Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The fact remains that this was slapped across my face just today.
The fact that i didn't know everything what was going on, until only now that i knew of it, it has already happened, and it was too late.

Yes, Korea is a proud and patriotic country. Something which i sincerely admire. But i honestly think what happened is just a bit too harsh.

It's like you're a kid, you accidentally punch someone else in the face, and in the future, you are still blamed even when you've already learned it's not a very nice thing to do (punching someone in the face), and has never ever did that since.

Don't anyone deserve a second chance? Don't tell me you've never said stuffs like this before.

If it was something he did when he is of a more mature age. More recent. When he was thinking reasonably etc... then maybe i would not have helped him, because i know how proud Koreans are of their country. And to do this when you are an "adult" and of "mature thinking", is just wrong. Especially when you're a public figure.

But it was something which happened so long ago.
He was still young.
He misses home, am somewhere so faraway from home with nobody close to him.
He misses his family.
He is angry and frustrated.
He is somewhere foreign. Not home.
He doesn't know much about Korean yet.
He doesn't know how much he love Korea yet.
He wasn't even a public figure then! He won't know some random little comment he made could've brought so much "damage".
He was still young then and wasn't thinking right!!

There's just so many reasons i can think of ok. But no, they have to put a "death sentence" on him regardless.

Call me bias. Maybe it's because i really like JayBum. But seriously, it was too harsh to force him to leave then group, especially when it was something which was said so long ago, which he did not intend even the slightest harm etc etc... it's just wrong.

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