Sunday, September 06, 2009


I just posted like... 7 Tweets on f(x). Like OMG. I should stop twitting like i'm Blogging. This is not good.

The tweets (not including a number "8." of me saying i've posted 7 tweets, rofl!):
  1. I think Krystal should abandon the "innocent" image and go for something else but innocent. She's like a photocopy version of her sister!!
  2. I would say Amber is dude-ish, Suili sweet, Krsytal innocent, Victoria sexy and Luna hot.
  3. That said, i think f(x) is good! I like how different members have their own images and style, very unique! Reminds me of Spice Girls!
  4. Suili is a little too sweet and cheerful for her own good. She's like the girl in pink lollipops and cotton candies land! Lols!

  5. Krystal looks plastic. I hope it's the make up, but really, her face looks really plastic. Somehow or rather. Like, fake.
  6. SHE LOOKS LIKE A DUDE! I can relate to that, rofl, what turf. But at least she benefited from it!! Me ler!! FHL. =P
  7. Is it me, or i think Amber sorta looks like Wallace Huo (霍建華).
My gosh. I should really stop "Twit-Blogging", what turf XD!

Back to f(x)...
Their new song didn't really er, "hit on me" - i think maybe because i was expecting something a bit more powerful but this song was kinda "mild"? - but anyways, it's still good. As for performance-wise (singing, dancing...), i shall reserve all opinions for now, as i think i didn't watch enough videos to be a fair judge. No, what i really want to talk about, is their image!

As Tweet number 3 (above), the thing i find really unique and interesting about f(x) is how each member have their own unique image! Which is seriously unique and special, because honestly, of all the Korean girl-bands i've known, if the group has an "image", then everyone in the group will be of that image!!
It's ok, but as it goes on it gets kinda er... dull.

But no, f(x)'s take on this whole image thing is seriously fresh! I like it!

I don't remember their looks, in fact, i can only differentiate Amber (if you can't you deserve a huge slap) and Krystal, so THANK THE INVENTOR OF YOUTUBE CC SUB TAG THINGY WHATEVER IT'S CALLED!

Watch and you'll un!
Seriously! I was watching the MV and thanks to the tab thingy, at least i'll know whose who when they are singing!

So yes, from first impression, i would say Amber is seriously dude-ish, Sulli is sweet cute, Krystal innocent, Victoria "mysterious sexy" and Luna hot. Something like that lar.
Have you seen a (Korean girl) group like this? No lor! For me i honestly haven't! It's a really fresh idea which is really interesting!

As for each individual member...
I still think Amber looks like Wallace Huo (霍建華). Hahaha! Sometimes she scares me, because she's just so man! I shall not move on to the "i can relate to that" part, because it's so obvious that that look is working well for her! So unfair!! Lols =P!

Sulli is so sweet!! Of the diabetic type! She's like the girl whose world is full of unicorns, cotton candies, lollipops, rainbows and sunshines!! Throughout the whole debut performance on Music Core i watch, she was just so sweet it's sickening to watch (in a good way)! Like nothing can do her wrong, and it's always sunshine la-la-la to her!

Nothing much on Victoria and Luna yet, but i think Victoria looks really pretty! That said, i can't differentiate Victoria from Luna much (but from the tabs, the one who i said was pretty is Victoria).

And haha, the one who i have most opinion on, Krystal!!
First, i think her face looks plastic. NO OFFENCE, but seriously. I hope it's the make up, because otherwise from what i see it just looks... i don't know... like plasticy fake. I don't know how to explain what i mean, it's just the feeling i got when i first saw her. Like... the expression "wow plastic face" just pops into your head!

Second thing, the most "serious" negative-opinion i have is... well, the image i perceived of Krystal is "sweet-innocent", which i think is bad. REALLY REALLY BAD!!
If any of the others try pulling the "sweet innocent" image, it's ok, but just not for her, because she now looks like a photocopy version of her sister (Jessica of SNSD, since SNSD's image is those "sweet innocent shoujo type"isn't it?).

Personally, i feel if she goes for maybe "hot" or "boyish-but-sexy-hot" etc etc... anything but sweet or innocent (or both), it'll definitely put her in the spotlight even further! But now she's like a rip-off-the-old-block (am sure it's chip, but whatever, i always create my own words =D!).

I think the light might still shine at her for the moment (because of her sister)... but unless she proves herself different, otherwise she'll never ever be "f(x) Krystal", but rather, always as "Jessica's sister, Krystal".

Seriously, get a new image!! Don't copy your sister's one lor (besides there's already NINE where your sis came from)! Krsytal seems to be very talented and very capable. She *can* work her way up to be "Krystal", but unless she proves it, otherwise...

So that's my opinion on f(x)! What do you think?

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