Saturday, January 24, 2009

Very Tension.

Do you remember Tension?

When they first started, they are not very good looking, let's be honest.
However, based on talent alone, they still made it rather good in Taiwan.

The Tension i remembered is very very very very very friendly, most of them being from the States. Not stereotyping or anything, but it's true, especially Jimmy. I still remember how during the autograph session, he stood up to sign the albums instead, so it would be easier to hug the fans should they request.
I kinda regret i didn't ask for any hugs, but oh well!

And yeah, i remembered my mom told me that Andy looked at her rather surprised but was very happy to see her (yes, i conned my mom to drive me there and to get the signature as well XD).

They are really, perhaps the only boyband which didn't exactly rely solely on looks, because they are really really talented! And hilarious!
I remember the show they hosted, Very Tension! I used to watch it every time possible! They are funny!! I get stomach cramps every time i watch the show!
Moreover, since all of their Chinese also half-past-six, and since my Chinese too wasn't very fluent then, it was really really easy to understand them! Also thanks to them, my Chinese improved as well! I actually managed to read this book of theirs (sorta like an autobiography) which is purely in Chinese!
Ok fine, their Chinese isn't too fluent too, so the wordings are really really simple and all... so it's easy reading, but still! From someone who only learned Chinese 5 years back ok! Lols!

I wonder where they are now? They "disappeared" without any news a couple of years back, and still no news now. Honestly speaking, i miss them. Are they even coming back? If not, what is the official status?
Unless it was officially announced that they had disband, i'm rather skeptical of that news, even though it clearly seems so. Anyhow, if Tension ever decides to return, i'll be anticipating their comeback (^^ )!

ps: Ok, they have disband, but it was without official news!! Where can count!!!
Anticipating their comeback someday, whenever that is!

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