Saturday, April 30, 2005

Licensed to be a "P"roffessional X3!!!~

YATTA XD!!!~ I got my license yesterday X3!!!~

Mom help me get it (The license!) before fetching me from college and i drive home yesterday!!!~ First time i drive after license nya X3!!!~ Yes, its LEGAL now XD!!!~

But i sucked than 0_0... need more practise!!!

But erm... er... hehe, that day, at night, i already drive out go yum char -o-|||... heee!!!

Worst, BEFORE getting my license, during lunch break in college, i already planned with friends that night go yum char!!! Haven't get license plan flying dee (Weeee!!!~)!!! Aiyoyo...

Wahseh, i super woman ka (Like Amanda always say???) 0_o??? Hahaha!!!

At night round 9pm almost 10pm, go pick all of them up except Amanda, than send all of them home 0_0!!! Wahseh, and somemore i just got license yo that day -o-|||... luckily nothing bad (CHOY!), but luckily all of them, except Jing, has license and can drive dee, so got a lot of "si fu"s!!! Heeeee XD!!!~

Of course, must especially thank my darling "co-pilot" Eva for all her help to see my the other side!!! Hahaha!!!~ When all of them enter the car i went, "Welcome to Jo Jo airways, this is your captain speaking. We'll be taking of soon so please fasten your seatbelts. Have a nice flight!"... Muaheeeeeeee XD!!!~ I'm the captain yo!!!~

And today, just now went OU celebrate Eva's birthday!!! And because mom busy, so i drive there XD!!!~ So lucky, go underground, turn one round got a place dee, somemore nice one very near the entrance!!! But my parking skills still very lao yia, park until very bad -o-|||...

Than send Amanda home after celebration, and first time i drive on main road without anyone at my side!!! As in highway main road!!! Wahseh!!!~

Heeeee, naughty naughty XD!!!~

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dustbin burned 0_0... wth...

Hehehe, yesterday something funny happened!!!

Remember i said i dress like Keita yesterday??? Ok erm... its not related to that, just to remind you about it XP!!!~

Yup, ehem, yesterday after lunch went to Asia Club play pool etc ler, than finish play dee i sat aside chatting with Amanda and Rome. Behind Amanda was the dustbin with the ashtray thing, and it was sorta near me too ler. I cannot find the place to throw my tissue, so i just put my tissue in the ashtray. Than this guy put his cigarette there and than, the tissue burned!!!
And to make matters worst, i did not notice it was burning, just thought that the cigarette wasn't puffed, thats why smoke still comes out, so i go put my another used tissue on top of it to cover the smoke!!!
Amanda noticed that it was burning, than Rome just take it and throw it into the dustbin... which i than notice that the dustbin hole was there...
Anyway, after chatting awhile... i think it was Amanda who realise... the dustbin is on fire 0_0...
The cigarette must've burned my tissue and since there are more stuffs to burn in the dustbin, obviously, smoke was like coming out from it!!!
We sort of panic, than Rome suggests pour water in it, i only bought tea, so in the end have to use Manda's water to put out the smoke!!! Sorry Mandy X0!!!~
If i'd only noticed the dustbin hole earlier... ish...

Ooh, and today, hee, wore the dress that Ah Theng jie jie borrowed me!!! Wore with a pink top, and also the earrings she gave me!!! Heee, i love it X3!!!~ And even my mom, who was usually against my earrings said it looked nice!!! The colours and everything matched luckily, so... heee!!!
And at first, i thought my mom was going to say it looked horrible (Because she hate those danggling earrings, and cause i think she won't like the dresses pattern too!), but... heeeeee, phew!!!~

Today ok ler!!! Heee, something nice happened but not going to say anything now ^-^!!!~
And yah, theres the SAM Charity Drive thing, i dedicated "Hana" by Orange Range during break and my song was the fourth song 0_0... have to wait quite long and we have to go into class soon, but in the end, hee, waited outside for quite awhile but THEY STILL DID NOT PLAY MY SONG!!!
I think when we went in only they play it!!! Was in the class so did not hear anything, but hope they play it ler, its RM2 ne!!! But its for charity so nevermind ler!!!~

Ok ler, gtg ciao and if possible, SLEEP EARLY!!! Hehe, i think i deprive of sleep dee 0_0, wth...

