Monday, January 19, 2009

I hate my brother.

Stupid brother.
Super geram now.

I super precious my car. To me, Angel is the one and only.
My love for my car goes to the extent of insulting other cars which is of same model and colour. If i'm in a super bad mood, i'll even curse the owner for having such good taste, like me.
I really hate it to no ends if i see another car of same model same colour. I don't know, i guess to me my car is the one and only, and so... yeah, i'm weird.
Quite silly really, since honestly, they all looked the same (some more my car a bit cacated one)... but yes, that is how much i love my Angel.

I take care of my Angel as best as i can. I send it for "spa" whenever necessary, because washing at home is just not enough anymore. I think my Angel goes through 2-3 bathes a week.
I also keep her as sparkly clean and tidy as possible. And i put lotsa nice stuffs inside for decoration, and also to accompany Angel, in case she feels lonely. To be exact, 5 teddies.
I even TALK to her ok so she won't feel lonely. Ok, you don't need to know that. But to justify myself, i'm waiting for her to trust me enough that she'll reveal to me that she's actually Herbie (but got new name Angel dee).

I get restless if i had to send my car for service and would only get it back the next day. It just feels wrong knowing Angel is not at home with me at night, and is probably alone outside in some cold cold place. Especially restless if i know someone else is driving my Angel apart from me. Yes, i'm that mad.

Apart from taking care of the physical well-being, i don't double park, and as Chinese i can be, i always make sure i pay that extra few sens when i park, just so i wouldn't get saman in case i couldn't make it back to the car in time.
All the things i do, is so my Angel will not get saman. At least, not for the first year lar. I want to give my Angel a clean record!

But that stupid idiot.
The first time my brother drove my car, he already kena saman for not paying for parking.
And TWICE somemore!!!
I think he threw away the saman or something, so now they sent a warning letter for late payment (= =")...

Tell me, is a few ringgit worth being tortured by me for the rest of his life?

The answer is no.

I hate my brother.

Stupid idiot.

ps: I hope i don't get jinx for writing this entry, because i really want to post this.
I always kena jinxed one, what turf. Maybe i'll take it down in one day's time.

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