Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sore, aching body.

Surprised, really, because when i walked this much before, i don't wake up with an aching body lor!!
Either i had gotten really "lao-yia", or all the walkings etc "terlampau-liao" that it's taking it's toll?

I have GOT to do something with my hair.
My hair is freaking amazing, it really is.
But i sweat a lot. A LOT A LOT.
So when i sweat, my hair looks a little less-amazing than how it really is, what turf.
So yeah, i have GOT to find some alternative to do with my hair in case i sweat non-stop again.
I think got to start bringing pins around liao. Pin up my hair. Makes my face looks a lot bigger, but hey, at least my hair will still look awesome. What turf.

The weather is SO SO SO SO SO HOT!! Why so hot one???
I bought a fan, but even the bloody air is hot you wonder why you keep fanning the bloody thing what turf. Not like it helps.

And people here like to dig their nose. Seriously.
I've lived in Malaysia for the past 22 years of my life. I've never seen anyone picked their nose in public.
I was here since Thursday, and i saw THREE person who picked their nose when they were walking, or in the car waiting for the traffic light.
Either i super observant, or i just lucky to see "gold"!

Internet here is awesome. Nuff said.
(I should've start uploading pics on FB!! But so tired every night how ler? Oh well!)

Going out now! Till then!

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