Thursday, April 22, 2010


Please stop using my name as an excuse to get away from things, especially those which are not to my benefit.

I mean it.

Please stop using my name, henceforth, unless with permission.

Do you want me to start TRADEMARKING my name that every time you use it you will have to pay royalties to me or risk being sued? -__-

I have always been extra lenient(?) on allowing family and friends to use my name as an excuse to get out of stuffs.


Because most of the time when they use my name, it was to MY detriment.

If it was something general and not-to-my-detriment or "for-surprise-purposes" etc, like "we're going out for a movie now", with permission, FINE.

But otherwise, the excuses people have fit my name in just to save their sorry ass is just... TCHEHHH!!

And end up I am the one being misunderstood as all sorts of different things:
- freaking bitch,
- bad/ hot tempered crazy bitch,
- crazy insane fangirl,
- selfish self-centered girl,
- silly, ignorant girl,
- dreamland girl what turf, (you got to admit this is funny though XD!)
- bad selfish not-filial daughter,
- "bad" wild party girl
- etc etc.
To be honest, i lost count dee FMAL.

... while the other get away scott free as the innocent pure person. Awwwwwwwww... moron.

I'm not denying that i am not a bitch. And while i don't find the need to proof myself to people, except if it matters to me, but if I want to be an effing bitch, LET ME BE THE ONE WHO INITIATE IT.

I don't need anyone to add it for me on my behalf, i can do it myself perfectly fine, thank you very much.

You wouldn't like it if i use your names for bloody excuses which makes you sound "bad" (to your detriment) to the other people now, would you?
Just because i was nice(?) enough to allow you to use my name as an excuse, IT DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BAD MOUTH ME TO OTHERS.

Ok, sekian, terima kasih what turf.

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