Oh yeah, and just now, the cute kitten went into the house, Kakak saw it and tried to chase it out, which scared the kitten and he like fly everywhere 0_0!!! Hahaha XD!!!~
But it finally went out too luckily, phew!!!~ Don't so naughty ya X3!!!~

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

eiko-chan's life is... sad...

wFL are... w-inds., FLAME and Lead...

Apart from Jay, wFL also as a very important stand in my life, especially w-inds.!

I'm contended with my life... but hee, there is something sad about it...

I'm the only wFL fan among my close friends...

Hell, i've only met a few super wFL fans but they are not very close, and the a bit closer ones are just so-so fans -o-|||... yes, i'm out of people to talk to about wFL!!!

wFL just have too many nice, funny and cute clips!!! I drool everytime i see them XP, but than, i don't have anyone to talk about it after watching, except wFL forums, where there are loads of super wFL fans like me... but its just that they are online!!! Its not really the same compared to talking to someone who is sitting next to you, who watch with you, who'll drool and laugh with you!!!

Like today, i "cosplayed" Keita's outfit from his latest CM, and i explained it to Amanda, but she just didn't understand! Again, hell, no one would've understand or see the beauty of it unless they are a wFL fan!
No one will laugh or find it funny/ cute when wFL did some stuffs unless they are a wFL fan!
They'll find it boring if they are not a fan!
This fact is proven when i watch w-inds. clips with my cousins! Heeeee! Forced her to watch with me XP!

I'm so out of people to share the drooling with... how i wish there is a friend close to me who is also an obsessed wFL fan!!! Someone i can talk to and drool with while watching wFL!!!~ And someone i can talk to (Who'll also listen!) when i purchased wFL stuffs, dressed like them etc... a wFL fan would find it funny and they'll understand better!!!
Someone to share the drooling with ler in short!!!

Haih... let me go back to talking with pan-chan ler... but than, pan-chan is a bigger Jay Chou fan compared to w-inds. -o-|||... but luckily, he love w-inds. too ler!!! Love you loads darling panpan X3!!!~

pan-chan: You're welcome, eiko-chan X3!!!~

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pet problems...

Eversince i moved to the new house, i notice my Baby Girl's "coldness" in feelings towards me!
I thought maybe its because i didn't go back to the old house to oftenly see her, and i thought when move them to the new house will make it up back to her ler!

But because have to put her outside, plus when at night i can't really go out often, also when college starts become worst dee, cannot always teman her!!!
And yes, she is damn pissed with me, angry with me, she ignores me now!!!

I also think because last time, when they are inside the house, theres alot of human contact as people who goes to the toilet will passby them and see them. Now, they are all alone outside the house except in the morning when i'll go out to see them, or when me mom does the laundry. Otherwise at night, they are ALONE only! With only each other to accompany them, and who knows, maybe the cats will disturb them at night! Maybe the monkeys too in the morning! Who knows!

And sometimes when it rains, it can get really cold for them! Got put papers and everything to block the cold wind from them lar, but than, i doubt it'll be as comfortable as in the house! I really worry for them! But no matter what, cannot put them in the house T_T...

I hope theres some ways i can make up with her! I really feel bad ler! Anyone has any ideas? I'm really worried about them!

Baby girl use to run to the cage entrance last time in the old house when i come, so i can pet her, and she'll slide her head under my palm one!
Now, she runs to the back of the cage and won't slide her head under my palm dee! Aiyo... bad ler...

I'm really sorry darlings, but but... T_T... help anyone?

p/s: Though, there is one slight improvement! Boy2, Zai2 and Lui2 react more when i pet them dee, compare to last time! Hehe!

Or maybe its because Girl2 treats me coldly, so i look for them, thats why i only notice now?

I'm a horrible mother T_T...

