Sunday, September 27, 2009

HanGeng Potter.

"Hello Cam-ssica!"
What turf. XD

I stay here.

No matter what, Disney was, has, and forever will be the most magical place on earth to me (^^ )!

I remember wanting to cry when i was there, when i watched the fireworks etc. It was just so amazing. It brings back so many fond memories.
I want to stay there forever, and never grow up! Rofl!

Alas, it's only something which you can dream.
But hey, there is no age-limit when it comes to dreaming, ne?

Forever super magical (^^ )!

The Extraction of Macy.

Dated 12 September 2009.

Ah. Macy.
The ever so lovely Macy.

For starters, i am super grateful to Loo Loo Yee for sparing time for me, bringing me to her dentist and accompanying with me through the whole ordeal.
Well, now that i'm through with it, i don't think i should call it "ordeal" anymore lar... maybe until my next one (choi!), but really, her dentist is totally awesome! It really isn't as scary as i thought! In fact, after the whole thing i was like "BUGGER! So scare for what?"

But no lar, seriously, ask me to go through again i'll still be really scared =P!

I'm thankful to Loo Loo Yee for being there and letting me squeeze her hand to an oblivion. It proves to be very helpful, thank you!! I shudder to think what would happen if i were there alone! BLAH!

So yes, Macy is out. Everyone, let me show you the joy and pain of my life:
(No, i don't think she have her a surname. If she has, i think it will be "KOH". HAHAHA!)

I think she's awesome!
As much as i love her and all, but am glad that we parted ways. I think we'll both live happier this way =D!


Ok, i think can confirm what would happen to you when you lose your "wisdom".
You become like me, wisdom-less and more wetarded.

Ok, stop.
People get older day-by-day, i get lamer day-by-day. (= =").

Now my mouth still super numb. Wait for it to gone and then surely...

The Council has decided.

With the power vested in me, I, pan-chan The Great, hereby declare that you, Kim HyunWook, shall forevermore be banished from The Kingdom, the land full of awesomeness and greatness. Because i said so, or as KangKing Kim YoungWoon The Great would say: "JUST BECAUSE."
So JUST BECAUSE it shall be.
You may leave. Shoo shoo!!

HyunWook: "This isn't fair (ㅠ.ㅠ)!!"

I have an evil panda. What turf.

pan-chan replies:
It's not my fault he's cute(r). We have a strict "No-cuteness-or-anything-cuter-than-me-since-circa-2003" policy FYI. Go check it out.


Apart from a narcissistic cat, i also have a narcissistic panda. Nice.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Super backdated post, dating exactly a month and a day back. Ehe.

OMG it's a bloody good movie! I want to watch it again!! (^^ )
Except that i couldn't get pass the fact that i honestly don't want to bawl non-stop (again), so yeah... maybe when the DVD's released or something?

It's just such an awesome meaningful movie - can't beat my all-time Disney Pixar favourite - but still awesome! I especially love all the meanings it has in the movie, and what it's trying to reach-out to the audiences, whether young or old!

And i super love the beginning short-clip! I think it's my favourite thus far =)!

From what i see, if you really like/ love someone (family, friends etc), you don't leave or abandon them just because of their flaws, but instead, you make (positive) changes and stick to them no matter what =)!
Or you just wear a bloody suit and helmet and embrace whatever may come, hehehe!

Then there was Carl and Elie's relationship.
OMG can it be any more freaking sweet =)!
Oh yeah, i sobbed like a mad woman there, hehe!

Also Carl and Russell's relationship!
The part where Carl threw everything out from his house so he can go save Russell (bawled, like a baby), i think it shows how humans are so caught up in this materialistic world that we sometimes forgot what is truly important to us, which is people around us!
Ooh, and also Elie's short message to Carl... just so touching too!!

Then the part where Russell talks about his father and Carl asks him "why do you call your mother by her first name". Sad ok (ok, cried but a little nya lar)!
(Shows how our society is nowadays, broken family and all. Another way i see it is when you "move on" towards a new life, you sometimes tend to forget "important things" from your "previous life", and thus, hurting them and making them sad because of that.)

Towards the end, i was actually expecting Russell's father to come out, but it's ok, it was cute how Carl and Russell became like best buddies in the end =)! Like grandpa and grandchild nya! So sweet!

