Monday, September 21, 2009

Makes your heart warm just thinking about it.

Just saw a super heart warming scene at the MTR.

A Grandma took 3 of her grandchildren to Disneyland for the whole day (presumably). So after the trip, they were all tired.
They sat down together next to each other at the MTR. Youngest, eldest, second and grandma side-to-side. (imagine they were in-front of you.)

Second was sleepy so he leaned on his grandmother's shoulder, but his head kept slipping off her shoulder, so the grandmother used her hand (same side), and hold against the Second's head so to keep his head from slipping off (her shoulder) so he can sleep.
The grandmother's hand did not move even the slightest bit throughout the whole trip.

The youngest was sleepy too, so the grandmother kept asking him to move to her other side so he wouldn't fell asleep on others shoulder. He refused, but he moved in the end anyways, and slept on his grandmother's (other) shoulder with his hands holding hers.

I teared watching this scene (and had to pretend otherwise what turf). Like from movie nya! It was just so sweet ok!!

Throughout the whole journey (quite long, more than 15 minutes), the grandmother's hand holding the Second's head didn't move nor budge! I'm so freaking sure it's SUPER tiring. If i were her i would smack my grandchild. HAHAHA!
But no, she held on and despite looking tired and sleepy, she kept awake while the two younger ones sleep against her.

Such is the love of a grandparent to their grandchild.
The kids calls the Grandmother "Ah Ma", the way i call mine. Made me miss my paternal grandmother so much.

On the other hand, going back to KL tomorrow!! AH! I'm going to miss Hong Kong!!

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