Thursday, January 08, 2009


Yes, i do know i'm too obsessed with Final Fantasy Versus XIII now.
But before you say anything, watch the clip below and tell me how not to be obsessed lar!!


And yeah... i do realize that with Noctis' hair and choice of clothing and all, should he be living in our (stupid) world... he would definitely be categorized as "lala".
But TOO GOOD his not!! So his as hot as ever ♡!~ NYAH XD!!~

And *squeals*!! The guy with the Shotgun!!!
I'm so gonna give him a name - since his still nameless now - em... i'm gonna call him... Choco♡!~
Yeah, i know i'm horribly uncreative, but his appearance just screams Choco♡ to me, so... yeah... and i think i got it from Chocobo (oh gosh i love Chocobos (ㅠ.ㅠ)...)?
Anyways, furthermore, his so sunshiny and smiley and all AHHHH TIDUS!!!!!... NYAH XD!!~

AHHHH, i need more FF VS XIII information!! When will it be released??? MORE INFORMATION (like what's Choco♡'s name???)!!! 2009 is too long a year for me to wait!!!
Seriously, if you want to kill fans... it can be the year 2007, and you can say"it'll be released in summer 2009", and it'll still be "ok", since fans roughly know when it'll be released...

But if this is year 2009 (which it is), and you only write "2009" as it's release date... guarantee you can kill fans even more "efficiently", because it means it can be anytime. Even tomorrow. It could even be released on 31st December 2009 11.59pm and technically, IT IS STILL IN YEAR 2009!!!

Ok lar, for sure they'll announce the release date perhaps a few months before it's release but STLLL!!!!!!!!! Now it's just so... so... WARGH *pulls HeeChul's fur*!!!

And there's THREE games in the whole series. The Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII. Gosh, i feel smarter just by saying the name, what turf. I wonder if it'll all be released in the same time?
Whenever it's released... at least, more information please!! All this secrecy and mysteriousy is really... BAH!!!

But you can't help but to continue obsessing even if you "bah", so... yeah... lols!!

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