Sunday, August 31, 2008


Can you believe the Disney Channel in Malaysia?

They have Malay voice over for Camp Rock, a Disney Channel Original Movie which stars the Jonas Brothers.


If i can hear Joe Jonas's very own sexy voice talking (and singing not forgetting) in the movie... WHY DO I EVEN WANT TO WATCH THE VOICE OVER VERSION?? MORE OVER IN MALAY??? Some more not like that guy's voice is even close to sexy ok...
*shudders at the thought*

Can you believe it???
If the movie's a cartoon, then i understand... BUT IT'S LIVE ACTION HELLO???

And do you understand the phrase:
Joe Jonas' voice is sexy it's irreplaceable by any other voice-actors??
(Ok maybe there *are*, but in this case it is not.)

Seriously. Hmph.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Food Blog. Yes or no?

I've been contemplating for some time if i should start a "food blog".

The reason why i wanted to:
  • I love food, very evidently.
  • I love looking at food.
  • I love talking to food.
  • I love taking pictures of food.
  • There are a lot of food pictures in my com now, but since i never get round uploading them, might as well upload them now (even if some is a year old) without interrupting the sequence of this Blog right?
  • I'm a Penang-kia! XD

The reasons why i shouldn't:
  • I'm just not a good "food critic".
    I eat, but it goes as far as, "This is good", or "EWW!!"... and nothing too "artistic" like describing its texture, its ingredient, or even its taste in a more complicated way - unlike Remy - so there's really no point to start one right?

  • I'm a lazy bum-bum.
    Very obvious from all the pictures i've taken can post it on my Blog... but... i just never get around doing any of it.

  • I have a very unique sense of taste, that not everyone can accept.
    No seriously.
    A food blog also serves as a "recommendation" Blog right? What if everyone takes my advice on my own "home-made stuffs" and ends up in the hospital?

  • The blog might get neglected after the passion to maintain it dies off. Kinda like HeeChul's Blog - which btw i have so many things i want to Blog about her, but the word lazy just pulls me back...

  • I guess i'm just not that descriptive?
    The place, the atmosphere? I don't know...

So in conclusion, should i start a "food blog"?
Think think think...

I do know i have a very good name though, rofl...

Friday, August 29, 2008

The many wonders of Facebook.

You know how you can add what you doing aka "that status update thing" on Facebook?

Well, i wrote this a few days ago:
"Kajiwara feels the sandwich in her stomach is coming up the way it came in."
Which is true really, because it was a bit too jilat, but i still love it! Tomatoes, my new love!~

To which my niece replied at The Wall:
"Kajiwara dont be so disgusting pls.... What sandwich ?"

ROFL!! It was meant to be disgusting =P!!!

What should i write next which might gross out more people?
That said... what can be grosser than your stomach contents XD?

Ok, i'm being incoherent now... i think... byebye!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Steven Strait for Jacob Black!

OMG please let Steven Strait be Jacob Black in New Moon!!

I think his rather charming in Sky High, but after watching him in The Covenant... WOW!! His so hot there XD!!

Why so fangirlish (= =")?

Anyways, i think he'll make a cool (put *spoiler* here but which i'm not going to tell here)!!
Well, he may not be Quileute-ish, but still good! After all, he does play D'Leh in 10,000 BC!!

Apparently, from those fan sites i've read, Stephenie Meyer is interested to get Steven Strait as an older Jacob Black! Not sure if its just a rumour, but i hope it's true!
If it is, i hope everything goes well... personally, i still can't imagine Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black (it's still Corbin Bleu...)... maybe after the movie i hope!

Anticipating (EDWARD CULLEN XD!)!!
Of course, i'm not putting too high a hope, because sometimes book adaptation films are sadly, not as good as the book itself *coughHarryPottercough*!

THAT said... i've known a number of books whose film adaptation are even better!
So just hope for the best!!

ps: I just realized i have the tendency to imagine that vampires are always dressed in black, and their hairs will mostly be black.

And they can fly around (or jump super high).

I don't know where i got this image from honestly.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sucker for laughs.

I love Robert Pattinson's laugh! SO ADORABLE!

And i've got to stop watching the teaser trailers. Otherwise by the time the movie comes out i'll probably had watched half the show already?

Not like it'll make any differences, considering that i already know the whole story, hehe!

Anyways, i hope Malaysia cinemas will release it simultaneously as North America's, or at least a few days late lar. Otherwise... i think i'll cry lor, hehe!

CAN'T WAIT! NOVEMBER 21st! Remember to mark it in your calender!!


Ok, i'm feeling a bit restless today.
I don't know why, but i do hope it's PMS, so *at least* got reason to blame my bad mood on lar!

Is it because i have a lot of things to do?
Which i haven't do, because i'm procrastinating as usual.
Is it because i wanted to finish Eclipse?
But somehow something is telling me to take my own sweet time and enjoy the book like it deserve, so i've been putting myself off from sticking it under my nose, unlike what happen with the first two books (finish within 1 day).

Is it just because i'm in a bad mood? Which really do hope its PMS btw.

Today, i supposedly wanted to wake up early... plan didn't go through, and i think i got off "the wrong side of the bed" as well; i can sense my mood wasn't the typical good one.
Furthermore i had to rush, so the bad mood + hurry = nothing good comes out of it.

Then later when i wanted to go out - late for an appointment - i can't find my house keys. God i tell you of all those days someone have to take my house key why today?? So i went out "keyless" after more than 15 minutes of pointless key-search.
I swear my mood isn't well adee, especially not for "stupid-questions", and my kakak have to make me blow my head off by asking me if i'm going out, after i asked her if she saw my house keys.
Er, if i wasn't going out, why would i want my key?
Ok maybe she meant no harm, but when you're in a bad mood, everything is harmful. To everyone else that is.

Then I took like 15 minutes to look for a parking in OU, when i finally spot someone going towards their car, and within 10 seconds i manage to get my place adee. How, you ask.
I realize the difference between a male driver and female driver.
See, when a female driver gets to her car, she'll take ages before she finally drives away to vacant the parking spot, whereas if it's a male driver, he'll drive away the minute he gets in the car.
Seriously, i turned into another road inside the parking lot, saw 3 guys walking to their car, and within 5 seconds of entering their car they already drove off. I was like, "wow that's fast".
I find this amusing, lols! I think i'm coming out with a lot of theories, i should write them down!

Anyways, luckily i got to relax in OU for an hour or so, mood got calmer... but when i left, OH MY GOD I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE ON THE ROAD TODAY!!
It's like they kept cutting my line, which is fine... but what is NOT fine, is that they cut immediately right in front of me!!
Or they keep pushing my car to the side like... HELLO PLEASE DRIVE STRAIGHT IDIOT!!

Again my mood got so bad (thanks to idiots) i accidentally snap at my mother, for no reason.