Another thing i find what the movie's trying to reach out is probably promise. If you make a promise, do your best to stick to it and fulfill it!
Because when you make a promise, you are giving the other party hope, and also making the other party happy (Russell said his father promised he would be there to give him the badge. and he was happy and excited just thinking about it!)... but when you don't fulfill your promise, apart from making the other party really really sad, you ended up disappointing them too (the look on Russell when there was nobody there to present him the badge).

So yeah, don't promise a kid unless you would fulfill the promise. I think there's nothing more depressing (sad?) then a disappointed kid, especially when they are disappointed because of what an adult did.
I guess same goes to everyone lar, but it's more "sad"(?) when it happens to a child!

Ooh ooh!
And there's also Carl and Elie's "promise" to go to Paradise Falls. I know what happened is inevitable lar, but if you think about it, do you want to go on and fulfill your promise only when the other one is gone? Carl and Elie's one is different case, but at least, Elie "had her adventure" as well you see.

And and, at the end of the movie, when they show where the house had landed. BOOM! Cried like EunHyuk, because it was just too too too touching, the way they ended it!

All in all, a totally awesome movie (^^ )! Super love it!
I hope the boys had watched it as well! Ehehe!

Fight with HeeChul.

I think this is the first time i ever got this angry with HeeChul. I don't know, i just felt so... because she seemed scared/ apologetic or something what turf. You can see it in her eyes (or maybe she's just trying to score sympathy points).

Anyways, went to her, called and pet her (told her not to be naughty anymore) and carried her to her bed. I can't believe the fat cat was still trying to play innocent (the "i'm very weak, am abandoned cat, nobody wants me liao, take pity in me..." act, or maybe she's just really really sleepy...).

She's happily sleeping on her bed now. After cleaning herself, she plopped straight to dreamland. You would've thought nothing had happened, lols!

Seriously lar.
I just suddenly lose my temper with her, scolded and whacked her.
Long story.
Am worried if i was too "rough" on her (literally).
Also, i let my temper get the better of me, and got mad at her over a "small matter". Kinda regret it too, but ah... *pulls hair*
I really am too bossy liao, but what she did annoys me to no ends. Everything else is ok, but not those.

She's now in my room with me, which creates another dilemma.
I don't know if i should just shoo her out of my room, or just keep her in here with me.
Because for one, i don't want her to relate to my room as "punishment". But am also afraid that if i shoo her out now, she'll get confused.
So for now, i'm not letting her come up to her bed.
But am i doing it right?

She is doing her "Someone pity me!! This crazy bitch just scolded me for no reason!" look now as i'm typing this. She actually looked like she's sulking what turf.

I was doing some other stuff before completing this entry.
Just now she gave me a, "Look at me. Good. Now feel pity for scolding me and remorse and regret for what you did. Good. Now let me come up."
Then she did try to sneak back up (to her bed), but i told her NO and stopped her from jumping up. So now she's back to sulking.

Difficult "owner", difficult cat. Thousand island.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Awesome Geng.

I don't think it's perfect.
But forever it's 100% purr-fect for me (^^ )!

I will always remember the moment i hear him sing this song. I started crying non-stop due to so many reasons.

So proud of you!!
It's one of my favourite songs (and to be super freaking totally-unrelated biasness to the max what turf Gary Chaw Malaysian singer hahahahaha and it has to be the song i introduced to Geng who totally loves Cam-ssica!!)!!
(HAHAHA, ok, just realized i blur is brain =D!)

Furthermore, i consider this song quite difficult sing! I often find myself cringing when i hear others (other than Gary) sing this song. Even i cringe when i sing it myself! Quite difficult to sing it well lor!
But not at all for Geng! Now got two liao! Gary and Geng =D! Yeah!

sang it with his own style, and i think he pull it off mighty fine (^^ )!
(No hint of biasness there =D!)

To people who thinks Geng is all-dance-no-sing-no-other-talent etc.
This is what i want to say to you.
I think Geng's super awesome =D!

Lost feeling.

You know how sometimes in the turns of event you just don't know how to feel?
Confuse? Disappointed? Frustrated? Angry? Sad? Blah blah and blah?
I guess it's not necessary for me to clearly define how i feel, but if i don't, it makes me confused.
But if i try to (define it), i also feel confused.
So does this mean i'm just confused now?
But i don't want to be confuse! I get confuse when i'm confused what turf.

