Saturday, September 26, 2009


Super backdated post, dating exactly a month and a day back. Ehe.

OMG it's a bloody good movie! I want to watch it again!! (^^ )
Except that i couldn't get pass the fact that i honestly don't want to bawl non-stop (again), so yeah... maybe when the DVD's released or something?

It's just such an awesome meaningful movie - can't beat my all-time Disney Pixar favourite - but still awesome! I especially love all the meanings it has in the movie, and what it's trying to reach-out to the audiences, whether young or old!

And i super love the beginning short-clip! I think it's my favourite thus far =)!

From what i see, if you really like/ love someone (family, friends etc), you don't leave or abandon them just because of their flaws, but instead, you make (positive) changes and stick to them no matter what =)!
Or you just wear a bloody suit and helmet and embrace whatever may come, hehehe!

Then there was Carl and Elie's relationship.
OMG can it be any more freaking sweet =)!
Oh yeah, i sobbed like a mad woman there, hehe!

Also Carl and Russell's relationship!
The part where Carl threw everything out from his house so he can go save Russell (bawled, like a baby), i think it shows how humans are so caught up in this materialistic world that we sometimes forgot what is truly important to us, which is people around us!
Ooh, and also Elie's short message to Carl... just so touching too!!

Then the part where Russell talks about his father and Carl asks him "why do you call your mother by her first name". Sad ok (ok, cried but a little nya lar)!
(Shows how our society is nowadays, broken family and all. Another way i see it is when you "move on" towards a new life, you sometimes tend to forget "important things" from your "previous life", and thus, hurting them and making them sad because of that.)

Towards the end, i was actually expecting Russell's father to come out, but it's ok, it was cute how Carl and Russell became like best buddies in the end =)! Like grandpa and grandchild nya! So sweet!

Another thing i find what the movie's trying to reach out is probably promise. If you make a promise, do your best to stick to it and fulfill it!
Because when you make a promise, you are giving the other party hope, and also making the other party happy (Russell said his father promised he would be there to give him the badge. and he was happy and excited just thinking about it!)... but when you don't fulfill your promise, apart from making the other party really really sad, you ended up disappointing them too (the look on Russell when there was nobody there to present him the badge).

So yeah, don't promise a kid unless you would fulfill the promise. I think there's nothing more depressing (sad?) then a disappointed kid, especially when they are disappointed because of what an adult did.
I guess same goes to everyone lar, but it's more "sad"(?) when it happens to a child!

Ooh ooh!
And there's also Carl and Elie's "promise" to go to Paradise Falls. I know what happened is inevitable lar, but if you think about it, do you want to go on and fulfill your promise only when the other one is gone? Carl and Elie's one is different case, but at least, Elie "had her adventure" as well you see.

And and, at the end of the movie, when they show where the house had landed. BOOM! Cried like EunHyuk, because it was just too too too touching, the way they ended it!

All in all, a totally awesome movie (^^ )! Super love it!
I hope the boys had watched it as well! Ehehe!

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