I don't like to snap at other people for no good reason, because it makes me feel bad. How i wish i am better at controling my temper that way... more over it's not like they are the cause of my bad mood right? Why should i subject them to my bad mood when it's not even their fault?
That said, as someone in a bad mood, you never want to meet another person of the same mood - clash of the moods - so i was very proud of myself today when i manage to control my temper from blowing, and not make a huge fuss out of the whole thing. Just stay away, easy.

Then i realize, yeah, nobody likes it when others take out their bad mood on you, so why should you subject others to your bad mood?
I use to believe in, you should treat people the way you want to be treated.
I still believe in it, but sometimes, just treat people the way you want so you can be happier.

Life is short, you never know what will happen tomorrow. Why do i want to lock myself up with so much negativity and bad mood, and make another person miserable from it?

I read this article from Cleo - can't remember it exactly - but apparently, it's very easy for a bad mood to ruin a good mood, so i found a solution; just ABSTAIN from people who you know would ruin your good!
Nobody has the right to make you feel gloomy and miserable, especially when you are happy in the first place!
Also stay away if you're in a bad mood, why do you want to make a huge fuss out of it?

Ah, but i do realize that as much as i say all this, whether or not i do is another matter. But that said, at least i'll try, and that will make all the difference there is.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I watch too much Disney Channel.

It's very obvious.

You know when you read books, you'll imagining out the characters and scene as described, as if a movie is playing in your head?
It's even better if the book has been made into a movie, then you'll naturally start imagining the actors as the roles they play in the movie, into your imagination. Like Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter for instance.

This is the "Harry" i see in my head every time i read Harry Potter.

I've watched Twilight's trailer (OMG CAN'T WAIT FOR IT XD!) even before i read the book, so i *know* Robert Pattinson (OMG his so much hotter as Edward - i'm appalled to ever think that "Edward" use to be Cedric Diggory, who i like in the book but not really in the movie but that's an entry for another day i can predict.) is acting as Edward Cullen... so it's just natural that i imagine him as the Edward in my head as my imagination plays right?

Well, it all goes well, but what's weird (with me) is, somehow sometimes this certain guy keeps popping up in my imagination as Edward instead of Robert Pattinson.

Who is that guy?
David Henrie, or better known as Justin Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place.

Wizards of Waverly Place is a show on Disney Channel, which i thought was boring at first but it grew on me till that i always watches it now!

And I. DON'T. KNOW. WHY. (that i imagine him as Edward instead)!!
They are so completely different! But somehow i would imagine him as Edward instead (of Robert), but with black hair and black clothes - which totally contrast from Edward because Edward has bronze hair and he wears black only once. I did try to force myself to imagine Robert instead, but it'll still go back to David in the end.

Do you think David Henrie even look the slightest alike Robert Pattinson? Uh, i don't think so...

This "wrong-imagination" of "David as Edward" went on for the whole of book 2 (New Moon), except the part when Bella went to Italy - Edward suddenly changes back to Robert - but as soon as they reaches US... he changes back to David. What the?

Me being weird, strike 1!
Hopefully this doesn't continue for Eclipse, because it'll mean something must be wrong up there!

Then the next even weirder part...
There's this character in the book named Jacob Black... i never read properly how he looks like in the book, but anyways, the "person" who i imagined as "him" is definitely way wrong and could never be Jacob Black.

Who is he?
Corbin Bleu.

I imagined Corbin Bleu as Jacob Black!!
Even though i didn't read Jacob's description properly, but i am very sure he looks nothing like Corbin Bleu AT ALL!!
But somehow whenever they mention Jacob (in the book), my mind will automatically move to Corbin.

Me being weird, strike 2!
I like Corbin Bleu, i initially don't mind him as my "imagination" of Jacob, but later on in the story... ugh, try imagining a buff too-over-muscly Corbin Bleu, as Jacob has been described to be... ewwwwwww scary!!

And for strike 3...
You know i watch too much Disney Channel when i imagined two guys from a story completely off from Disney Channel, ends up being the two guys from Disney Channel.

Nice one girl, if you keep it up, Tanjung Rambutan might finally accept you.

Something is definitely wrong up there (= =")...

Don't understimate the kimchi.

I was happily reading New Moon in the living room this afternoon.

Note when i say "happily", i really *do* mean "happily"... because when i read the book, i actually laugh out loud (when it's funny), glee (when it's sweet), or can even have a sad frowning expression (because it's the sad part)... all while reading!! Even when there are people around!

Wow... I never know you can have so many expressions reading a book. I constantly amaze myself don't i?

Anyways, i was about on page 500 or so this afternoon, when my brother sat next to me, see me reading, and said this to me:
"Wow, you read really fast, just the last 3 days you were like... only in the first 20 pages or so..."
"Thank you," i said gleeing with pride. Then i noted something weird, so i pointed it out...
"Er wait, bro... that was the first book... i'm reading the second one now..."

You should have see our expressions then, haha!!

ps: I should STOP going about Twilight's stuffs online.
I just accidentally spoil myself with some information of the book... again!! And mind, it's an important part!!



Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ok, i'm better now (^^ )!

I thought i'll only be "ok" tomorrow, but i guess i underestimated myself XD??
Because i like staying happy and positive as much as possible, so as long as i get pass the "emo-stage" - may take a while but may also be very fast - everything will be back to normal!

I guess doing stuffs just take things off my mind, that i forgot everything in a jiffy!

Maybe it's because i miss mom, but she's back already!
I also had KFC (always the best!) for dinner (though starving to death before), and my little cousin bros came over and i played with them! Very nice!~

Ok, always stay happy people!!

Snapping mood.

I've got to start controling my temper. For all i know, i may lose my self-control and start brandishing hell upon the unsuspecting citizens of KLsville.

Ok, i think i watch too much Powerpuff Girls.

I don't know why honestly, to be wound up by all this negativity and bad mood today. Just this morning i was fine, playing with BuBu and watching Spongebob, making my own sandwich for lunch etc.

Then came noon, i wasn't having any particular emotion when my stupid injured-again fat cat Kim HeeChul escape from the house (door was left open and she took advantage of it) and avoided my capturing when i tried to get her back into the house.
She's injured, so i don't really like the idea of her leaving the house yet. I understand she's bored and all, but she still have her stitches on. Apart from fear of infection, i just don't like the idea of her leaving the house when she is still considered "sick" (stitches) to me.

I got really mad because i couldn't catch her, so i left her to it. Then, i have to fetch my grandmother to the clinic. I was in a bad-mood all the way, and i feel really bad as well, because although sometimes i do get annoyed by what my grandmother says, i don't think much of it and will just reply properly... however, today i was extra easily annoyed and snapped back at her a few times.