I really want someone to talk to or to find someone who will show some concern on me over the matter. But who?
(i'm not looking for anyone lar, it's just a figure of speech what turf.)
I doubt anyone would understand.

For starters, let's just say there would be two groups.
One group would think it's a totally unimportant matter, and would whole heartedly advice (with sniggers behind) that i should worry about "more important matters".

What turf. Curse you lor.
Honestly, one, it would not help. At all. That's why sometimes there's no point talking to others about certain matters when you already know what they would tell you in the first place.

That matter's important to me lor.
I ask you to stop breathing because it's not important to me, even if it is to you, so can you?
So in times like this, just suck it up yourself. I guess it's not exactly a good thing to bottle up your emotions, but hey, whatever lar.

What about the other group?
I guess they would just say it's a small matter, and it's ok.
It definitely feels so much better, someone who would understand how you felt!
It makes you feel better when you take everything out, talk about it, discuss, and analyze, and perhaps come to a conclusion about it.

But after it all... the fact remains i can't.
It's like there's still something there.
And it's making me confuse.

I don't know how or what to feel.
Can you tell me?

I would like to say that i don't want to care, but i can't.
If you ask me not to "犯賤", fact remains i can't as well.
It is possible for me to just use something else just to cover it and stop myself from "facing" it... but i realized when i'm faced with it it just makes me feel extra bad. BLAH!!

I guess i don't need anyone to tell me what to do, nor to tell me things would work out... but rather, i just want things to really work out how i want it be.

But would i feel better then?
I don't know.

Why am i so difficult lar!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

RIP Yoshito Usui.

It's no secret i'm a big fan of the manga Shin-chan! I have all the books =D!
It's just funny reading about this crazy retarded 5 year old!

I remember sometime back, i researched a bit about it's artist, and found that the artist is kinda old. I had honestly hoped that he would continue Shin-chan until late late on.
But alas.
Volume-50 could not even be completed.

I have a lot of "worst fears". And this one is one of 'em.
These few days (and weeks) have been super confusing. I should have my emotions evaluated.

No more knowing how Shin-chan and Nanako would be like.
I want to see Himawari have a "boyfriend" like Nanako and Shin-chan!!
MATSUZAKA-SENSEI T-T! I was seriously hoping that Tokurou (her boyfriend) didn't actually died and will come back but... does this means Matsuzaka-sensei will forever be single now??
Then the mystery of the number of students in Rose Class.

There's just so many things unsolved.
Yes, the company will find other artists to continue the "spirit of Shin-chan" (more like to continue earning from one of their most prized cash cow what turf i'm so mean), but still... it'll never be the same.

I sad.
I want Shin-chan!!

This is just so so so sad!

RIP Yoshito Usui.
But no matter what, Shin-chan will always be in our hearts.

Makes your heart warm just thinking about it.

Just saw a super heart warming scene at the MTR.

A Grandma took 3 of her grandchildren to Disneyland for the whole day (presumably). So after the trip, they were all tired.
They sat down together next to each other at the MTR. Youngest, eldest, second and grandma side-to-side. (imagine they were in-front of you.)

Second was sleepy so he leaned on his grandmother's shoulder, but his head kept slipping off her shoulder, so the grandmother used her hand (same side), and hold against the Second's head so to keep his head from slipping off (her shoulder) so he can sleep.
The grandmother's hand did not move even the slightest bit throughout the whole trip.

The youngest was sleepy too, so the grandmother kept asking him to move to her other side so he wouldn't fell asleep on others shoulder. He refused, but he moved in the end anyways, and slept on his grandmother's (other) shoulder with his hands holding hers.

I teared watching this scene (and had to pretend otherwise what turf). Like from movie nya! It was just so sweet ok!!

Throughout the whole journey (quite long, more than 15 minutes), the grandmother's hand holding the Second's head didn't move nor budge! I'm so freaking sure it's SUPER tiring. If i were her i would smack my grandchild. HAHAHA!
But no, she held on and despite looking tired and sleepy, she kept awake while the two younger ones sleep against her.

Such is the love of a grandparent to their grandchild.
The kids calls the Grandmother "Ah Ma", the way i call mine. Made me miss my paternal grandmother so much.

On the other hand, going back to KL tomorrow!! AH! I'm going to miss Hong Kong!!

Sorry sorry.

