Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Is comparing acts of cruelty even possible?

I don't believe in forcing people to believe what i believe in. I for one hate it like mad when people force me to agree with them when i don't want to, so i shouldn't subject it to others.
If i choose to believe it, fine... if not, please don't force me. There will always be a reason for my choice, whether it is a good or bad reason.

But you know what, i said "i don't believe in forcing people", but i still get very upset when people react with lack of compassion, or not what i was expecting from them.
Yes, contradicting hypocrite, aren't we all?

So i get a bit naggy - though admitedly i am not as uptight and pain-in-the-ass about it anymore - but honestly, i really shouldn't care what people's reactions are anymore because... BLEH.

I have faced so many different excuses made just so they can justify themselves from not doing anything, that nothing is new to me anymore really.

If you choose not to believe in what i say it's fine, but giving your own twisted excuses to deny it, or feigning ignorance, or in an act to defend yourself... what makes you any different from the people who did those inhumane acts?

I honestly find there is a difference between choosing to not act because you don't care, and giving excuses because you don't want to act.

Yes, there are so many causes in this world, how many of them can we actually stop? How many of them can one individual actually truly care for?

And here i'll be very honest with you, i choose to defend and speak out for acts and causes I personally and truly believe in.

I choose to make a difference because it is something i truly care about. Even if it's only a few, even if i'm especially bias because i have higher compassion towards marine animals, even if all i'm doing is just sitting here and Blog about.

But at least i am doing something about it, and not giving excuses to not do anything.

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