I thought once i got home, watching tee-vee and having ice-cream would help.
It didn't. For the first time.
It even make me feel weird. Which is a bigger surprise, considering i was just happy lapping up half a pint the night before.
So i went to take a shower, i love showers! But again it failed to cheer me up. I was in a glum, not easily cheered mood. And yeah, and snap very easily.

So after showering, i thought i should use the computer... i was chatting with Amane when she just casually mentioned something is not my type.
Well, i don't exactly fancy people telling me what i will like or what i will not since my taste varies everyday like seriously. I don't like being stereotyped whatever the reason, because for all i know, i'm super unpredictable. I can actually hate something i really like today. Weird isn't it?

But anyways, usually when people tell me that (you'll be surprise a whole lot of people always stereotype me), i'll just brush it off, because it's no big deal really. But today, it just annoyed me and i snapped again. I feel bad now. Gosh, what's wrong with me today?

Then i got annoyed at the rain for no apparent reason, which is unusual because i love it when it rains, i really do.
And now i got annoyed at it for stopping. WHAT THE???

I even got annoyed at the dust lurking around my shelf, but i guess it's fair because they made me sneeze.

And then i got annoyed at Amanda for constantly nudging me... ok actually i don't mind because i was nudging her back too and we were having "nudging war" XD... the poor thing was sick and stuck in a jungle... wait a second, i'm always annoyed at her so it doesn't count.

I'm just annoyed by my own existence today!!

Today is just not my day.

Edit: My grandmother just ask me a very simple question on what time my mom is arriving later...
And i just snap at her. I'm a bad person.
I was asked this question a little too many times today i'm getting annoyed by it honestly.

Something is definitely wrong.

But i promise myself, by tonight or at least, TOMORROW... I MUST BE FINE AGAIN!!
Or i'll i'll... i'll eat Amanda, rofl!

2012 then.

2008 Beijing Olympics is coming to an end tomorrow.
Me no happy, me likey the Olympic feel. Why Olympic no longer?
Lols, i sound funny XD!

Another 4 years wait, but i guess it's good in a way. You appreciate and anticipate it even more!

I kinda regretted forgetting to watch some of my favourite events, that when i do remember (to watch the games), it was the finals and habis liao, like... OMG I WANT TO WATCH ONE LAR!

I do hope Astro will repeat all the events shown before, not very possible i guess, but a hope is always better than none =D?
Oh well, at least i did get to see all the sports i wanted lar, it's just that i didn't catch the whole event, but rather just snippets here and there! Better than nothing!

I like to watch most water-related sports (except water-polo, super boring lor honestly), gymnastics and badminton!
*waves Malaysia flag*
Apart from my own country, i don't really have any other particular countries i support in the games i enjoy watching, but rather, i just see who i feel is the best, and i'll root for that country!

After this games, for Swimming i like Michael Phelps, i think his cute, and his really good (and humble)!~ Saw one of his events once coincidentally, totally blew me away like... wow!

For Synchronized Swimming... well... just watch nya, hehehe! But i think the Spain team duet are really outgoing and cool! When they take their medals they are like all happy and cheerful and all! Very nice to watch!

For Diving... just watch nya. I find it a bit boring (compared to other sports i like), but it's an event i'll watch!

For gymnastics, i think i prefer Gymnastic Artistic - but not particularly choosey - i root for Nastia Liukin! She's pretty and good!

For Badminton... do you honestly even *need* to ask? Very obvious lor... hehehe XD!
*waves huge Malaysia flag*

Honestly, i like athletes who are good and at the same time, humble. I hate those athlete who are freaking full of themselves, cocky, show-off, perasan, action etc etc... i feel like slapping them, and i will do it again if given the chance. You know who i'm talking about.

I'm annoyed at him not because he win (ok maybe a tad little), but rather, it's his full-of-himselfness i'm very annoyed at. I hate people like that. Slap once also not enough lor.

Imagine if he is in the place of Michael Phelps lor... omg i'm very sure he'll never shut up, that i will personally make sure i go to him to give him a lot of slaps. And i don't think i'll be the only one. I am very thankful he is not, cause badminton not a lot of medals. I am very annoyed by him lar honestly, unavoidable. Face and personality problem.

Yes, i don't think this will ever stop dissing pondan.
For once, it's fun hurling tahis at someone i actually really dislike because they actually do annoy me, not because i choose to be annoyed by them (*coughsorryjumyuk - still uncapitalized because its too fun - cough*!

Anyways, don't forget to catch the Closing ceremony tomorrow!
May all the good Olympians can finally get a good rest, and may the face-and-personality-problem person... hmm... i believe in karma so... i know enough adee lar =D!~ HAHA!!

A Long Journey.

If you watch the Olympic games through Astro, i'm very sure in-between games etc (even on other channels actually), they'll play a short clip of Jay Chou's "A Long Journey" or "千山萬水", along with clips of the games.

I love that clip! Every time i watch it, i'll almost always have tears in my eyes, and i'll get especially emotional, because it's just freaking touching!!
Apart from strong biasness for the singer, i love the videos they edited for this short clip.

How the athletes cheer when they did their round perfectly, how happy they were when they got their medal, etc etc... just wonderful!!

And of course, since it is edited by Astro or Malaysians, they included Lee Chong Wei when he won against the match to enter the finals!
Heehee, yeah, we lost, big deal, but i'm still freaking proud!! Of course it would be cooler if we win, but the proud feeling is even better than winning!
*waves Malaysian flag*

I love the Olympic games, and it being held in China - despite annoyance at how the China Chinese athletes were at dominating all the games that i often wonder if its because they fengshui-ed it but no its just that they are good - it just gives me a closer feel somehow or rather. I think because one of the reason is because it was held in an Asian country!

I have my favourite sports to watch in the games, but nothing can beat my favourite part in every game - the medal presentation ceremony!
Yes, i'll watch it even if its for the sports i'm least interested in =P!

I know it sounds weird, but i just love seeing the proud and happy looks on the athletes face when they get their medal! Because they know they had did their country proud, and all the hard work of training daily etc paid off when they get a gold medal in the Olympics!

Laugh all you want - I can actually get emotional when they play the national anthem of the gold medalist's country, when the athletes will just stand still and look at their country's flag, sometimes singing along, feeling so proud and all... wow! Super cool! You somehow just feel the emotions the athletes are feeling at that moment (well, perhaps only i do so)!

One which i remembered most is Britta Steffen of Germany when she got her medal! I was so happy for her, i actually teared along because i was so touched!! You can see the look on her face how happy and proud she was, words couldn't describe the feelings that she felt! I honestly feel really happy for her!

It doesn't matter whichever country they are from, i just feel happy for them and proud of them when they get their medal, because they deserve it you think like that pondan meh? for preserving in the sports they excel in and work their hardest to be the best!

