thinking too much!

But well, every pet owner can vouch for what i say!

You see, when most pet owners meet, they can talk for hours about their pets! What the pets did which are funny, the preference they have for treats and food, what evil naughty stuffs they did, how revengeful they are etc etc...
While non-pet owners will just shrug it off, possibly thinking:
"It's a cat, how can they do such thing? You're thinking too much."
"You're whacko."

Say all you want, but it's true. You just haven't experienced it!
And missing out on a bloody good experience at it (^^ )!

Both cats and dogs are animals with personalities. Each cat and dog is a different individual, and unless you had lived with one (and is close to them), you will never know it!

I was reading this Blog entry, and haha, how true it is!

Oh yeah, people do get bored when i talk to them about HeeChul! Especially since i can go on-and-on about how evil she is and shove her adorable pictures into their faces every now and then. =P
But hey, my cats adorable! Why not spread the adorableness =D!

And i do try not to bore people, but in the end i figured, who cares! I love my cat. I love her sado ways and her dramaness. I love talking about her! I love showing people her pics because it's just SO CUTE ok! Her poses can be classic!

And nothing makes me happier than a good shot of her! Apart from loving to take pictures, i find greatest pleasure in taking wonderful animal shots. =D

Hey, say what you want! It may not be something all pet-owners share, but it is definitely something most pet owner will do!

There is a difference between someone who really love their pet, then someone who owns a pet. Look it up! (^^ )

Monday, December 07, 2009

Bloody hell.

I'm not going to help them generate publicity. I just want to rant out my feelings!!

You know what, SCREW YOU. And congrats, you made me curse (at you) on Twitter. My first ever "official" curse on Twitter. Actually, i think on the web in general.
I made this point to not actually "curse" on the net, that's another story for another day - but seriously, just so freaking pissed.

I'm so angry now i don't know what to type. So before i go on a bloody rampage which nobody else will read...

It's bad enough Sharks are not getting the protection they deserve due to pre-conceived "image" (that they are "mean animals") from the society, especially Chinese/ Asians.

After releasing this stupid bloody film, you're just giving more excuses for people to not protect sharks.
Let's just face it. Humans are DUMB. They will believe anything you shove onto their face, especially when it's something they don't want to care in the first place.

Plus, it's also bad enough that Shark's aren't furry and cute looking. Nobody wants to conserve them because of so. Now with that stupid film, you're just giving them more reason to not conserve sharks.
("Aiyar, they also not endangered... some more so ugly... no need lar...")


I am a Shark-Conservationist. Ok, all i did was to not eat Shark's fin (SEVEN YEARS EAT MY PANTS YOU PEOPLE WHO DO!!), but hey, at least i'm doing something, and it makes me feel good.

And can you believe my whole entire 7-years i've only met ONE PERSON who does not take Shark's fin as well? ONE. How sad can that be.

Apart from that, i've never manage to persuade anyone to follow suit. I think maybe because i approach it in a manner not to well, so i give up.

There is a difference between not ordering, and pledging not to eat at all btw.
There is also a difference between "i have not eat it for years" (because nobody orders it), and vowing you won't eat it.

Look it up suckers.

Never mind that people don't care what i say and just continue eating. I also don't want to care liao. You're the one sinning (in my book, that's one of the most deadliest sin btw.), not me.

What i really really really hate it people who gives excuses for them to eat.
"They are not endangered."
"Aiyar it's not true."
"Aiyar don't need to worry about it one lar."
"Sharks are bad."

Or worst, just pretending that i'm not saying a thing at all bloody hell.

You like to eat it, you admit it, i'm ok with it. I cannot urge you to follow me just because it's something i think it's right which you don't care (I am not Christian.). Just don't persuade me to do so nya. You do your stuff, i do my stuff, finish.

Just don't bloody give excuses to cover up what you did!! And those people are supposedly older than me. Heesh.

I really hate those type of people man. FUCK YOU!!

To the people who made the untrue movie:
I see that you're kinda endangered too, being a jackass, and possibly the only one in the world.
Since we don't need to protect sharks anymore, them being "not threatened", we should so hang you by the pinky in Alaska and dunk your head first into an outhouse' hole what turf.

May the Polar Bears have mercy on you what the turf. But i doubt they will even touch you. They are too cute and cuddly liao to have your scumness on them what turf.


Bloody hell insult people who are actually helping the world nya BLOODY HELL!!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

It's not you hon.

It's me.

Apart from being (sorta) busy these days (preparing for Doomsday gosh...), i love my er, sorta "latest" Blog entry too much to update. Hehe!

