Saturday, January 03, 2009

Final Fantasy VIII.

One of my most favourite game ever!
And i believe it's my first RPG game too, though i never finished it (which game have i ever finished (on PS) anyway?)...
You see, when you have an avid gamer for a brother, and you yourself always watches him play, there just isn't a rush to finish any game since you would've seen most endings already...

Eyes On Me by Faye Wong.

Beautiful song!~

And my favourite scene from the game...


ps: Barnacles, shouldn't have watched the clip. Now i feel like playing the game again (= =")...
SeeD!! Balamb Garden!!! Angel Wings!!! Ragnarok!!! Angelo!!!
It's like something from a past memory smiling back at you every time you read the words =)!

And... i also came to realize that some of the stuffs i've did or stuffs i really like now are actually unconsciously influenced by FFVII!! OMG!!! This is weird!!! I didn't know such heavy influence of games from FF-series are on my life till now (^^ )!!~

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