There is simply no excuse.
Sorry for the lack of Blogging. I just... floated away?
I tweeted so much... i just... GAH!! I have so many unpublished post!!

Promise to Blog soon!
For now, here's a picture to pacify the angry soul!

Totally super awesome. Went to Heaven, back and to Heaven again.
Ok, instead of "pacifying" the soul i think i just created more angry ones =D!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sore, aching body.

Surprised, really, because when i walked this much before, i don't wake up with an aching body lor!!
Either i had gotten really "lao-yia", or all the walkings etc "terlampau-liao" that it's taking it's toll?

I have GOT to do something with my hair.
My hair is freaking amazing, it really is.
But i sweat a lot. A LOT A LOT.
So when i sweat, my hair looks a little less-amazing than how it really is, what turf.
So yeah, i have GOT to find some alternative to do with my hair in case i sweat non-stop again.
I think got to start bringing pins around liao. Pin up my hair. Makes my face looks a lot bigger, but hey, at least my hair will still look awesome. What turf.

The weather is SO SO SO SO SO HOT!! Why so hot one???
I bought a fan, but even the bloody air is hot you wonder why you keep fanning the bloody thing what turf. Not like it helps.

And people here like to dig their nose. Seriously.
I've lived in Malaysia for the past 22 years of my life. I've never seen anyone picked their nose in public.
I was here since Thursday, and i saw THREE person who picked their nose when they were walking, or in the car waiting for the traffic light.
Either i super observant, or i just lucky to see "gold"!

Internet here is awesome. Nuff said.
(I should've start uploading pics on FB!! But so tired every night how ler? Oh well!)

Going out now! Till then!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

In the heat of the moment.

I've decided to name my wisdom...
And she shall be a bitch.

Ok, guarantee wisdom effects the brain.

HAHAHA, i love my "not-punny-wisdom-jokes" what turf *sweats*.

Not punny lor.

If you have been following my tweet (right-hand side of the page), you would notice that i'm a bit of a "tweet-spammer".
Ok fine, i super spammer lar.
Which probably resulted in the lack of Blogging =P!

I don't know, anyways, if you have been, you would notice the sudden outburst of whiny and dramatic tweets.
Seriously, i know i'm whiny (and likes to complain), but i didn't realize i'm quite a Drama Queen (Princess) lor!!

This week has not been going smooth for me. So many little bumps and boo-boos on the way, which made my mood the whole week down weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee off, like it was pushed off a cliff.
Which, the two most "major" one was superly "magnifed and highlighted" in my tweet (one was on my Blog - the previous two entries).

I seriously still miss JayBum a lot. I want him back so badly. In fact, i sometimes caught myself being really selfish and think, "Why can't this just happen to other 2PM members? Why Jay?"
Which is so selfish i am ashamed of myself for even thinking about it!! Tsk tsk.
But nevertheless, i want Jay back. Badly. I know how proud Koreans are, but seriously...

Anyways, i had actually written a post-Blog-entry (post?) towards the whole incident (after reading JYP's letter thing) - which seems a lot calmer compared to the previous two - but very lazy to edit so yeah... man-man wait lar before i publish it =P!

Another one would definitely be the one i'm still whining about now.
My bloody turfing (i cannot believe i still couldn't put it in myself to write the "F" word. How old am i? SE7EN? *lalala*) wisdom.

And then comes along a super huge flood of "wisdom" not-funny-but-only-i-find-it-funny "pun" jokes.
"I blame my wisdom for this."

Seriously, can anyone get lamer than me??
Classic man. Classic.
To me lar at least.
What the turf.
Check my tweet for more "not-punny-wisdom-jokes" FML.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


If you ask me how i really feel from the whole JayBum incident, i really don't know how to tell you how i feel.

Angry? Frustrated? A little bit of all i guess.

But to be honest, i came to find that unless JayBum returns, otherwise i find it difficult to like 2PM anymore.

I like Nichkhun a lot, i really do, and Taec's adorable! But...

One of the reasons why i like JayBum so much, because i find him very real. He does not look fake or pretentious, he does not seek to act "favourable" so to get more fans... it's like he really dares to be himself, and that's one of the reasons why i really like him. He shows hows he's really like; this weird, retarded but talented and somewhat funny in his own eccentric way dude.

I miss him. So so much. The Panty-Elder.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Malaysia isn't like that!