I'll be taking a short (long?) hiatus for a week or so, but check out my Twitter @_eikochan! I update it er, at almost every hour... sometimes multiple times over an hour lols! You've been warned!

Will be back before the Eggnogs take effect! Till then! (^^ )

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Self-righteous and judgmental people.

Especially those who starts preaching (non-religious way) how you should be, you shouldn't do this and that...

Who am i? Am i living through you or something? Do i have to live through you to be living, alive and all those?

There are people i admire, because they bring themselves around very well. Not the least pretentious, and just very, well, "ME". (not "me", as in me myself and all, but rather, "they are very themselves" lar!)

But there are also those who goes around judging everyone else but themselves, being kinda pretentious "i am like this" (when in actual fact they are not), and judging others and putting the way they live as the way YOU should live.
And also go around thinking they know you very well based on what they judge from the surface, and assume who you are (OMG these are the worst!), and not even bothering to know what is actually behind etc. Or why do you act this way.

When actual fact... they aren't all-that.
It's like they are so caught up with judging others etc they forget to judge themselves.

And it's usually those people who actually go against whatever they had said or judge about other people. It makes them, well... there's no other word for it, a hypocrite.

And i don't like to think of someone i know that way.
I don't know, if it's someone you respect - a person elder than you, or a friend etc - it makes you lose your respect for that person, and i don't like that feeling.

I don't want to go around saying, "i am like this", because i know i'm one of the most contradicting person around.
Contradict, mind, not hypocrite.
Well, maybe a bit but let's not go there.

And maybe by writing this it's like i'm judging others liao isn't it? Sure someone else will come along and say, "hey you are also like that".

Now i won't say you are wrong, but i won't say you are right either. This kind of stuff is kinda subjective don't you think? Nobody's way to live is the most absolute. Something which you think is ok, may not be ok with me isn't it?

So to put it simple, i live the way i want to. As long as i can justify and explain it to myself, as long as i can live with it, then ok it is!
If i may had did something which makes others think i'm pretentious and hypocrite, well, i can't say i blame them (it being a subjective thing and all...)... as long as i know that i am doing it for myself only, and no one else (to see whatsoever), then that is all i need!
Yes, it's ALL ABOUT ME =D!

Life is well, LIFE. It's not a bloody contract where every time i say or do something, i have to come up with all those clauses etc etc to back myself up you know. I don't want to live my life worrying that i have to be by the book - strictly - and all.

I want to LIVE, be ALIVE... and not live my life by being a bloody contract (or a book) duh!

I think i'm kind of a very "to-your-face" kind of person. And hey, if you can't accept me for who i really am, there's nothing much i can do you know. So nothing i shall do =D!

As quoting Marilyn Monroe:
"If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
And that is very well-said indeed!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two of my favourite frontman ever.

And very crazy and random and retarded like me at it. That's why i love 'em! (^^ )

Credit: Photo very glamourously and obviously stolen from Martin's Blog =D!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


This is my Before i cut my hair!

Long-haired pillock! =D

This is After!

Small boy!! ♡

But do you know i can just swap both picture and *still* call it a Before-and-After picture??
Like this!

Because my hair will always looks the same once it's grows long no matter what style i cut what turf.

But i love Awesome very much so it's ok XD!!!

I hate school holidays.

Oh bloody hell.

I *have* to write this down.

Was in Rock Corner @ OU just now checking out The All-American Rejects' and Boys Like Girls CD.
So while i was looking-looking... the Rock Corner guy came over and showed the two munchkin girls AAR's Move Along CD.

This is the conversation as below:
Munchkin: "Oh no, i'm not looking for this one, their first album, the self-titled one." *proudly*
Dude: "Oh that one, that one's not available, because it's an independent album..."

And i swear my glasses almost drop then. And it really did happen.

The munchkin proceeded to go, very dramatically:
Yes, she WHINED.
In broad daylight in public in-front of two strangers!!

I was like OMG am i really seeing this?

So the dude proceeded to explain...
Dude: "Because it's an independent album, so it won't be easy to find anywhere."

You would've thought his explanation was good enough, but no, because munchkin went again:
"WHY??? *realizes how whiney she sound* Oh ok ok, thank you bye bye *leaves shop with other munchkin*."

Like OMG.
So now you know why i hate school holidays so much ey?
It's the MUNCHKINS. I swear it's them. OMG.

Munchkin-issues aside...
You know you are a super horrible fan, when ME, *the* most horrible fan in the world (check previous post), calls you a "bad fan"...
Which part of independent do you NOT understand???
Ok, maybe you *do* understand independent, but rather, just want to whine (and drama) because you can't get like, the most Awesomest band ever's first album...

