Sunday, January 04, 2009

Feeling nostalgic.

I've always known that i like Angel and stuffs like that, ever since way before, like during primary school when my friends and i would talk about this kinda stuff.

Until recently, i've thought that my liking for Angel Wings was influenced by Leader Teuk. Well... i guess i was wrong. I've just forgotten that somewhere in my past, i had already developed a liking for it, but i forgot about it until now.

Even the beach.
Strange as it may feel, i've always thought i like the beach like... you know, JUST BECAUSE. And also because i've waited so long to go there (Redang), and so when finally i get to go, the feeling just escalated massively.
I don't know. Apart from being the really Summer girl i am (love everything Summer - even the heat though i can't really bear it), could it be perhaps because standing by the beach is like... standing at Besaid or something. I don't know.
And swimming.

Even "Can I Have This Dance?" from HSM3... it gives me this nostalgic feeling i don't really understand why but... i just like it and... hmm...
There's just so many things that i don't know how to say, but... i guess i just know?

I feel like crying. I'm listening to all my FF songs now.
It sucks being an emotional avid(sorta) gamer(sorta again, then again a lot of people stereotype me as a gamer... but my brother will laugh his ass off if he hears anyone calling me, his sister, a gamer... because he knows me better. Lols!!). HAHAHA!

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