Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fight with HeeChul.

I think this is the first time i ever got this angry with HeeChul. I don't know, i just felt so... because she seemed scared/ apologetic or something what turf. You can see it in her eyes (or maybe she's just trying to score sympathy points).

Anyways, went to her, called and pet her (told her not to be naughty anymore) and carried her to her bed. I can't believe the fat cat was still trying to play innocent (the "i'm very weak, am abandoned cat, nobody wants me liao, take pity in me..." act, or maybe she's just really really sleepy...).

She's happily sleeping on her bed now. After cleaning herself, she plopped straight to dreamland. You would've thought nothing had happened, lols!

Seriously lar.
I just suddenly lose my temper with her, scolded and whacked her.
Long story.
Am worried if i was too "rough" on her (literally).
Also, i let my temper get the better of me, and got mad at her over a "small matter". Kinda regret it too, but ah... *pulls hair*
I really am too bossy liao, but what she did annoys me to no ends. Everything else is ok, but not those.

She's now in my room with me, which creates another dilemma.
I don't know if i should just shoo her out of my room, or just keep her in here with me.
Because for one, i don't want her to relate to my room as "punishment". But am also afraid that if i shoo her out now, she'll get confused.
So for now, i'm not letting her come up to her bed.
But am i doing it right?

She is doing her "Someone pity me!! This crazy bitch just scolded me for no reason!" look now as i'm typing this. She actually looked like she's sulking what turf.

I was doing some other stuff before completing this entry.
Just now she gave me a, "Look at me. Good. Now feel pity for scolding me and remorse and regret for what you did. Good. Now let me come up."
Then she did try to sneak back up (to her bed), but i told her NO and stopped her from jumping up. So now she's back to sulking.

Difficult "owner", difficult cat. Thousand island.

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