That's one thing i love about the Olympics - no racism, you support your country and the best! It's the thing that can bring the whole world together =)!

ps: I don't understand all the issues with Tibet-China, but i am strongly annoyed by the whole matter because to me, Olympics represents sports, togetherness, no-racism etc etc. Most important to me is unity.
In other words, i don't believe you should pull political matters into sports. It just seems more like a gimmick to use the popularity of the sports, something which is watched by billions across the globe, so as to bring to attention to the whole thing.

But seriously... bringing political stuffs into sports just plain annoys me. It ruins the whole meaning and fun of an event which has been going on for years and has such a symbolic meaning. That's me anyways.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Straight to the point:
From the book Twilight (thanks to Amane for introducing this wonderfully delicious book to me - being someone so fussy with her read (i mean me), i rarely venture on new books unless recommended, so if she didn't recommend me this book, i would never have read it!!)!

The love he has for Bella... AHHHHHHH *squeals like a fangirl*!
If only such character exists (in the real world)!
OMG how i wish his true *whacks self to stop self from dreaming*...

It's been so long since i've read a book which captivates me so much (finish the book within a span of 12 hours - with adequate time to sleep, bath, eat and tee-vee time - and reading it word-to-word)!

I love the book's style of writing; i prefer books which are told from a first person point of view, it gives you an insight on what the characters are thinking! Nice!

I love the way the author writes; the way she is so descriptive to every single detail, the way she describes Bella's feelings for Edward, the way she talks about Edward... omg!!
Bella's feelings is exactly how a girl usually feels when she is with someone she is deeply attracted to, it's nice to be able to read and put the feeling into perspective.

I love imagining every single detail as she had described in the book; how the place is, the people, everything! Especially the feelings part!
And i actually blush (or glee) every time something sweet happens! NYAH!~

I love the story; i've always stories like this. Mythical. My cup of pearl bubble milk tea. Yummy!~ EDWARD XD!~

I love Edward!
*continues yelling in happiness and running around in glee*
If only he really exists in the real world... OMG!!

Ok, i should stop.
*continues spazzing in secret*
You know i'm really obsessed and spazzing when i "omg" so much. Gosh.

ps: On the other hand... why am i so difficult? It's my OCDness i tell you!!
I bought the smaller UK version for my book 1, and while it's nice to have a travel size one, the other books out there are usually US version and bigger. So now, i'm contemplating if i should have my book 1 changed because i like my books to look nice together on my book shelf. If i don't, i have to hunt for all UK sizes just so all books will match.
See, difficult.

pps: PLEASE READ THE BOOK (if you know me)!!
Then you'll get obsessed with it and then more people to share the love for Edward with!~

Ok end, i should stop the spazzing and concentrate more on more Edward.

I hate spoilers.

But even if not assisted, i'll somehow always end up accidentally spoiling my own surprise (= =").

Like what the forks... i want to continue reading and surprise myself one lor.

I should abstain from the internet until i finish the whole series.

I'm spoiling myself too much for my own liking.

ps: That said, i'm finishing the first book to the saga, so... doesn't really matter doesn't it?

pps: I should stop my OCDness to make my life simpler. It's complicating matters.
The worst part is i have too much for my own good.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do i consider myself a blogger?

Or rather... should i consider myself a blogger?

I don't want to be those girls who starts a blog, put 2 pics and a few lines in it, stop updating once and for all, and considers herself a blogger. Excuse me? Girl, you don't get the title of being a "blogger" just by participating in the field. You earn it.

Or that's what i think anyways.

So a blogger or just merely someone who keeps an online journal?
Even till now, i cringe at the thought of typing the word "blogger" to describe myself at times.

Sure i have been blogging for 4 years (and missed my Blog's 4th anniversary because i totally forgot about it), and the longest "break" i ever take is probably around one week or less. I never remember taking week long or months off blogging. It has just become a part of me.

But the idea of labeling myself as a Blogger still cringes me. Yes, or no?

For starters, why i think i'm one...
  • I think about blogging most of the time.
    Considering since the time i started blogging, i would say i spend at least half of that 4 years thinking how should i blog something (the phrasing, pics, if any, etc) in my free time, and i'm not even facing the computer.
    Well, whether it made it to the "big screen", literally, remains a question for another day... but the point is, i spend a crazy amount of time thinking how to blog.

  • I blog very often.
    Not to say "bloggers" must blog very often lar... but... unless you're taking a hiatus... otherwise blogs should remain active most of the time shouldn't it?
Ok, that's all the yes i could think of..

On the other hand, why i should not...
  • I write to myself most of the time, not to an audience. I don't think i even have an audience.

  • I don't post as much pics as i would've preferred. Lazy is the word.
    Loads of pictures, nada pics.

  • Nobody understands my content.
    I can safely bet all the ice-cream in the world most of the people who visits my blog, who doesn't know me, does not even have the slightest idea what the earth i am talking about most of the time.
    I think even people who knows me, rofl!!
  • I use my own words only i myself understand.
    Because i hate using "readily-made-peribahasas" etc. Not creative.

    No, i like to recreate words and very conveniently uses it and does not tell anyone it's meaning or source.
    Example: I changed "what the hell" (which most people use) to "what the earth", because i prefer using the word "earth" or "heaven", than "hell", thus i change it. Have you noticed it?

  • Out of 13 entries, only 1 entry is about my life. 8 other is about Super Junior and HeeChul, 2 about retarded stuffs i come up with, and save the other 2 for when i emo.

    Honestly, i think i rarely never tell stories of whats happening in my life at all lor no life mar... but rather, i just write whatever i want!
Ok, brain sleeping now, can't think of any other reasons adee.
Should i add grammar and the way i phrase stuffs here too? Ok, maybe not.

So how do you measure whose a blogger or whose not?
From the amount she writes?
From the quality she produces?
For the time she wasted spent?

I actually don't have the slightest clue to my questions.

But honestly, personally, for myself, someone who is dedicated to her Blog deserves to be called a blogger.

So do i think i'm dedicated to my Blog?
Why not you tell me?

However you "judge" whether or not someone is a blogger... i seriously want to be more active and post up more stuffs about my life lor... like when i go out and stuffs!

I guess i have to make myself to start taking more pictures, and actually started telling stories (without being long-winded... and side-tracking), instead of always writing up something new which sprouts out in my head every other second!

But i guess i'm just like the quote from my favourite author...
"I just write what I wanted to write. I write what amuses me. It's totally for myself."
- J. K. Rowling

That's why i love her! We think alike!
I thought of something exactly like that about what i write for my Blog, even before i discovered this quote by her!
If only i could write a book and earn billions (from it) like her XD!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's OK!

It's ok Lee Chong Wei, win or lose you're still the best!!


I'm so patriotic i love myself =D!~
Now for my sour side...

