Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Extraction of Macy.

Dated 12 September 2009.

Ah. Macy.
The ever so lovely Macy.

For starters, i am super grateful to Loo Loo Yee for sparing time for me, bringing me to her dentist and accompanying with me through the whole ordeal.
Well, now that i'm through with it, i don't think i should call it "ordeal" anymore lar... maybe until my next one (choi!), but really, her dentist is totally awesome! It really isn't as scary as i thought! In fact, after the whole thing i was like "BUGGER! So scare for what?"

But no lar, seriously, ask me to go through again i'll still be really scared =P!

I'm thankful to Loo Loo Yee for being there and letting me squeeze her hand to an oblivion. It proves to be very helpful, thank you!! I shudder to think what would happen if i were there alone! BLAH!

So yes, Macy is out. Everyone, let me show you the joy and pain of my life:
(No, i don't think she have her a surname. If she has, i think it will be "KOH". HAHAHA!)

I think she's awesome!
As much as i love her and all, but am glad that we parted ways. I think we'll both live happier this way =D!


Ok, i think can confirm what would happen to you when you lose your "wisdom".
You become like me, wisdom-less and more wetarded.

Ok, stop.
People get older day-by-day, i get lamer day-by-day. (= =").

Now my mouth still super numb. Wait for it to gone and then surely...

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