Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have lousy friends.

It all started with the Cow who swam away instead of asking me if i'm alright when i puked in Redang.
But that's ok, if the situation was reversed, i would've did the same. So we're both lousy people.

This morning, i hit my head really hard against the car door frame.
Like really, super, incredibly, stars-come-out, sun rises, even the moon also rise type of pain.
But nobody cared =(...
Ok fine, nobody knew about it. Those who knew did ask if i'm ok.
What turf. I'm so going to make it public in FB. It's not me if i don't drama and aegyo and cry for attention.

Anyways, it was ok afterwards... until now.
It hurts and i want to vomit.
But i think the vomit part is because i had too much gas in my stomach. I just drank a cup of Starbucks!~ YUMMIES!~

And i love HeeChul and Rainbow!
Mom was urut-ing my head, when HeeChul came in and asked us what's wrong (or maybe she was just demanding for food. I wouldn't know, they all sound the same, "meow~~".).
Then, HeeChul jumped up to my table, so she's at the same height as my head, and erm... smelled my head (but because i turn to face her, so my face instead).

Rainbow is being Rainbow =D! Me rabu her!

But i've got to get my priorities right. Seriously.
My mom asked if there's any bump on my head, i said it's like it got indented in instead, and i continued: "Cham lor, cannot cut botak anymore, head shape not nice adee..."
See, something wrong with my head.
But i don't think it's because of the "accident", i think it was from way before. Hmm.

Oh, and i actually bumped my head TWICE.
Once was later just now, but it was not as bad as the first one.

Ok, going to make some Tamagoyaki now! Hope it suceeds (^^ )!~~

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