OMG lin dai (and so does everyone i heavily dislike's chance at a capitalized name - i love doing it! Except jumyuk, his is a just because. I don't dislike him anymore.) is so freaking annoying and irritating. I hate him.
*mocks him by imitating his irritating yong sui look every time he scores*

It's actually out of my norm to actually call someone this (because i don't believe in that word), but i don't care, i'm a sore loser, and i shall do so.
lin dai is so ugly lor.
Like come on, that dude looks so arrogant, full of himself, sombong, narcissistic, perasan, action, baby lotion, simpson, parkson, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson...
Seriously, his annoying because he damn yong sui to the max.
(Note: I *do* know how to spell his name, i don't want to correct myself nya =P!)

Sorry lin, you play against my country (and win, for once and that's all), you face the consequences.
This is my Blog anyways. I'm entitled to my own opinion, and i think you have a serious face problem.
(Psst, Korea is kinda near China btw!!)

And China fans, OMG!!!
Annoying lor, always "Lin Dan, jia you..." and repeats...
But to me i always heard "Zero, add oil... zero, add oil..."
Cracks me up XD!

But you can't deny their annoying spirit!!
I think sport organizers should start banning annoying supporters from entering sport events from now on! Hahaha!

Ok just kidding, it's their home ground after all, so it's to their advantage! As compared to if it's Malaysia, sure we more noisy!
I can't help but to wonder, if i'm there i'm sure to scream my lungs out! Any Malaysians who are there did that?? Can't hear you though *coughlosercough*...
Those who cheered for China during the badminton men singles final shall lose their voice tomorrow for sheerly annoying me, muahahahaha *evil dictatorship laugh*...

But kudos to them (China fans) for also cheering for Malaysia too when we got our medal =D!!

It's ok honestly... yes, it might be our first Gold, and we missed it, but it's still something to be proud of!!
After all, how often can a Malaysian achieve that XD??


I'm so patriotic i love myself =D!~

Talking to myself
But seriously lar China, you guys have so many Gold medals you can build a house with it. Malaysia don't even have enough to rub one against another, give us some slack won't you?

ps: And all this (points at entire entry above) comes from the cat who think sports are cool because it promotes unity, and deter the things she hates the most, which is racism.

Told you i'm always contradicting myself.
LOLS!!! I'm difficult XD!!!

pps: Check out Chong Wei's profile on his Olympic's profile page, the picture damn cute dei!!!

So i have not been active...

I think i'm going through the typical, "usual", once in a while thing...

As opposed to writer's block, this is...

Freakingishly lazy, as always, i need something new.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I was just talking about Redang with AhJung just now!

She said she wanted to go also cannot go, to which i tell her:
"There is no such thing as cannot, is more of whether you want, or don't want to go."
Because see, if you really want to go, 10 years later is also a "can". If you don't want to, even if people book everything for you to leave whenever you want is also a "cannot".
Ok, it's weird but whatever, it's very ME. You understand the meaning can adee.

I'm a good example; i waited for 3 years to finally realize my Redang dreams!
Yeah, i kind-of gave up along the way, but see the outcome !after all! I finally did it!

So yeah, if you persisted, it will come true (^^ )!~ Fighting!~
Don't give up easily!!

But damn, talking about Redang makes me miss it so much now (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

I being to wonder if going to Redang in the first place is a "good idea"... because after Redang, it makes me miss the place so bloody much, and my desire to go to the beach definitely heightened or something to being fanatically mad about it...??
Whatever, it is and was a good idea! I love the beach (REDANG!!)!
The best place on earth!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

You loser.

I mean me.

I have loads to say... but when i actually *do* start-up my lappie, complete with hands on the keyboard with the "Create Post" page on Blogger open... i have nothing to say.

I amaze myself, as always.

I should start being more like a "Blogger". I disgrace myself.
That said, i've actually written a post on the term "Blogger", but i have yet to finish it... along with 12912981629816298 other posts pending to be posted.

And it's actually wonderful how i actually *think* i need a holiday, when i just finish one.

That said, it could be because i'm feeling sick, just slightly recovered but i don't think i'm still feeling well.

Darns, i need orange juice - the miracle cure to everything!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

If you are Malaysia's 80s baby...

Got this from Amane, because i agree with it (^^ )!

If you are Msia's 80s baby,read through this, we grew up watching Transformers, Thundercats, Woody Woodpecker, Chipmunks, Mickey Mouse, Jem, Mask, Ninja Turtles, Voltron, Baja Hitam, Ultraman n not forgettin POWER RANGERS n BUGS BUNNY!!!and anderra yippa mice?
:), McGyver ?

had to brush our teeths during recess at primary school? had to hold plastic cups, line up with your classmates side by side and start brushing our teeths at some open area... or maybe near some drain??

do you still remember that we had 'dentist' rooms where we had to have our teeths check?

not to forget our 'program minum susu' in primary school.. everybody is suppose to buy like cartons of milk that costed 30 cents.. and you would see everyone drinking it everyday...its d UHT milk...

the teachers who would want to punish us must use yellow rulers to hit us o our palms?? 1 metre length..

that a bowl of mihun soup or some soup only costed 50 cents at the school canteen...

went to some sundry shop near the school or to the 'roti' man waiting outside
our schools so that we can buy junk food like chickedees, mamee, ding dang with
some toys in it, 'Ti Kam', ice-cream and we would play games like monopoly, uno, old maid, and all other card games like that...

another fun time would be during Pendidikan Jasmani. the boys would play football while the girls would play netball... and it would be like we were playing in the world cup...

but of course. the best would be main guli, batu seremban, bottlecaps, ice- cream sticks, 'Pepsi Cola one-two-three', Cops and Robbers, main kejar-kejar duduk,getah... and for the not so active, those kind of 'book games' where we would use buku latihan to draw and ask our friends to play...

do you remember the ice-cream tubes which are actually ice and colouring that are sold for 10 to 20 cents.. the colourful ones.. where you usually bite off the top to glup it tastes b best..(pop-ice)

what about days when we felt like doing naughty things such as folding papers so small to make 'lastik' amd shoot each other... how about throwing chalks??

back then, micheal jackson was just turning white.. and still had albums coming out.. compared to CD's, we were listening to tapes that sold for RM9.90...

in computer class, we were still using black and white computer moniters.. played 'Atari'... maybe SEGA or NINTENDO..

well, are we all getting older or what?

1) if you understand what you have read and you are smiling...

2) we have friends from school that are already married...

3) we shake our heads everytime we see high school students fussing about their handphones in school..

4) we don't hang on phone with our friends for hours a day talking about nothing...

5) when we meet back with our friends from time to time, we feel excited and happy talking about old times, the funny 'adventures' or stories that we experienced as a kid..

