Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is what you call DEDICATION.

Four girls in cyber cafe playing L4D2's latest campaign "The Passing".

Oh yeah! We love our Save the World™ session =D!
(That's Cheryl AhMa's hand!)

Here are our characters:

Cheryl AhMa as Britney Spears (Coach),
Lauren AhPoo as Lindsay Lohan (Nick),
Me as Justin Bieber (off to the volcano!!) (Ellis ♡),
and Loo Yee as Paris Hilton (haven't join yet, hehehe) (Rochelle).

We change our character's names every session =D!

We were happily playing, when suddenly, in the midst of finishing the second map (which is super gan cheong!), suddenly, a cockroach crawled across Britney Spears' feet!


Holy crap, EFFING SCARY!

And considering the fact that all four of us are DEAD SCARED of cockroach, we did what geeks who are afraid of cockroaches will do when met with one while in the middle of a game (phew, that's a mouthful...).

We squat on our chairs so our feet will not touch the ground! =D
But the game continues! Muhaha! *shoots into the air*

Yes, that's what we did =D!
Despite that all four of us are extremely terrified of cockroaches, our hands were still on the keyboard and mouse, though we try to sit as far away from the desk as possible XD!

The minute we finish the game (the minute we close the safe house door), all four of us simultaneously jumped to the back screaming (yes, we only scream after we finish the game =P)!!

Dedicated geeks! Oh yeah!
L4D2 FTW ♡!

All photos credit to Cheryl AhMa.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Is comparing acts of cruelty even possible?

I don't believe in forcing people to believe what i believe in. I for one hate it like mad when people force me to agree with them when i don't want to, so i shouldn't subject it to others.
If i choose to believe it, fine... if not, please don't force me. There will always be a reason for my choice, whether it is a good or bad reason.

But you know what, i said "i don't believe in forcing people", but i still get very upset when people react with lack of compassion, or not what i was expecting from them.
Yes, contradicting hypocrite, aren't we all?

So i get a bit naggy - though admitedly i am not as uptight and pain-in-the-ass about it anymore - but honestly, i really shouldn't care what people's reactions are anymore because... BLEH.

I have faced so many different excuses made just so they can justify themselves from not doing anything, that nothing is new to me anymore really.

If you choose not to believe in what i say it's fine, but giving your own twisted excuses to deny it, or feigning ignorance, or in an act to defend yourself... what makes you any different from the people who did those inhumane acts?

I honestly find there is a difference between choosing to not act because you don't care, and giving excuses because you don't want to act.

Yes, there are so many causes in this world, how many of them can we actually stop? How many of them can one individual actually truly care for?

And here i'll be very honest with you, i choose to defend and speak out for acts and causes I personally and truly believe in.

I choose to make a difference because it is something i truly care about. Even if it's only a few, even if i'm especially bias because i have higher compassion towards marine animals, even if all i'm doing is just sitting here and Blog about.

But at least i am doing something about it, and not giving excuses to not do anything.

Watch this: trailer for "The Cove".

The Cove trailer.

I got so upset watching the videos that well, i got very upset lar what turf.

But it also made me more determined in what i believed in, and how i should do my best to not go against them.

Anyone knows how i can watch the documentary in Malaysia? Thanks!

I just watched the documentary.

It is definitely something i will never ever forget, and something i would never ever thought was possible, the cruelty of it...

If from the Youtube clips, you think the Taiji dolphin killing was horrible, this was just...

I'm actually lost for words. To actually see the whole thing happening at the cove, and mind, this was only from the documentary (cut to fit so to say).
I can only imagine how horrible this would be to the film makers, having to see the whole thing from every camera, and having to edit it.

It's like a "movie", it seemed like a movie... except that it is not. Those dolphins really die.

The worst was seeing a blue ocean, not your usual dirty murky ones in Port Dickson... but a blue ocean, turning into a bright red... SO RED, you can not see any other colour. It's just, well, red. And the whole place was so tainted red, you really cannot imagine it possible.

And a little baby dolphin, from how i see, perhaps in length even smaller than a full-grown Golden Retriever or Siberian Husky, jumped out of the water and landing belly-up right on the shore, and lied there, struggling, while its parents are being harpooned and stabbed(?) to death.

But the worst part was one scene, in the pool of red, one dolphin float across it, dead.
Not moving, nothing.

It was worst than seeing the hundreds of dolphins swimming and struggling across the waters of the cove, bleeding, and crying.

Dolphins are lovable creatures. Whether you have only see them on tv, or (even better) in real life, in captivity or in the wild, you can't deny the attraction and adore you can feel for the animals.

When you see them, you can see the "smile", as if all is right and it just brings warmth to your heart.

When i picture a dolphin, i will always picture them swimming happily across the ocean, jumping, making noises, playing, breaching... it will always be an happy image.

Never in my life, would i ever be able to imagine seeing a dead dolphin floating in the water.

Not washed-up-on-shore-dead, or hunted put-on-sale in the market dead... but rather, just brutally killed and well, died.