Because YOU are a munchkin, and it is bad enough the mall's jam-packed with people!! And since school holidays started i have to put up with YOU GUYS some more!! Whining like that isn't going to help you guys survive in OU seriously!!!

I tweeted this earlier:
I don't mind the munchkins, i just mind the munchkins A LOT. If you ruin any movie for me with your squealing YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!

And i pray for the sanity and peace of people who follow my tweets, because i am sure i will rant like mad about munchkins ruining my life.


Let's face it, growing up sucks!!
I want to be a kid forever and move into Disneyland!! YEAH! XD

But one part of growing up which i do like is discovering new things about myself everyday! The possibility is limitless/ endless/ blah-blah =)!

And one of the few things i discovered, well, not "recently", but definitely er, recently... what turf.
Ignore that, ehem... neeways, one of the few things i discovered is my preference in music. My choice in music and all!

I love music! I like relating stuffs to songs i heard and everything. Lyrics are a beautiful thing (i have a thing with words, that said, i hate poetry. Nuff said.)!

While my choice of music, the music i like and listen to often is very limited, but hey, whatever lar! I'm the one listening you know!

I love bands, it is official. I super heart bands! There is just something i super like when it comes to music which has an infusion of drums and electric guitar!
My favourite genre of music is Alternative Rock, or Pop Rock. I never know how to categorize which-is-which, but 3 of my favourite bands are of that genre, so that genre it is hehe!

And like how i don't know how to tell genres apart, my knowledge on how a band's instrument is are also quite limited. I have totally no idea how does a rhythm guitar sounds in a band. I'm like a 5-year-old in a car factory. Wheels go on car, bam, it moves.
Same, mine is "guitar - check. drums - check. bass - check... ok you have a band" what turf.

But it's ok! I don't want to sound all pretentious especially when i really know nothing about it!! If i know then ok, i have all rights to be pretentious, haha!

And yes, i don't update myself with new songs and everything. I may dig something out years later, and then suddenly like it. Old, but whatever, i like can liao!

I know how to listen nya, i know how to appreciate music which i like nya, and if it's good enough for me, it will have to be for you. =D

Awesomest best band ever.

I heart The All-American Rejects.

There's just something super awesome about them which i super heart! (^^ )

And yes, "the worst fan ever" (ME!!) did it again!
I was wondering if it is possible for the lead vocal to play the bass, instead of the guitar and all you know, and whaddya know...

My fave (awesomest) band is actually so (lead vocal play bass)...
... and i just "baru" found out.
Super bloody frying-pan-smack-in-the-face moment.

Oh yeah! AAR XD!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A tweet between er... animals.

Start with number 15 (the last one), and work it to number 1 (the first one), because that's how Tweet works!
  1. _eikochan @Amanda2687 Msg-ed her to get one liao, hope she'll get it. I swear i'll tweet to both of you so much you'll delete your twitters. HAH! XD
  2. _eikochan OMG i am getting retarded-er day by day. I blame it on @Amanda2687.

  3. Amanda2687 @_eikochan ask the poggy to get herself a twitter so we can annoy her life...
  4. _eikochan @Amanda2687 I know how to kill you liao, i just need to stick a mirror in the bottom of the pool!! Get it XD??
  5. _eikochan @Amanda2687 Good plan. When shall we do it?? ROFL!!
  6. Amanda2687 @_eikochan okay the plan is, lure her into a mountain of awesome food(but with limited supply, cos we need it after plan), than COOK HER!
  7. _eikochan Cow and Pig are best friends with the sado Monkey. Awesomeness.

  8. _eikochan RT @_eikochan "@Amanda2687 Eh, let's plot to kill Pig first. I don't feel good if she's the only one to survive between the three of us."
  9. _eikochan @Amanda2687 Eh, let's plot to kill Pig first. I don't feel good if she's the only one to survive between the three of us.
  10. _eikochan Yes, even when it's right next to super busy Bangkok streets or on pedestrian ways super high above the street fall down can die those type.
  11. Amanda2687 @_eikochan And you know that I will be the first to succeed in the master evil plan.. muahahaha..

  12. _eikochan I think we secretly hate each other deep down, that every time we meet we'll unknowingly plot to kill each other by pushing the other away.
  13. Amanda2687 @_eikochan -_-"
  14. _eikochan Yes, i too wonder how our relationship really is like to begin with.
  15. _eikochan How two best friends greet each other on MSN - @Amanda2687: "U SUCK!!", @_eikochan: "BITCH!!!"

Because we are retarded like that!! Lols! XD