Saturday, April 24, 2010

Of ignorant people and justifying yourself.

If one of the things i couldn't stand, is people who are all out to "save the world" (not L4D2 what turf), but are ignorant of a lot of things going on behind.

They say they want to "save the animals", "stop cruelty" blah-blah-blah... but they only think of that one factor, and fail to consider everything else.

It's difficult to explain, so i'll pull in an example.

For example, a puppy from a puppy mill.
Buying a puppy from a puppy mill is very bad and absolutely cruel.

I was once told, in an act to defend(?), they say that buying a puppy from a puppy mill is "ok", because "we are saving the puppy", so it is not cruel and etc etc.

Yes, you can "save" that one puppy.
That puppy is cute and adorable, without you, they are probably going to be saved anyways! That's the purpose of a puppy mill no?

But what about the parents?
What about that (literal) bitch who have to give birth countless times till she dies, muted if she were to have a loud and sharp bark, and not allowed to see their puppies except feeding time?

What about those poor under-fed dogs, cooped in a cage with no proper medical care, and main sole purpose is to breed like a rabbit?

Yes, you save that pup from a life like it parents, but don't you see if you keep buying puppies from a puppy mill, you are just encouraging the trade?

And since there is a trade, wouldn't the unscrupulous breeders just keep buying new dogs from elsewhere for breeding, they are earning in the end anyways, so why not?

You may save the life of one dog, but you ruin the life of maybe many other dogs.

But back to what i was trying to say... those type of ignorant people...

If you think about it, maybe it's not too bad after all.

Sometimes i wish i'm just that ignorant person who believes in that one thing, and not to think of all other factors behind.

That said, i get annoyed at those type of people, so what can i do?


Reason why i think being ignorant is better, is because i tend to think too much, and i get pretty upset easily whenever i can't justify my actions against something i strongly believe in.

Its like i just can't get it past myself. I tell myself it's ok to do so, just be a hypocrite, but i would really dislike myself in the end that i get upset. Not a win-win situation.

Am still pretty upset.

My Blog has turned into a ranting ground now hasn't it?? Haha.

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