Monday, September 21, 2009

RIP Yoshito Usui.

It's no secret i'm a big fan of the manga Shin-chan! I have all the books =D!
It's just funny reading about this crazy retarded 5 year old!

I remember sometime back, i researched a bit about it's artist, and found that the artist is kinda old. I had honestly hoped that he would continue Shin-chan until late late on.
But alas.
Volume-50 could not even be completed.

I have a lot of "worst fears". And this one is one of 'em.
These few days (and weeks) have been super confusing. I should have my emotions evaluated.

No more knowing how Shin-chan and Nanako would be like.
I want to see Himawari have a "boyfriend" like Nanako and Shin-chan!!
MATSUZAKA-SENSEI T-T! I was seriously hoping that Tokurou (her boyfriend) didn't actually died and will come back but... does this means Matsuzaka-sensei will forever be single now??
Then the mystery of the number of students in Rose Class.

There's just so many things unsolved.
Yes, the company will find other artists to continue the "spirit of Shin-chan" (more like to continue earning from one of their most prized cash cow what turf i'm so mean), but still... it'll never be the same.

I sad.
I want Shin-chan!!

This is just so so so sad!

RIP Yoshito Usui.
But no matter what, Shin-chan will always be in our hearts.

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