6) last but not least, that when you read this, you would think of all the happy & sad memories that you have experienced when you were still a kid and would think of forwarding this to your old friends that you have known
since forever... i'm sure they would have a huge smile on their face after reading this.....

p.s: if u feel u're one of them who experinced this, repost this to share it wif ur frens... ;)

And because i forgot half (or more) of everything listed, i can say i agree with it even more because it means my memory is failing, which leads to show that i AM that old, to which proves that i am *indeed* a Malaysia's 80s baby XD!!

We're all old farts XD!!!

Happy Merdeka everyone XD!! (Not the date, but the month isn't it?)
Our country is getting old like an elderly "ah poh" (or ah-gong, things like gender are complicated you see whichever you like lar)... nothing is working properly anymore... but it's still good!

Always love and respect your elderly, people!

ps: I should get that line copyrighted in case it was reused without permission, hehe! If you heard about it anywhere else, you heard it first in eiko-chan's retarded Blog *beams proudly*!

pps: I love my reasonings XD!~

Park JungSu.

Do you never change clothes?

He wore the same thing he wore to Genting last week, to Bangkok this week (= =")...

It was only a week apart, that if you said he didn't change for the whole week, i would believe.

Is JungSu being a typical guy after all (ㅠ.ㅠ)...?

ps: I'm just playing, weeeeeeeeeeee!~

Monday, August 11, 2008

In my pocket.

(This is a backdated post written on July 13th, 2008)

I hereby claim that i have officially adopted Henry "Fluffy" Lau for his sheer adorableness.

So much i want to put him in to my pocket and bring him home (and pinch his chubby cheeks).

Do you see a pattern in this?

Coincidentally, 2 years ago at the very same date, i did the same thing to another Little Boy for his utmost cuteness, innocence and pure adorableness as well.

That Little Boy is 13, KyuHyun.

And his still in my pocket (^^ )!~

Then again, i have two pockets so one each!~ Tra la!~

Besides, the first pocket is, has been, and will always remain only his.

Just like ONLY13. (^^ )!

KyuHyun you're wonderful.

Super backdated post which i can't even remember the date. Hmm.

After debut his wonderful.

Before debut his amazing.

Especially for someone who doesn't have any professional training prior, he can certainly gives out a brilliant performance!


Sayang, you look constipated then.

I love how now, he has his own style and with such a wonderful voice, you often wonder if his voice is the one who made the world go round =D!

Ok just kidding, i didn't wonder at all, because i would always vouch for "Super Junior - K.R.Y." instead!

Gosh, they are the reason the world go round XD!~

Don't think about it.

I honestly shouldn't be thinking about it, but...

I was supposed to be in Thailand over this weekend (but i didn't...)... and the boys are there now...

Wow, we're only 2 hours apart... by flight that is.

Otherwise around 1,178km away.

13 hours 18 minutes if i were to drive there.


I love you boys!~

Ah, no matter what this means, i'm always and will always be grateful (^^ )!



ps: Get well JongWoon *big hugs and kisses*!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dear BoyBoy

Hi baby, how is life there over the Rainbow Bridge? You must be doing fine!

Today marks one year since you've left. Everything is good here i guess, but it's just not the same without you.
LuiLui put on a tremendous amount of weight... and the one you miss the most, GirlGirl, she's doing good. HeeChul is the same, she's sleeping behind me now as i'm writing this.

Did you manage to meet Lazy dear?
I miss both of you so so much, but i'm still learning to cope with Lazy's sudden departure. It's just too sudden. Please tell him i miss and love him so much. I miss feeding him favourite can food and salmon sashimi. Please tell him i apologize that i haven't written anything for him... i will soon, but not yet... because as said, i'm still coping with it. It may have been months but... you know me... i'm not someone who copes well with departure.

I've done a great deal loads of stuffs the year round! One of it is traveling by myself to Korea! How i wish you are here to greet me when i'm home!
Apart from that, i've also went to Redang, Bangkok and one-day-trips twice to Genting! Yeah, it's not much, but you know me, i love to travel! Have you go round to see the world too?

I miss you so much everyday BoyBoy, how i really wish that you had never left. I miss looking at your big big beautiful eyes, your long eyelashes... your thick ears, your fat but super adorable face... i miss every moment with you.
But i do hope you're happier there than you'll ever be here. I'm sorry i was a lousy owner, perhaps the lousiest ever. I'll never stop missing you.

I can't remember from where, but there's this poem i really like about the Rainbow Bridge.

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together…

Till we meet again.

I miss you so much boy.

Lots of love,

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Kyle Patrick.

I swear during the 2008 MTV Asia Awards, i was totally taken aback by Kyle Patrick of The Click 5 and thus took so long to post XD.

Credits: MTV Asia Awards
Super adorable!

Since this post here, when i first saw him and he waved at me XD, i was totally stunned(?) by him. I won't say he took my breath away, because that is for my 13 boys, but heck, i was seriously taken aback by his appearance then!
His cute, hot, friendly, adorable, hot, tall, and friendly, and TALL... and his wearing WHITE (ok baige while at the lobby, but whatever)!!
I have this "list", and he killed off like... at least half the list.

Then when i watched him perform... OMG!!
His so cute when he performs XD *spazzes*!!
And his wearing WHITE (finally!)!!

Because his so tall, so when he sings, plays the guitar and jumps and plays all over the stage, it just makes him extra adorable!!

Ok, guarantee ambil and put him next to Joe Jonas XD!!
Lols, and i thought i'll never have crushes on angmohs anymore XD!~
*runs back to 13 boys*

In my own opinion... Kyle is like a "little boy" among a group of men. Hmm... but it's not like they are a lot older than him but maybe due to facial hair?...
But anyways, i think he actually adds uniqueness to the group!!
And i adore little boys lols!!
But his older than me i shouldn't call him that =P!!
that is strictly reserved for RyeoWook, KyuHyun and Fluffy, who btw i up mostly adore for his sheer adorableness XD

Ooh, and i "rofl" when their fans calls Click 5 "the boys" at some of their fan sites.

I call my (13) boys "my boys" or "the boys", because they are, well, my boys i guess... but hearing Click 5 being called "the boys" just... sounds so wrong XD!!

Friday, August 08, 2008


I'll be 121 years old the next time this comes around, so most probably won't be able to wish you guys then so... Happy 08.08.08 XD!

It's the start of the Beijing Olympics!!
I'm not going to post what's my favourite team here, for fear of jinxing it, but all the best!!

HanGeng - Official 2008 Beijing Olympics Torchbearer.

I'm so proud of you!

It was short, but every moment of it was beautiful!~

Watch it here!
ps: I was supposed to go to Bangkok, again, this weekend... but "last minute" change of plans.

And the boys will be in Thailand (which part unknown) this weekend as well for a CF shoot.

