Monday, January 19, 2009

To the idiotic shareholders of Square Enix.

Backdated post, written on 18th January 2009 at 12.54am.

No Final Fantasy XIII before April 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stupid shareholders. I curse the day you guys earn from Square Enix.
May you gain a lot of pounds from all the donuts you eat because you earn too much. What turf.
(ok fine i don't get business but whatever man. All their fault!!)

My brother better not buy the Japanese version and start waving it in front of my face (like he did with FFX-2). I'll summon Shiva and freeze the daylights out of him. What turf!!!

Ok, i checked. FFXIII (Japanese version) is only for PS3, so unless we get a PS3, it's unlikely that my brother will get to play it before me!!
Plus i secretly ask him, and he told me they don't sell Japanese games for XBOX 360 here!! Hope it's the same for PS3 *evil grin*!!!
(and if anyone buys it online, i'll curse them!!)

What??? I don't get to play, nobody else in Malaysia better get to play before me man!!!
Yes, i'm delirious!! Whatever!!!
(ok lar, not like i'm going to play immediately upon release, but it made me feel better saying so!!)

ps: Just in case you're curious, FFX-2 was released around the time my brother came back from Japan. As usual, we'll have to wait a while before the English version is out, but since my brother *can* understand Japanese, he bought the Japanese version, finished the bloody game, and ended up I didn't get to play X-2 AT ALL!!!!!!!!
(i think i forgotten to buy after the English version is released or something, since his usually the one who buys the games.)

It's his fault really, and he admitted it (he even admitted to laughing to my face because he got to play X-2 and i don't!!! HMPH!!!)!!! Ended up till now i also haven't play!!! BAH!!!!!!!

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