Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My cat likes White Colour.

Like mother like daughter.
Or like owner like cat.

Or HeeChul's favourite version: Like pet like owner - me being the pet.
Yes, my cat is the cutest. She is Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul.
Approach and worship!

Remember this entry, where i wrote the best RM5 i've ever spent in on HeeNim's toy? Because she really likes it?
Don't get me wrong, it's still a well spent RM5! I even got another one for her, just so i could have one upstairs and one downstairs.
But i did a mistake of buying the BROWN one for her, instead of the same white one which she already had.
She didn't like it (the brown one).
She'll still entertain it, probably thinks she'll hurt its feeling if she doesn't... but she doesn't like it as much as the WHITE one.
Very obvious some more lor. Stupid cat.
I should've guessed it when the k

And her love for CHINESE MEDICINE still hasn't change.
Yes, you didn't read wrongly, nor do you need to see an optometrist. My cat likes CHINESE MEDICINE!!
In case you didn't know, she actually destroyed a pack of my mom's Chinese med herbs (the plastic bag AND the paper wrapping it) just so she could eat it (= =")...

Just now, Mom made me some Chinese med. After i finished it, i let her smell the bowl, since she always so busybody and to my surprise... ok lar, actually i'm not surprised at all, since i know how much she likes Chinese herbs, but i just want to see if she'll actually licked it!

And yes, she did! But i stopped her before she succeed, but yeah... my cat loves Chinese medicine!!
Maybe next time i'm forced to take Chinese meds, i'll let her finish it instead??

And who says Cats are not useful??? XD

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