Monday, April 25, 2005

I'm a "Professional" now X3!!!~

Yeah, finally, i passed my driving exam XD!!!~

The JPJ very nice ler, and he got give me alot of chances and because the stupid new Kancil (I love the old Kancil ALOT!!!)'s clutch is damn high, my balancing on slope is very bad, so he taught me abit!!! Hehehe!!!~

Screwed up badly at one point, he told me i sure pass dee when almost reaching, than when i turn into the Safety Driving Center (Starting and ending point of the exam!), i cannot masuk gear and the car went on the other side of the road 0_0... luckily its not main road, and no car, than he tell me to faster turn straight and i masuk gear than continue! Phew!
He ought to fail me because of that but he very nice ler, hehe! So, ITS A PASS I TELL YOU XD!!!~ I'm a professional now X3!!!~

What i told Jing Wen and Auntie after i pass, hehe...
Ok, original story of Initial D is Fujiwara Takumi is a great driver in Akina!
I told them i'll be going to Japan to train to be the main character of Initial A named Fujiwara Takuyama in Natsuta -o-|||... heeee!!! Than i keep on going "I'm going to Japan to be Takuyama XD"!!!~ Hehehe!!!~

Oh ya, and Jay congratulate me too XD!!!~
When came home listen to radio, and Jay got record this sort of advertisment for 988 ler!
The ad is like this one...
"Gong xi ni, ru liu le, ni zheng zai shou ting 988, wo shi Zhou Jie Lun."
Translation: "Congratulations! You're in the flow (Direct translation XP! Can mean like "you're in the gang dee" or something lar!), you're listening to 988, i am Zhou Jie Lun."
Hehehe, really sounds like Jay congratulate me for being in the "driving gang" already XP?
Thanks Jay \(≧∇≦)/!!!~

The exam finish around 10.30am+, by right got enough time to go back to college and continue my later classes... but hee, i lazy ler, and somemore last night not enough sleep, so go back and sleep until around 4pm!

Wake up dee, finally, after so many months after purchasing it... i watched w-inds. "PRIME OF LIVE" Tour 2004 DVD and (KEITA XD!!!~)!!!~
Its so nice X3!!!~ All of them are so cute XD!!!~ I find Ryohei extra cute-ter now!!!~ His like cute little dude of lameness ^-^|||... heeeee!!!~ Nah, his cute!!!~ Of course, my baby boy Keita is super hotness *melts*!!!~ KEITA XD!!!~
Haven't finish yet ler, but will continue soon!!! My babies changed so much since debut X3!!!~

Oh yeah, and i went to OU just now to buy my bag i've been waiting for ages... but no stock yet the black colour T_T... got pink one and i like pink, but loads of reasons (Dang, eiko-chan lazy to explain XP!!!) so tak buy lar, will just wait for the black!!! Aiyo!!!~
And if tak buy bag also want to buy facewash and wallet, but i return home with nothing except my favourite pearl milk tea in my stomach -o-|||... haih... sad case...

Ok ler, gtg feed me fat little babies of cuteness and than see what to wear to college tomorrow!!! Hehe, had me hair cut yesterday, not bad ler, but i like Sam's style better!!! Its true, usually, most male hairstylist are more "adventurous" in trying out new styles and funkier, and most female hairstylist are more laidback and not that adventurous in cutting funkier styles etc!!!~ But i love this one all the same, its nice ^-^!!!~

Sore ja, bye bye XD!!!~

Friday, April 22, 2005

eiko-chan never learn -o-"...


eiko-chan just stayed up late for nothing...

Spend whole night (Morning actually...) finishing the assignment, but than alot of stuffs didn't do so, cannot hand in... have to wait until Monday...

Dang! Wasted!

Em... shouldn't i felt bad about the and resolute to NOT finish stuffs at last minute again?

Naa... eiko-chan never learn XP!!!~ Muaheeeeee!!!~

Almost break a new record... and re-broke same record again 0_0...

Hahaha... now i know why CANNOT finish assignments at last minute!!!

eiko-chan slept at 6am again -_-|||... heee...

Actually around 5.30am finish most of it, want to sleep but hehe, my culprit in crime also stayed up (I think half of our class stayed up?) late and chat awhile only i go to slept! Woke up around 8 something almost 9... So i know i'll probably be sleeping for more than 10 hours again today??? Hopefully ler -o-!!!~

Ok ler, gotto go college now!!! Pray i don't sleep in class @_@... or i won't look like my pan-chan too 0_0... heee!!! Ja XD!!!~

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Kawaiiiiiii \(≧∇≦)/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

Hehe, yesterday, after i reach home, mar plan feed the cats ler!

I was walking to the side gate, looking for the key to open the door, found it, than i look straight...
... Beneath the gaps of the gate, is this cute little black doggy's face (X3!)!

