Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project Alpha Season 2 Launch Party.

Last Wednesday, my dear Naima invited me to join her for Project Alpha Season 2 Launch Party!
Yeah! PARTY! Thank you Naima (^^ )!

There was also a special preview of the movie "Kick-Ass" for Bloggers! Oh yeah, Aaron Johnson (despite him gaining weight - settle down dee mar no need look good what turf - and me being too young for him, omigosh his eyes!)!

And because i'm effing lazy to write up about it, i shall leave you to Milk Pa's link here.
I assure you Milk Pa will soon be one of the top Bloggers in Malaysia! Niki Cheong recognizes him can boh =D!
So be sure to follow his Blog!

And just to prove that my Blog has not died, here are some pics to soothe the raging spirits what turf.
Will promise to Blog more teehee (but Twitter is soooooooo much more convenient! Follow me here! =P)!

Naima's Rimmel (one of the sponsors) makeover =D!

Noms is served! Oh yeah!

With Xiaxue *glittery eyes*!

Managed to take a pic with one of my favourite Bloggers Audrey of =D!
She looked really nice in the pic, but i looked effing ridiculous so shy don't want to post what turf. Maybe next time when i see her again will take a nice nice one okwecan lols XD!


In the cinema while waiting for the trailer and movie to start! (nothing better to do lols!)

Oh, and since majority of the people in the cinema hall are Bloggers, you can see lots of flashes going off in the cinema, hehehe! Typical (of Bloggers, lols)!

Ok that's all kamsia buhbye! XD

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