Saturday, January 10, 2009

Japanese Karaoke.

One thing living in Malaysia, you get to experience different cultures from all around the world. And one of them, is the Japanese Karaoke at Mont Kiara!

Sorry for the cacated video on tee-vee. Should've waited for Zone's MV when i take the pic!!

If you compare it to Red Box or Neway, it's a bit cacated... because instead of using a monitor to choose your songs, the list of songs are all filed. You choose the song you wanted, and use the remote to input the song's number.
The plus point though, is that a few people can choose songs they want at the same time if in case one person is hogging the remote =P!

The other good things i like about Japanese Karaoke, is they are very freaking updated with the latest songs!! Even though they have to print the song list ok!!!
Of course, not all songs lar! But still good!!
They have like most of the latest Japanese and Korean (seriously, i was so happy i wanted to dance Rokkugoh!! on the spot, because they had Rokkugoh!! there as well, even the Japanese version XD!) songs. The Chinese and English songs are quite "well-stocked" too. Plus, they have some songs that Red Box or Neway never had, which were songs from HSM and HSM2 =P!!

Of course, with all good parts, there's also the bad parts... and their bad part is they don't have the original MV for most of the songs. Most of it are those "lala-made-for-karaoke" videos. It's still bearable though... unless if you get the very lala one.
Seriously, it's so lala until you lose all the mood to sing. It is that bad, the very lala ones. I don't even want to Blog about it, you can ask me personally though, if you really want to know.

If you do go, don't expect Red Box or Neway, but it's still a very nice experience. And if you love singing Japanese song, it's *the* place to go. There's just so many songs to sing i was like in "J-pop karaoke Heaven"!! You can even choose "challenge-mode", and see how much points you get at the end of the song!

If you love Korean songs too, and is complaining that Red Box and Neway don't have enough of them, there's enough Korean songs you can sing there too! But, provided you can read either Korean or Japanese!

It's not cheap (the cheapest is RM8 per hour, but with a free drink), but it really is a good experience! And it's worth it if you like singing J-pop (or K-pop) songs (^^ )!!

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Kyle Edward said...

Where is this japanese karaoke exactly? Can u tell me the exact location? Im a die hard fan of japanese songs, i usually memorized the songs before i go to redbox to sing all the japanese songs, only a few of them that are romanized so it's difficult.