What turf. Just finish watching Chit-chat, and OMG seriously.

It's the Summer Special, so they got some foreign guys in the show, one of them is from Malaysia.
I seriously hope it's because of the script lar, but the way Pho just described Malaysia... i want to smack him lor.

It started out good. He was quite honest. ("I'm not considered handsome in Malaysia." - ok, but after he said that he looked rather charming liao lols! He looked good after that what turf.)

Then when they ask about Malaysia and drinking and all, he said it's ok for him to drink because he's Buddhist. Then he went on and say how in Malaysia you can't go out holding hands, there are "soldiers" (what the translator translate) who'll catch you if you do... and you can't go out holding hands (or with a guy) unless you're married... etc etc. Was too furious to remember anything further because there is NOT AN OUNCE OF TRUTH IN IT!!

Then the host ask, "How do you know if the person is married then?"
He said, "You have to show them the certificate."
I didn't know we have to bring our marriage certificate out lor. What turf is that!!

Yes, we do have such religious laws. I'm not very sure if it applies to non-Islam, but personally, i think Pho should explain how Malaysia truly is lor.

It is a multi-racial country, with majority citizens who are Islam. There are strict Islamic laws, which non-Islam do not exactly 100% must comply to all, but because everyone in Malaysia are so used to living together - multi-racial society - we do our best to respect each other, tolerance and what not... and as long as you don't go "over" it's ok. It's seriously not *that* strict until like the way he describe lor. Generally.

This guy sure skipped Moral classes in school to not know "tolak-ansur" what turf.

As a fellow Malaysian, our countries' culture might seem 'effin complicated compared to other countries, especially other societies which are not used to being multi-racial.
But hey, It's something we are used to, and we live with it. A lot of people from other countries honestly have no idea how Malaysia is like, so i think we have the duty to explain it truthfully to them. Or at least, as you see fit, and don't go describing Malaysia like some conservative country (though it is to an extend, but still!). Or describing Malaysia like a foreigner's worst nightmare.

I think we are kinda well-developed. Not like "WAH!" but at least, it's good enough lar. We have a general understanding of most cultures abroad. We're rather globalized. We have Starbucks, McDs, KFC... latest "edition" to the globalization thingy is Krispy Kreme. There's also TGIF. And we *can* show skin and hold hands and kiss-kiss hug-hug in public as long as you don't go full overboard lor!

Personally, i don't agree with what Pho said. He made Malaysia sounded like some scary country which you can get prosecuted for just wearing a short-sleeve top. Mind, i am really angry because it's just not true! I'm not saying what he said is bad. There is some truth in it. But it's just not the whole picture.

I love my country (although i find bad things to say about it everyday, hah, we have a love-hate relationship! As do all other Malaysians don't we?)! So i want it to be described as how it really is, the whole truth... and not something you read out from a book or something. I think books written about Malaysia has more truth to it then what he said. Blah!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The fact remains that this was slapped across my face just today.
The fact that i didn't know everything what was going on, until only now that i knew of it, it has already happened, and it was too late.

Yes, Korea is a proud and patriotic country. Something which i sincerely admire. But i honestly think what happened is just a bit too harsh.

It's like you're a kid, you accidentally punch someone else in the face, and in the future, you are still blamed even when you've already learned it's not a very nice thing to do (punching someone in the face), and has never ever did that since.

Don't anyone deserve a second chance? Don't tell me you've never said stuffs like this before.

If it was something he did when he is of a more mature age. More recent. When he was thinking reasonably etc... then maybe i would not have helped him, because i know how proud Koreans are of their country. And to do this when you are an "adult" and of "mature thinking", is just wrong. Especially when you're a public figure.

But it was something which happened so long ago.
He was still young.
He misses home, am somewhere so faraway from home with nobody close to him.
He misses his family.
He is angry and frustrated.
He is somewhere foreign. Not home.
He doesn't know much about Korean yet.
He doesn't know how much he love Korea yet.
He wasn't even a public figure then! He won't know some random little comment he made could've brought so much "damage".
He was still young then and wasn't thinking right!!

There's just so many reasons i can think of ok. But no, they have to put a "death sentence" on him regardless.

Call me bias. Maybe it's because i really like JayBum. But seriously, it was too harsh to force him to leave then group, especially when it was something which was said so long ago, which he did not intend even the slightest harm etc etc... it's just wrong.

