Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Malaysia isn't like that!

What turf. Just finish watching Chit-chat, and OMG seriously.

It's the Summer Special, so they got some foreign guys in the show, one of them is from Malaysia.
I seriously hope it's because of the script lar, but the way Pho just described Malaysia... i want to smack him lor.

It started out good. He was quite honest. ("I'm not considered handsome in Malaysia." - ok, but after he said that he looked rather charming liao lols! He looked good after that what turf.)

Then when they ask about Malaysia and drinking and all, he said it's ok for him to drink because he's Buddhist. Then he went on and say how in Malaysia you can't go out holding hands, there are "soldiers" (what the translator translate) who'll catch you if you do... and you can't go out holding hands (or with a guy) unless you're married... etc etc. Was too furious to remember anything further because there is NOT AN OUNCE OF TRUTH IN IT!!

Then the host ask, "How do you know if the person is married then?"
He said, "You have to show them the certificate."
I didn't know we have to bring our marriage certificate out lor. What turf is that!!

Yes, we do have such religious laws. I'm not very sure if it applies to non-Islam, but personally, i think Pho should explain how Malaysia truly is lor.

It is a multi-racial country, with majority citizens who are Islam. There are strict Islamic laws, which non-Islam do not exactly 100% must comply to all, but because everyone in Malaysia are so used to living together - multi-racial society - we do our best to respect each other, tolerance and what not... and as long as you don't go "over" it's ok. It's seriously not *that* strict until like the way he describe lor. Generally.

This guy sure skipped Moral classes in school to not know "tolak-ansur" what turf.

As a fellow Malaysian, our countries' culture might seem 'effin complicated compared to other countries, especially other societies which are not used to being multi-racial.
But hey, It's something we are used to, and we live with it. A lot of people from other countries honestly have no idea how Malaysia is like, so i think we have the duty to explain it truthfully to them. Or at least, as you see fit, and don't go describing Malaysia like some conservative country (though it is to an extend, but still!). Or describing Malaysia like a foreigner's worst nightmare.

I think we are kinda well-developed. Not like "WAH!" but at least, it's good enough lar. We have a general understanding of most cultures abroad. We're rather globalized. We have Starbucks, McDs, KFC... latest "edition" to the globalization thingy is Krispy Kreme. There's also TGIF. And we *can* show skin and hold hands and kiss-kiss hug-hug in public as long as you don't go full overboard lor!

Personally, i don't agree with what Pho said. He made Malaysia sounded like some scary country which you can get prosecuted for just wearing a short-sleeve top. Mind, i am really angry because it's just not true! I'm not saying what he said is bad. There is some truth in it. But it's just not the whole picture.

I love my country (although i find bad things to say about it everyday, hah, we have a love-hate relationship! As do all other Malaysians don't we?)! So i want it to be described as how it really is, the whole truth... and not something you read out from a book or something. I think books written about Malaysia has more truth to it then what he said. Blah!

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