Sunday, January 25, 2009

I love CNY!

It's like, the best holiday in the whole wide world, after my birthday of course!

There's just something incredibly pleasant about seeing all the mandarin oranges, people with cheery faces everywhere, SPRING CLEANING, shopping buy new clothes, wishing everyone "Gong Xi Fatt Choi" anywhere you go, people wishing you the same in return, lanterns, plum blossom, Chinese greetings, auspicious signs, CNY songs, and especially, RED EVERYWHERE!

The best part is of course the ANGPOW *runs around shouting happily*!!
But all the same, the "CNY feel" is still the best (^^ )!!!~
As much as i don't really fancy CNY songs, its still nice hearing them wherever you go! Because it signifies CNY is coming XD!!~

Although i'm spending CNY in KL this year... a bit the lonely (cause KL is like really quiet during CNY, everyone balik kampung mar...)... but oh well! What's important is getting to celebrate CNY!

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!!~
And all the best for the Niu Year (^^ )!~


静雯 said...

Happy Chinese New Year Dear! Eventhough this year got no angpow for you, but you can try to get from your father who at TW right now...en...if you can...

eiko-chan said...

Hehehe, good idea yah?? Mama buy ticket for me go TW first lar ok??? LOLS!!! XD

cereal said...

happy chinese new year to u too! XOXO hope u get loads of ka-ching!!