Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weird people do weird stuffs at weird hours.

I just bathed around 8pm?
And i'm going to bath again later, because i choose to clean my room at weird hours.

Oh well! At least it's "clean"!
By "clean", i mean all the surfaces (except the floor - i don't want to start vacuuming my room in the middle of the night, which i can, and had done before... but nah, maybe next time...) are wiped (sorta), and every drawer or cupboard (except the one beneath the window) is tidied (a few weeks before)!
I'm proudest of my closet! I just tidied it thoroughly, and realized that one of my New Year resolution to be:
Very unlikely. But how many New Year resolutions go through really.
(Ok lar just kidding, i would sooner shave HeeChul bald then to stop shopping. Siao ka??)

Like what Cow said, my room is not messy... i just have A LOT of stuffs. So true... what turf.
And i'm very grateful for the extra space in my bro's cupboard, without which my current closet will be stuffed full and i would risk my life whenever i open it.

Ok, toodles! XD

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