Saturday, September 05, 2009

I heart bands.

I know if i say this, probably 9 out of 10 people i know won't believe me.
My favourite music genre is ROCK.
Yes, most of the songs i listen to are of POP genre, i know!

But seriously, i really prefer rock songs out of any other genres. There's just something amazing about electric guitar and drums which i super love!
I think this is all part-and-parcel of me being a Gemini. I've come to terms that i'm possibly the most contradicting and ironic person alive, on the brink of being a hypocrite.

But enough of me, these few days i've been drowning myself in these few songs.

Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape.

Heard this song in Korea, it's stuck in my head ever since. LOLS!

The All-American Rejects - Move Along.

I heart the opening!!

The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret.

Heart this opening too!

And never forgetting my favouritest band ever.
Simple Plan - Save You.

Seriously, Simple Plan is awesome. And they are CANADIAN! Extra ice-cream mango pudding points! (i refuse to bow down and say "brownie points" like everyone else!! Take that er... ok whatever, being random.)

Ok, all the songs are super old lor. But can't help it if i'm slow in "catching-up" ok. Long story, shall not go there. Let's just say i'm a very lazy and forgetful person; i listen to a song, like it, then forget about it till N years later only i learn of the name, and start listening to it again.
What turf.

Here's another song which i really really like since before, but didn't bother finding out the name (more like forgotten), and i didn't know it was actually from The All-American Rejects till now!

The All-American Rejects - It Ends Tonight.
The first time i heard about them, i thought they were... ok, i shall not say what i thought they were, otherwise i'll just embarrass myself.

Must be more hardworking from now onwards, lols!

Ooh, another thing i like about rock songs, are rock ballads. Piano, drums, with a hint of electric guitar (sound like a recipe, what turf).
Just awesome. Totally awesome.

Oh yeah, awesome.
(Cow was right. I watch too much How I Met Your Mother liao!! Possimpible?? HAHA XD!)

ps: Oh yeah, Cow was the one who intro-ed me to Simple Plan btw! XD

pps: I don't care what you say, rock songs are awesome!!

ppps: Ok lar, i know they are all not exactly in the same "genre", but i'm just generalizing "rock" as in because they are in a band. I think i should just say i like songs from bands? Hmm. Anything lar XD!

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