I is sad.

JayBum just quit 2PM.
This is just so wrong. I feel like crying but tears aren't coming out. It's like, a bad joke. I still couldn't believe it. It just seems so fake. Is it really true?

Everyone spells his name "JaeBum", but i spell his name as "JayBum", i don't know, it's just the way i like to spell it. I like the name Jay, and i prefer to write "범" as "Bum", so this it shall be.

I like Jay and Nick from 2PM a lot! But Jay is the main reason why i like 2PM so much. In fact, without him, i don't think i can even find the enthusiasm to watch Wild Bunny in the first place. I watched it because of him. His adorable and absolutely hilarious!

Do you realize half the funny stuffs in Wild Bunny is because of him? His just this retarded elderly grandfather leader who everyone really likes. I honestly think his a good leader, yet he is so much more crazier than most of the boys. His like the life and soul of 2PM. His leader Park JayBum!!

I still haven't get enough of him. I want to see him again in real life. I want him to be a part of 2PM. I want to get his autograph as a member of 2PM. I want to see him in Wild Bunny. I want to see him perform. I want to see him dance. I want to hear him sing. I want to hear his voice. I just want to see him again. I WANT HIM BACK!!!

People make mistakes. Sometimes in frustration, homesick and stress, you write stuffs without even thinking. That is what i believe that made Jay wrote that. You're in a foreign land, with probably not one person you're close to. You miss your family. Probably some guy just picked on him and out of frustration he wrote those stuff. Probably he thinks he's never ever going to make it (debut), and in sadness and frustration (and missing his family) he wrote those stuffs. Put yourself in his shoes lar. I would probably have wrote the same thing. No, i would've written the same thing.

When i was in Korea, and in very tiring state when your mind is not only tired, but everything else isn't going well as well, you just curse everything in sight. The fact that you're NOT home makes the situation worst. Trust me, been there done that. Especially when you misses home (and family) and wants to go back at that very moment. Especially when everything is just so 'effin foreign to you. Anything can be a reason, no matter how slight it is.

Yes, his a public figure, BUT SO WHAT. Everyone makes mistake ok!

Yes, i'm definitely standing by his side no matter what. It's a mistake he made when he hasn't even debuted. Yes, it's on a national level thing whatever blah, but still? When you're angry you just don't care much. And it was YEARS AGO. Probably before he even developed his love for where his from! Come on, HE'S KOREAN. He may grow up in the States but his roots are still Korean isn't it? COME ON LAR!!!

Mind, JayBum is same age as i am ok. 2 years ago, we're both still bloody NINETEEN YEARS OLD. Not a kid, but not yet an adult either. We're probably still just some random immature "kid" who talks without even thinking.
Sometimes when you're angry, you just don't filter things through your brain but just blab everything out so to make yourself feel better. Then you regret things you say, especially when it's a bad thing and it's a wrong thing to say. But the bottom line remains, WE DIDN'T INTENDED ANY HARM.

I'm not saying his right in this whole matter. I'm just saying GIVE HIM A CHANCE. Yes, he made a big mistake. A very big one. But he really deserves a second chance. It's not like he harmed anyone did he?

The fact that the antis are taking advantage of this situation just pretty much sucks.

I hope the idiot who purposely dig this news out "gets what he deserves".
I hope all antis who is happy Jay left "gets what they deserve".
Am not writing it out, but you know if you're one of them, i'm cursing and cussing at you. And you definitely won't like it.

The fact that this happened to Jay... the fact that this can really happened... just elevated one of my worst fears.

Am sorry if i'm not making any sense. I'm just so sad and depressed. I can't even think right now. I can't even remember when was the last i cried so much (yes, i finally cried and bawled so badly, i took an hour to finish this). But my message is clear:

This is wrong. This is all just so wrong.
I hope tomorrow when i wake up this is all just a bad dream. Please be just a bad dream.

Monday, September 07, 2009

The advantages of being adorable.

HeeChul is pretty much possibly (nah, make it absolute!) the only one allowed to "attack" Angel, yet i will never ever get mad at her.

I don't know, i'm guessing it maybe have something to do with her almighty-furryness, which scores her super triple-fudge-sundae-ice-cream points that everything else just doesn't seem relevant anymore?

Being sick sucks.

Because it means i couldn't play with my nephew and niece.