I don't know how to describe that feeling. It's like seeing your "friends" being brutally killed in front of you.

It may seemed silly to compare dolphins to the likes of "friends", but that's what i've always felt. Their intelligence and friendliness towards humans, the connection(?), is just something which i feel is difficult to explain, and seeing them so brutally killed is just... wrong.

If everyone really proclaims how much they love dolphins and everything...

So why are we still allowing all these cruelness upon them?

As Margaret Mead said:
"Never depend upon institutions or government to solve any problem. All social movements are founded by, guided by, motivated and seen through by the passion of individuals. "

If you think about it, if you believe in something strong enough, even if it's only you, at least you try to make a difference. And that will make all the difference in the world.

Of ignorant people and justifying yourself.

If one of the things i couldn't stand, is people who are all out to "save the world" (not L4D2 what turf), but are ignorant of a lot of things going on behind.

They say they want to "save the animals", "stop cruelty" blah-blah-blah... but they only think of that one factor, and fail to consider everything else.

It's difficult to explain, so i'll pull in an example.

For example, a puppy from a puppy mill.
Buying a puppy from a puppy mill is very bad and absolutely cruel.

I was once told, in an act to defend(?), they say that buying a puppy from a puppy mill is "ok", because "we are saving the puppy", so it is not cruel and etc etc.

Yes, you can "save" that one puppy.
That puppy is cute and adorable, without you, they are probably going to be saved anyways! That's the purpose of a puppy mill no?

But what about the parents?
What about that (literal) bitch who have to give birth countless times till she dies, muted if she were to have a loud and sharp bark, and not allowed to see their puppies except feeding time?

What about those poor under-fed dogs, cooped in a cage with no proper medical care, and main sole purpose is to breed like a rabbit?

Yes, you save that pup from a life like it parents, but don't you see if you keep buying puppies from a puppy mill, you are just encouraging the trade?

And since there is a trade, wouldn't the unscrupulous breeders just keep buying new dogs from elsewhere for breeding, they are earning in the end anyways, so why not?

You may save the life of one dog, but you ruin the life of maybe many other dogs.

But back to what i was trying to say... those type of ignorant people...

If you think about it, maybe it's not too bad after all.

Sometimes i wish i'm just that ignorant person who believes in that one thing, and not to think of all other factors behind.

That said, i get annoyed at those type of people, so what can i do?


Reason why i think being ignorant is better, is because i tend to think too much, and i get pretty upset easily whenever i can't justify my actions against something i strongly believe in.

Its like i just can't get it past myself. I tell myself it's ok to do so, just be a hypocrite, but i would really dislike myself in the end that i get upset. Not a win-win situation.

Am still pretty upset.

My Blog has turned into a ranting ground now hasn't it?? Haha.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Please stop using my name as an excuse to get away from things, especially those which are not to my benefit.

I mean it.

Please stop using my name, henceforth, unless with permission.

Do you want me to start TRADEMARKING my name that every time you use it you will have to pay royalties to me or risk being sued? -__-

I have always been extra lenient(?) on allowing family and friends to use my name as an excuse to get out of stuffs.


Because most of the time when they use my name, it was to MY detriment.

If it was something general and not-to-my-detriment or "for-surprise-purposes" etc, like "we're going out for a movie now", with permission, FINE.

But otherwise, the excuses people have fit my name in just to save their sorry ass is just... TCHEHHH!!

And end up I am the one being misunderstood as all sorts of different things:
- freaking bitch,
- bad/ hot tempered crazy bitch,
- crazy insane fangirl,
- selfish self-centered girl,
- silly, ignorant girl,
- dreamland girl what turf, (you got to admit this is funny though XD!)
- bad selfish not-filial daughter,
- "bad" wild party girl
- etc etc.
To be honest, i lost count dee FMAL.

... while the other get away scott free as the innocent pure person. Awwwwwwwww... moron.

I'm not denying that i am not a bitch. And while i don't find the need to proof myself to people, except if it matters to me, but if I want to be an effing bitch, LET ME BE THE ONE WHO INITIATE IT.

I don't need anyone to add it for me on my behalf, i can do it myself perfectly fine, thank you very much.

You wouldn't like it if i use your names for bloody excuses which makes you sound "bad" (to your detriment) to the other people now, would you?
Just because i was nice(?) enough to allow you to use my name as an excuse, IT DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BAD MOUTH ME TO OTHERS.

Ok, sekian, terima kasih what turf.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I've always remember this conversation i had with my friend Loo Yee on trust.
No, not Equity and Trust you prat, but trust in general.

Shall not go into details, but though i agree with her, i find mine works in a different pace.

But in the end it comes to the same, when they work to lose it, they will lose it. Measly attempts at er, for lack of better words, "giving-chances" are given, but if you lose it. Then that's that.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I remember Seoul.

It was 14th July 2009.

I remember my parents sending me off at the airport. It's not my first time traveling alone to somewhere so far... well, my very first time out alone was to the same place anyways, how funny can that be.
Again like the year before, i was not never scared nor afraid. It was like a whole new adventure again, despite this being my second time to Seoul.

