Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I is sad.

JayBum just quit 2PM.
This is just so wrong. I feel like crying but tears aren't coming out. It's like, a bad joke. I still couldn't believe it. It just seems so fake. Is it really true?

Everyone spells his name "JaeBum", but i spell his name as "JayBum", i don't know, it's just the way i like to spell it. I like the name Jay, and i prefer to write "범" as "Bum", so this it shall be.

I like Jay and Nick from 2PM a lot! But Jay is the main reason why i like 2PM so much. In fact, without him, i don't think i can even find the enthusiasm to watch Wild Bunny in the first place. I watched it because of him. His adorable and absolutely hilarious!

Do you realize half the funny stuffs in Wild Bunny is because of him? His just this retarded elderly grandfather leader who everyone really likes. I honestly think his a good leader, yet he is so much more crazier than most of the boys. His like the life and soul of 2PM. His leader Park JayBum!!

I still haven't get enough of him. I want to see him again in real life. I want him to be a part of 2PM. I want to get his autograph as a member of 2PM. I want to see him in Wild Bunny. I want to see him perform. I want to see him dance. I want to hear him sing. I want to hear his voice. I just want to see him again. I WANT HIM BACK!!!

People make mistakes. Sometimes in frustration, homesick and stress, you write stuffs without even thinking. That is what i believe that made Jay wrote that. You're in a foreign land, with probably not one person you're close to. You miss your family. Probably some guy just picked on him and out of frustration he wrote those stuff. Probably he thinks he's never ever going to make it (debut), and in sadness and frustration (and missing his family) he wrote those stuffs. Put yourself in his shoes lar. I would probably have wrote the same thing. No, i would've written the same thing.

When i was in Korea, and in very tiring state when your mind is not only tired, but everything else isn't going well as well, you just curse everything in sight. The fact that you're NOT home makes the situation worst. Trust me, been there done that. Especially when you misses home (and family) and wants to go back at that very moment. Especially when everything is just so 'effin foreign to you. Anything can be a reason, no matter how slight it is.

Yes, his a public figure, BUT SO WHAT. Everyone makes mistake ok!

Yes, i'm definitely standing by his side no matter what. It's a mistake he made when he hasn't even debuted. Yes, it's on a national level thing whatever blah, but still? When you're angry you just don't care much. And it was YEARS AGO. Probably before he even developed his love for where his from! Come on, HE'S KOREAN. He may grow up in the States but his roots are still Korean isn't it? COME ON LAR!!!

Mind, JayBum is same age as i am ok. 2 years ago, we're both still bloody NINETEEN YEARS OLD. Not a kid, but not yet an adult either. We're probably still just some random immature "kid" who talks without even thinking.
Sometimes when you're angry, you just don't filter things through your brain but just blab everything out so to make yourself feel better. Then you regret things you say, especially when it's a bad thing and it's a wrong thing to say. But the bottom line remains, WE DIDN'T INTENDED ANY HARM.

I'm not saying his right in this whole matter. I'm just saying GIVE HIM A CHANCE. Yes, he made a big mistake. A very big one. But he really deserves a second chance. It's not like he harmed anyone did he?

The fact that the antis are taking advantage of this situation just pretty much sucks.

I hope the idiot who purposely dig this news out "gets what he deserves".
I hope all antis who is happy Jay left "gets what they deserve".
Am not writing it out, but you know if you're one of them, i'm cursing and cussing at you. And you definitely won't like it.

The fact that this happened to Jay... the fact that this can really happened... just elevated one of my worst fears.

Am sorry if i'm not making any sense. I'm just so sad and depressed. I can't even think right now. I can't even remember when was the last i cried so much (yes, i finally cried and bawled so badly, i took an hour to finish this). But my message is clear:

This is wrong. This is all just so wrong.
I hope tomorrow when i wake up this is all just a bad dream. Please be just a bad dream.

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