Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wonder Boys are back!

I think they did better the first time round, there's just nothing particularly special for this one. The last one was more natural and adorable, this one's quite boring honestly (except for my two boys of course).

But of course, the boys and SeungRi are super adorable (as always) in this one!
And SeungRi!! I want to run onstage and give him a big hug!! He was so cute!!!
Nothing special about TaeMin though, he shine(e) so much more in the previous one!

Ooh, and if there's anyone in the world who i would pay full-expenses for them to go to Thailand, it's definitely JoKwon of 2AM!!! OMG SERIOUSLY!!! It's really too bad his not char bo lar!!
Then again, if he is a char bo, then it wouldn't be any fun, wouldn't it now (^^ )??

He did not disappoint me at all, in fact, he was so much more... i can't find a word... extra-sultry??? in this one!!
Keep an eye out for the one in GOLD. Seriously. You won't regret it! He was so hiao i scared myself!! Exactly like char bo, and even better than the Wonder Girls!!!

THE ONE IN GOLD. Remember!!!
Pay full attention, and only the FULLEST attention at him please.

It's worth it =D!!

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