Friday, January 02, 2009

Dear Sammie.

This is a turtle.

And it is not cacat!!

I shall name the turtle Sam.
Sam is in my tummy.
Eh, i think dah keluar dah lar?

Ok, retarded.
I hope i don't start sneezing when someone in UK starts cursing me. XD

This is a tulip.

And someone ate the snail. Barnacles.
I really like the snail ok, i think i did a good job in making the snail. What turf (ㅠ.ㅠ).


cereal said...

OHh sooo uber cute! where in the world did u get them?
Sammie looks better as a turtle. muahahahahaha!! (I think I just heard her sneeze. lolz)

eiko-chan said...

I made them myself =D!
Hehehe, i agree =P! LOLS!

wildberry said...

cereal, dropping a comment like this doesnt mean i wont read it. u die la. I will dedicate a post to u.