Sunday, September 06, 2009


I just posted like... 7 Tweets on f(x). Like OMG. I should stop twitting like i'm Blogging. This is not good.

The tweets (not including a number "8." of me saying i've posted 7 tweets, rofl!):
  1. I think Krystal should abandon the "innocent" image and go for something else but innocent. She's like a photocopy version of her sister!!
  2. I would say Amber is dude-ish, Suili sweet, Krsytal innocent, Victoria sexy and Luna hot.
  3. That said, i think f(x) is good! I like how different members have their own images and style, very unique! Reminds me of Spice Girls!
  4. Suili is a little too sweet and cheerful for her own good. She's like the girl in pink lollipops and cotton candies land! Lols!

  5. Krystal looks plastic. I hope it's the make up, but really, her face looks really plastic. Somehow or rather. Like, fake.
  6. SHE LOOKS LIKE A DUDE! I can relate to that, rofl, what turf. But at least she benefited from it!! Me ler!! FHL. =P
  7. Is it me, or i think Amber sorta looks like Wallace Huo (霍建華).
My gosh. I should really stop "Twit-Blogging", what turf XD!

Back to f(x)...
Their new song didn't really er, "hit on me" - i think maybe because i was expecting something a bit more powerful but this song was kinda "mild"? - but anyways, it's still good. As for performance-wise (singing, dancing...), i shall reserve all opinions for now, as i think i didn't watch enough videos to be a fair judge. No, what i really want to talk about, is their image!

As Tweet number 3 (above), the thing i find really unique and interesting about f(x) is how each member have their own unique image! Which is seriously unique and special, because honestly, of all the Korean girl-bands i've known, if the group has an "image", then everyone in the group will be of that image!!
It's ok, but as it goes on it gets kinda er... dull.

But no, f(x)'s take on this whole image thing is seriously fresh! I like it!

I don't remember their looks, in fact, i can only differentiate Amber (if you can't you deserve a huge slap) and Krystal, so THANK THE INVENTOR OF YOUTUBE CC SUB TAG THINGY WHATEVER IT'S CALLED!

Watch and you'll un!
Seriously! I was watching the MV and thanks to the tab thingy, at least i'll know whose who when they are singing!

So yes, from first impression, i would say Amber is seriously dude-ish, Sulli is sweet cute, Krystal innocent, Victoria "mysterious sexy" and Luna hot. Something like that lar.
Have you seen a (Korean girl) group like this? No lor! For me i honestly haven't! It's a really fresh idea which is really interesting!

As for each individual member...
I still think Amber looks like Wallace Huo (霍建華). Hahaha! Sometimes she scares me, because she's just so man! I shall not move on to the "i can relate to that" part, because it's so obvious that that look is working well for her! So unfair!! Lols =P!

Sulli is so sweet!! Of the diabetic type! She's like the girl whose world is full of unicorns, cotton candies, lollipops, rainbows and sunshines!! Throughout the whole debut performance on Music Core i watch, she was just so sweet it's sickening to watch (in a good way)! Like nothing can do her wrong, and it's always sunshine la-la-la to her!

Nothing much on Victoria and Luna yet, but i think Victoria looks really pretty! That said, i can't differentiate Victoria from Luna much (but from the tabs, the one who i said was pretty is Victoria).

And haha, the one who i have most opinion on, Krystal!!
First, i think her face looks plastic. NO OFFENCE, but seriously. I hope it's the make up, because otherwise from what i see it just looks... i don't know... like plasticy fake. I don't know how to explain what i mean, it's just the feeling i got when i first saw her. Like... the expression "wow plastic face" just pops into your head!

Second thing, the most "serious" negative-opinion i have is... well, the image i perceived of Krystal is "sweet-innocent", which i think is bad. REALLY REALLY BAD!!
If any of the others try pulling the "sweet innocent" image, it's ok, but just not for her, because she now looks like a photocopy version of her sister (Jessica of SNSD, since SNSD's image is those "sweet innocent shoujo type"isn't it?).

Personally, i feel if she goes for maybe "hot" or "boyish-but-sexy-hot" etc etc... anything but sweet or innocent (or both), it'll definitely put her in the spotlight even further! But now she's like a rip-off-the-old-block (am sure it's chip, but whatever, i always create my own words =D!).