I don't know what to say about this.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Squidward: "I'm claustrophobic!!"
Patrick: "What does claustrophobic means?"
Spongebob: "It means his afraid of Santa Claus."

Gotta love Spongebob Squarepants XD!

I love desserts!

To Klang River with calories! Desserts rocks!!
*looks at self*
Whatever man, desserts still rocks!

I love desserts! Whether its those sinfully scrumptious creamy rich cakes or ice-blended ice-related desserts... it just sends me to heaven like whenever i see my boys!~

Paradise ♡!~

Just now after watching The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (honestly i think it's not bad, but i would prefer it so much more if Rachel Weisz is in it. Not to say Maria Bello isn't good, but because it started and continued with Rachel Weisz, so if it were to ever continue again, she should be in it. Besides, i like both Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, and they have much more better chemistry together if i may say so. Brendan Fraser and Maria Bello just gives off the wrong "vibe". WHY NOT RACHEL WEISZ!! Oh, and Michelle Yeoh (and Jet Li) rocks just because XD!)...

My Queen and i
went for "tea" at Delicious!

I like the shop's ambiance, it's nice and relaxing. I especially like the shop's design which i\is plain and simple. And the colour, WHITE and BLUE XD!

We had Strawberry Cheesecake!

I give it 7/10, good but could be better!

And Tiramisu!

I prefer the Cheesecake, but the tiramisu in it's own right is good, so a 6.5/10!

And my favourite!!

10/10 =D!

But we should've just ordered one-slice, two cakes for two is a bit the too creamy for "tea"... but still good i guess!

Oh, the salt-pepper thing is cute, but i forgot to take a picture of it =P!
I like the sugar packs! Cute!

And because it's delicious... i guess... for your coffee or tea?

We went home after, and it was still raining!

It started raining "oh-so-heavily" around 2pm, and when we left it's still drizzling.

Ok byebye XD!

Whenever you're emo-ing...

Have you tried looking at the sky?

For me, what calms me most is being at the beach looking at the sea.
But since that isn't always the answer to my emo-ness where i am now... the sky is the next best thing.

It just gives you hope for tomorrow doesn't it?

So what if ..., so what if ..., so what if ......

There's always tomorrow =)!

Apart from being a dog-lover, there's also a reason why i love the brand, The Dog a lot a lot.
The brand has this phrase which is, "Tomorrow is waiting for your smile".

It just cheers me up every time i think about it!

Always be positive! Think positive!
But ah, it's at night now... the sky is dark... so where should i look at now?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Have you ever tried...

... being ALONE on the Genting Skyway, going downhill... and in complete darkness?

Ok, i exaggerated. It's not complete darkness, but rather, just plain super dark. Like really dark most of the time.

Because i gatal go choose the cable car where the lights have spoiled, wth.

And i only realize (that my cable car's lights actually spoiled) halfway down the hill (= =")... because i was looking around wondering, why other's lights are so bright but mines like... so dark?

I actually thought the lights in my car are just "small", because whenever i pass the "main pillars" where they have huge lights, it's rather bright, so i didn't think much...
But only till when the main pillars with lights are super far from one another... it was super dark so i looked at the other cable cars lights, and back at my own car's light...

It's actually broken, not even "small lights" (= =")...

But i kept myself company by finishing up my lunch and dinner fries and listening to some songs.

No, there are no pictures. I wasn't scared, but it would be really freaky if i even attempted to take pictures.

Hmm... i just realize i'm actually super daring (ok, i lied, i'm not exactly daring to be honest), because i wasn't even scared at all!
Well, maybe at the beginning the moment the cable car leave the station, because it was rather fast and downhill... but i do get nervous most of the time when that happens, so it's nothing out of the ordinary i guess.

The things i do for my boys really. One of them is traveling down hill in complete darkness.
(Ok, i know it's exaggerated, but it sounds cooler yo!)

This is rather long...

That you might not want to read it... but i'm still posting it for memories sake anyways =P!

Ok, so after this...
Well, let's just say the whole day i was wondering what are the boys doing, where are they now etc etc... but the forum was down that night, so i have no access nor any way to find out where the boys are till the next morning afternoon...

I woke up around 12pm on Friday, and the minute i do is to find out where they are now...
I *thought* they will be in KL, but no...
They have gotten straight up to Genting unlike what rumours have it (that they'll be in KL)...

Immediately i got very anxious somehow or rather, cause the fact that my boys are near me, but yet so far... is just... unbearable.

So i did what any fan in my position would do. Plan.
Within a few hours, i've packed and gotten my butt on the 2.30pm bus (i missed the 1.30pm bus, and they don't have 2pm bus on that day unlike what the schedule said) to Genting, with a return ticket at 8.30pm.

Yes i know, i amaze myself too.
The lengths of travel i will do just for my boys.

The Skyway was down that day, i initially feared i'll be stranded, but actually, it's good in a way because instead of having to leave Genting at 7.30pm to take the Skyway for the 8.30pm bus... i get to leave at 8.30pm sharp from Genting instead, because the bus will go all the way uphill to take the passengers down!

BTW... i just realized i took VERY little pictures... so... ugh...

I reached Genting around 3.30pm, and immediately headed for Genting Hotel where the boys are said to be staying.
Upon reaching outside of the lobby, i saw a few group of fans. After spotting some SuJu fans and getting some confirmed information (that they are staying at that hotel) and all, i started waiting (by myself) at the lobby, when i spotted Leona Lewis entering the hotel! SHE'S SO PRETTY!! And just within minutes of me arriving! I begin telling myself this trip could be quite fruitful after all!

AH!! LEONA LEWIS! She's the one i want to meet most from other international performers (and also she's the few i know anyways), and i got to see her first-hand XD! I was totally star-struck!!

See, MTV Asia Awards have invited a whole lot of international artists to their show, and most of the artists stays at Genting Hotel, so since i was waiting there for the boys anyways, i get to spot loads of other international artists as well!
Of all the other international artists performing, i only know One Republic, Click Five, Leona Lewis and PussyCat Dolls, but i can only recognize Leona Lewis and PSD's Nicole.

Well, that's what you get when you're only updated on the Asian entertainment industry =P!

Anyways, after Leona, i saw a few other international artists (couldn't remember who - i think Panic at the Disco (whose freaking only around my age and younger bloody hell)?), and The Script walking back to the hotel, like they are just a normal guests of the hotel!

But that time, i didn't know who The Script are, but i thought they are really friendly to their fans (They actually stop outside the lobby just to greet their waiting fans with hugs and taking pics with them, even chatting like they were old friends!), that it's worth-it to be a fan just because of their super friendly personality!
I didn't ask for pictures, because i don't know them, and it'll be embarrassing! I also don't want to appear like those desperate "star-chasers" who'll take pics with any stars even though they don't know who they are!
But now i know who they are... i should've just ask for a picture! They are so friendly they wouldn't have minded too i'm sure =P!

