Thursday, January 29, 2009

I hate side-quests.

Backdated post 26th January 2009, 2.25am.

Best quote of the day Googled.
"Hope," indeed. I've been slaughtering those things during my breaks at work this week and I've gone through approximately 200 sirens (or 800 yellow puddings) and haven't gotten anything from it besides an intense desire to kill the next man I see eating lemon jello.
Same feel lor.
Except that i just spent 1-2 hours nya, and got sleepy and tired so malas to continue.

Ok fine, i admit i uses walkthroughs whenever i'm being my temporary part-time full-time gamer (long story, don't bother asking).
Who doesn't? It's way cooler so ok!

Anyways, one particular bloody side-quest requires this really rare item called "Rainbow Pudding"... and (don't continue reading if you don't play the game, because chances are you won't understand even an ounce of what i'm saying) because when i started playing i very lazy to complete mapping all the maps, so in the end i couldn't get this Treasure Hunter Augment, which in return, made it so much more difficult to get the stupid pudding.
With the augment, the chances of me getting the pudding is 0.8% (or some say 8%)... but since i'm WITHOUT... i shudder to think how long it will take me before i finally get the stupid pudding lar.
Some people so lucky, they chance upon it through the normal play through (some even got more than 8...?), so they needn't go on this stupid side-quest... unlike me... BAH!!!

The most geram thing is, i go exit the stupid final battle place without at least attempting to finish the final battle!! Then even if i didn't win in that battle, "at least" the time spent mapping the final map is not wasted, because i'll have to do it again anyways... but now...
Furthermore, if i did win, then who cares whether or not i get the stupid pudding!! Should've just ignored the bloody pudding lar, GRR!!!

Isn't this a nice way to spent your first day of CNY??? Nyaos!!!

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