I think the light might still shine at her for the moment (because of her sister)... but unless she proves herself different, otherwise she'll never ever be "f(x) Krystal", but rather, always as "Jessica's sister, Krystal".

Seriously, get a new image!! Don't copy your sister's one lor (besides there's already NINE where your sis came from)! Krsytal seems to be very talented and very capable. She *can* work her way up to be "Krystal", but unless she proves it, otherwise...

So that's my opinion on f(x)! What do you think?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

I heart bands.

I know if i say this, probably 9 out of 10 people i know won't believe me.
My favourite music genre is ROCK.
Yes, most of the songs i listen to are of POP genre, i know!

But seriously, i really prefer rock songs out of any other genres. There's just something amazing about electric guitar and drums which i super love!
I think this is all part-and-parcel of me being a Gemini. I've come to terms that i'm possibly the most contradicting and ironic person alive, on the brink of being a hypocrite.

But enough of me, these few days i've been drowning myself in these few songs.

Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape.

Heard this song in Korea, it's stuck in my head ever since. LOLS!

The All-American Rejects - Move Along.

I heart the opening!!

The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret.

Heart this opening too!

And never forgetting my favouritest band ever.
Simple Plan - Save You.

Seriously, Simple Plan is awesome. And they are CANADIAN! Extra ice-cream mango pudding points! (i refuse to bow down and say "brownie points" like everyone else!! Take that er... ok whatever, being random.)

Ok, all the songs are super old lor. But can't help it if i'm slow in "catching-up" ok. Long story, shall not go there. Let's just say i'm a very lazy and forgetful person; i listen to a song, like it, then forget about it till N years later only i learn of the name, and start listening to it again.
What turf.

Here's another song which i really really like since before, but didn't bother finding out the name (more like forgotten), and i didn't know it was actually from The All-American Rejects till now!

The All-American Rejects - It Ends Tonight.
The first time i heard about them, i thought they were... ok, i shall not say what i thought they were, otherwise i'll just embarrass myself.

Must be more hardworking from now onwards, lols!

Ooh, another thing i like about rock songs, are rock ballads. Piano, drums, with a hint of electric guitar (sound like a recipe, what turf).
Just awesome. Totally awesome.

Oh yeah, awesome.
(Cow was right. I watch too much How I Met Your Mother liao!! Possimpible?? HAHA XD!)

ps: Oh yeah, Cow was the one who intro-ed me to Simple Plan btw! XD

pps: I don't care what you say, rock songs are awesome!!

ppps: Ok lar, i know they are all not exactly in the same "genre", but i'm just generalizing "rock" as in because they are in a band. I think i should just say i like songs from bands? Hmm. Anything lar XD!
You know how sometimes there are just things that you should do, things you need to do, and things you just want to do?

What if the right choice makes you feel miserable?

Yet the wrong choice will also make you ultimately miserable as well?

Then what should you do?

I swear this hungry stomach is not making me think any better.

I'm going to sleep on it.

And when i wake up, i'll feel 100% a-ok... till i start feeling miserable again.

I hate you.

Friday, September 04, 2009


Never know that by Twitting, it could tell you a bit and sorta much about you. Ooh!
I copied it directly from my page! Hope the boxes and all won't appear weirdly or something!

Cognitive Content

Feature Description Score
Cognitive processesYou often talk about various cognitive processes like learning, thinking, knowing, etc.92.3
Positive emotionsYou express plenty of positive emotions.42.84
Past tenseYou tend to talk about the past.30.83
Positive FeelingsYou often discuss positive sensations and feelings.21.88
Negative emotionsYou express plenty of negative emotions.13.96
Future tenseYou talk about the future often.12.67
SensationsYou tweet about your various senses often.11.68
EducationYou often talk about school and learning.7.12

Primordial, Conceptual and Emotional Content

Feature Description Score
Temporal References
Abstract thought
Consciousness alteration
Moral imperative


Haven't been updating much yah =P!
I wouldn't say i was busy, but couldn't find the time more like didn't on laptop.

Anyways, here's one of my favourite MV:

I like Lucas Till! Me think his hot =D!
Yes, among the other guys i have crushes on!
And yes yes, i like immaculately clean-stylish-looking guys! No surprise there!

Haha, imagine having such a hot guy living at the room opposite your room window!!
*looks outside room window*
DANGS! I should sue!!

ps: Will update soon (^^ )!