Anyways, no point crying over split green tea (just because) since it's over...

After The Script left and a while longer, i chat with some friendly girls (so much better than some others honestly) there as well, who provided me with much needed information for all the star-spotting! Since i'm hopeless with international artists really!

I *think* i saw Jared Leto inside the lobby too, but i can't confirm. It could be members of the project E.A.R. who are like, practically walking all over the lobby only occasionally being stopped by fans for photos.

After a while Karen Mok entered the hotel as well! But i only realize (upon being informed) when she has already entered the lobby so i only saw a bit of her, mostly of her back... and her extremely skinny legs! Gosh!
But no denying, she's pretty too!

Then, the ultimate one...
Click Five was walking back to the hotel, Kyle up-front, when i saw them and i just waved, and Kyle waved back XD *melts*!
Have i mentioned that his super hot, super cute and super tall XD?
Even though i don't recognize him at the first moment, i was so taken aback by him when he appeared, that i just automatically waved despite... well, not knowing who that really is...! HIS SO ADORABLE XD! AND TALL!
And his wearing white (ok, baige but whatever)! His so adorable XD!~
*ok, end spazzes and moves back to 13 boys*

Ok... i believe i actually saw Panic at the Disco and One Republic entering (leaving?) the hotel afterwards, as informed to me by the other more well-knowledged fans...

Ooh, The Script actually exited and re-entered a few times to get to the Press Conference at Resort Hotel, but... someone actually told me they are "Panic at the Disco" and i believed (= =")... gosh i'm hopelessly uninformed with international artists...

Leona then came out of the hotel again, and instead of being star-struck like the first time, i wanted to rush forward for pictures, but... too late she left (ㅠ.ㅠ)...
I was amazed, although she's such a famous star, she actually walks around with only her managers and a few staffs! There wasn't any bodyguard around her (or maybe there is but i don't know)!

Unlike the next artist coming out... heesh...
Well, after Leona left, the guards suddenly lined up at the corridor to like, open up a way for guests from the lobby to exit the hotel. Everyone thought it was Super Junior, cause it's only them who requires such "heavy protection", but... it was the PSD...

I seriously sweat drop when they actually appeared, because they acted like such big-shots and created like, such a "havoc", but not like anyone there want to "mob" them honestly... and well, in my own opinion, they aren't really friendly.
They did smile when they are called, but it's just those "layan" smile, not like Leona or The Script's whose smiles are those friendly from the heart type!

Not long after PSD left, suddenly the guards gather again! Well, most artists seem to have left... so that only leaves the boys right? Besides who else so big-shot =P?

Sure enough, after a while, the boys come out looking dashing in suits (^^ )!
I was first in line, and as they pass, a fellow ELF next to me yelled "SungMin" and SungMin looked at us and smile! Followed by HyukJae too! You cute adorable monkey banana boy XD!


Then when Teukie appeared, well, i wanted to give my gift to Teukie most, so i yelled for him. Though i wasn't able to give my gift to him, BUT... he looked at my direction and nodded at us!! SO HAPPY XD!!!

After they got into the car, the guards moved along with them, so we get to exit the hotel too to follow them to the car. They split into two cars, and i just stood in the middle because i thought the guards won't allow me to leave that place (mana tau actually can one)!!

After when i realize i can actually go beside the car, i move towards the first car but ngam ngam i reach it leaves!! ARGH!!!
But luckily, when the second car leaves i get to see it leave lar, so it's not that bad after all, hahaha!

Ok... no photo nor video, because i didn't realize i didn't click the shutter button only after they left (= =")... only got video of when the second car drives off... lols, i'm a loser.

Anyways, long story cut short, i only know of the press conference when it has ended, that the boys had already left when i arrived at the Resort Hotel. So i went back to Genting Hotel, asked some fans, and they said the boys had returned to the hotel. I'm suppose to go back soon (8.30pm bus) and i was hoping that i at least get one last glimpse of the boys before i leave, and what do you know!!


This time around, i reached out to give Teukie his present (again), but he briefly looked at me and politely declined (how i wish he wasn't wearing specs at that moment). But it's ok, because he spoke to me (i couldn't remember what he said though because i don't exactly understand *sobs*), that i got all hyper too anyways!
Then after, DongHae walked pass, and someone was holding him round the shoulders. I initially thought it was a staff because he dressed really simple. And unshaved XD. But it was... KangIn XD!!!
When he walked pass, i seriously major-stunned and just stared!! I DIDN'T EXPECT THAT I WOULD BE ABLE TO SEE AND SHINDONG!!

And somehow or rather, when he passed, i reached out my hands for who knows what reason... but when my hand was just centimeters away from touching KangIn's (super buff *spazzes*) arms... i actually retracted and kept my hands to myself.
I'm super proud of myself can!!
Which fan of so many years can actually keep their hands to themselves? Despite the desire for years of wanting to see if they are real (or a fiction of my imagination), i was presented with the best chance to touch him... i mean them... but i didn't.

No matter what anyone want to say, well, it was something which happen to me personally. And i remember every moment which happened when KangIn had walked passed me. My brain seriously tell me "don't touch", and i didn't.
It's ok if people want to misunderstood me, it's their problem. Whats important is i know i wanted to, and i almost did... but i didn't, not because i can't, but because i don't want to.
KangIn-ah, you must be proud of me too XD?

After everyone got out, i followed out too and quickly stood by the first (second? not very sure) car, where RyeoWook, ShinDong, HeeChul, SeungHwan (the star-manager who was so please he smirk when fans scream for him), KyuHyun, KangIn XD, DongHae and SiWon was in. The car didn't leave yet, and because i was early i got a very good spot right beside the car... till this fan actually squeeze her way in-front of me (= =")... but it's ok because i was too busy recording to care lols!
OMG SUPER NEAR!! Just the glass window seperating us =P!

But ah, i regretted i didn't whip out my "희님~ 빵상!" sign... he was just there, it would be a good moment if i had anyways =)!

Then after they left, and i had to go too (ㅠ.ㅠ)!

Ah, it may not be the best experience, but i'm contended and very grateful for everything! I find it funny about myself that... i *know* i am contended and grateful always for all those times with the boys... but sometimes, i just need someone to constantly remind me to be contended (and grateful), whenever i emo that my experience is just "normal". It's weird isn't it?

There's no point comparing honestly, because it'll never end! I'm just happy that i have the chance to see the boys =)! My very own memories!

ps: Oh, and i'm super grateful to Genting's Skyway for being under routine maintenances at the time. Because if not, i would've had to leave at 7.30pm, and would not have the chance to be proud of myself, knowing that i could have touch KangIn, but i didn't because i don't want to, not because i can't =)!