However this time there is a difference.

Upon reaching Incheon, the first thing i felt was a familiar feeling.
It's like going home.

I walked out the plane onto Incheon Airport smiling.
And it actually took all the will power in me to not run around with hands up the air saying i'm home =P.

But yes, i am home.

I walked out to the bus terminal with my huge-ass luggage, looked up which stop, bought the tickets and tadah.
You would've thought it's something i do very often, hehe.

Afte resting, i walked to the subway, topped up my card and took the subway somewhere.
While being in the subway, or buying stuffs, or even greeting "안녕하세요" when you enter shops...
Those are just things i was so familiar with, it was as if i stayed there and do it very often.

I love Malaysia to bits. But i guess i can say Seoul is my second home too =D.
I miss it very much, and despite being so far away, despite it being only my second time there, i know when i go back again, it would like going home.

Heck, it would probably be as if i didn't even leave! =D

I love you Seoul. (^^ )

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project Alpha Season 2 Launch Party.

Last Wednesday, my dear Naima invited me to join her for Project Alpha Season 2 Launch Party!
Yeah! PARTY! Thank you Naima (^^ )!

There was also a special preview of the movie "Kick-Ass" for Bloggers! Oh yeah, Aaron Johnson (despite him gaining weight - settle down dee mar no need look good what turf - and me being too young for him, omigosh his eyes!)!

And because i'm effing lazy to write up about it, i shall leave you to Milk Pa's link here.
I assure you Milk Pa will soon be one of the top Bloggers in Malaysia! Niki Cheong recognizes him can boh =D!
So be sure to follow his Blog!

And just to prove that my Blog has not died, here are some pics to soothe the raging spirits what turf.
Will promise to Blog more teehee (but Twitter is soooooooo much more convenient! Follow me here! =P)!

Naima's Rimmel (one of the sponsors) makeover =D!

Noms is served! Oh yeah!

With Xiaxue *glittery eyes*!

Managed to take a pic with one of my favourite Bloggers Audrey of =D!
She looked really nice in the pic, but i looked effing ridiculous so shy don't want to post what turf. Maybe next time when i see her again will take a nice nice one okwecan lols XD!


In the cinema while waiting for the trailer and movie to start! (nothing better to do lols!)

Oh, and since majority of the people in the cinema hall are Bloggers, you can see lots of flashes going off in the cinema, hehehe! Typical (of Bloggers, lols)!

Ok that's all kamsia buhbye! XD

Monday, April 05, 2010

Love. Love? LOVE!

I used to think that if you "love" someone...
And when i say "love" someone, i meant love in general. Whether it's to your family, friends, special someone or whosoever...

I used to think that if you "love" someone, it's all in the heart that matters. You don't need to say it 10 times a day, constantly reemphasizing the point, nor do you need to do something or anything to show your "love". You just feel it, and that's that.

However recently i guess i was proven wrong?
If you really "love and care" for that someone - whether or not you say it 10 times a day or you just feel it bla-bla - i felt that the person should be able to feel it, and know about it too.

Or at least, if you really do, you would care for the person's feelings, and would do your best to never hurt that person. Especially since if you "love and care" for them so much, it should be your utmost and basic knowledge whether what you're doing is hurting them or not.

And of course, to always be there for them. =D

I admit i was a tad bad... ok, i'm really bad at showing my feelings! And especially at expressing myself, that's why i'm always misunderstood. MEH. Let's not go there.

I love my family and friends, especially the ones who are always there for me! (^^ )
But i've never really gotten round to show them how i felt for them, and i especially don't "publicize" how much i love and care for those people who were extra special to me.

One reason is because i think i'm jinx. Seriously.
That somehow, if i publicize how much i love and appreciate that person, etc etc, then somehow the jinx would be on me and they would somehow cease to be my "special people" and leave me =(!
Haha, ok disregard the last one =P! *dramamama*

So if you noticed, or not, my Blog actually contains very few appreciation and gratefulness post. But in my drafts, yeah, ABUNDANT. I write them, but somehow i cannot get myself to post them. Weird huh?

I guess there's no way to stop me from not feeling jinx, it's like in me MEH.

But you know what, after serious considerations and from experience, i really felt that those people who are extra special to me deserve every bit of love and care shown to them (from me of course)!

So i think i'm jinx, but that doesn't mean i shouldn't let them know how special they are to me right?

I don't want to be those people who are only words - say say say bla-bla-bla - but in the end no action... and therefore, i shall say nothing... and also do nothing.
Ok, phail lame joke what turf.

Conclusion, i shall hereby stop being such an idiot, and a moronic expressor(?), and learn to express how special each and every of you peeps are to me! I'm sorry if i ever disappointed anyone before, i promise i'll be good =D! Please continue loving me lols what turf. XD

Ok, i'll stop with the moronic sappy stuff and continue my lameness MUHAHA!!
I promise to do my best!
So GO! (^^ )