I look at it, it looked back with its tongue hanging out!!! Its so cute X3!!!~

I was shocked at first glance to be honest, because i was thinking of the cats, and when i saw the doggy's face i went "Why is the cat so big one?"... -_-|||... Hehehe!!!

And when i realise its a doggu and smile, the owner than pull the dog away and smiled ler! They're the mat salehs who stayed at the semi-ds! He sayang his dog alot one! Often take him out for walks and occasionally bring him out at night to play with him at the playground X3!!! Kawaii dog XD!!!~

Aiyo, eiko-chan in deepu shitto dee... eiko-chan has an assignment to passup on Friday... dad supposed to help me fill in the interview thing today... but he too busy he didn't do it... and tomorrow he going to Singapore somemore... oh God, will someone save me @_@...

These two days not bad ler... someone turned into a Lala boy though 0_0... hahaha, just kidding!!!~

Ok ler, hope everything will go well... lucky tomorrow holiday, otherwise i sure die dee XP!!! Hehe, alot of assignments haven't finish XD!!!~

Ok, taaaaaaaa X3!!!~

Sunday, April 17, 2005

I'm falling in love again...

Keita: What are you guys doing @_@?
Ryohei and Ryuichi: *Salute* To our darling eiko-chan!

Muaheeeeee X3!!! I love this piccu!!! Its so cute XD!!!~

Heeheee, although i was deeply heartbroken (I'm getting sooooo dramatic X3!) when Jay and Keita... you know what (XP!), but haha, that still did not prevent me from stopping to support them and love them X3 (I still drool whenever i see them 0-0... XD!!!)!!!

Hmm... but i realise today i'm falling in love with Keita AGAIN (Hey, i still love my darling Jay nya X3!!!)!!!~
It must be that winking clip... or erm... all Keita's fault for being too hot (X3!)! All your fault XD!!!~

Heeeeee, although i seem to be the type of girl Keita will dislike, but i really still love him X3!!!~ 慶太のこと大好きだ \(≧ω≦)/!!!~ Hee!!!~

Ok ler, need to go to sleep now!!! Hope i'll dream of me darling tonight X3!!! Muaheeeeeeeeeee!!!~

Oyasumi X3!!!~

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Jay in Pepsi movie and w-inds. DVD X3!!!~

Hee, long time no put piccus in here dee, so just put 2 which is relevant to the title ler X3!!!~
Image hosted by Darling Jay cycling in the short movie X3!!!~ Cute XD!!!~
Image hosted by!

Ok, let me ask you something!

If there was an insurance agent as cute as JAY CHOU, what would you do? For me? I'm a Jay fan, OF COURSE STICK TO HIM LER X3!!!~ Hahaha!!!~
Just watched the Pepsi short movie, and Jay is acting as a UBER CUTENESS SUPER CUTENESS insurance agent inside!!! I think cause his quota is not enough, so he keeps on asking people to buy insurance!!! And the idiot woman rather go play 16-rounds mahjong @_@... idiotness idiotness *shakes head*... some people are sooooooo idiotic XP!!!~ Hehe, just kidding!!!~

Hmm... how long ago have i downloaded the movie??? Ages ago @_@... and i'm only watching it now... heeeee!

I burn damn alot of my stuffs in CDs last night!!! Hehe, have to get all my stuffs out for my brother to format the com!!! Later my precious all hilang X0!!!~ Still got alot to go @_@... ganbatte X3!!!~

But hmm... since i'm trying to get all my stuffs outta the com, why am i still downloading new ones XP??? Hahaha, just downloaded Lead Movies 2's Lead Shoot Lead X3!!!~ Nice!!!~
Hiro-niitan shows himself cooking hamburger, Keifu is showing his room, Akira showing off his clothes collection and talks silly stuffs, and Shinya shows off his hat collection!!! BTW, he has this nice shoerack on the wall with his Adidas shoes collection X3!!!~ But he didn't show that!!! And you can really see Shin-chan's room is real clean (Cleaner than mine...)!!!

I soooooo want to buy Lead Movies 1 and 2 nya, but stupid Tower Records... say want to help me order, i wait until hair white dee also haven't come er... ish... Its soooo nice and funny, i want to see it ler X3!!!~ Now, have to resort to ehem... downloading XP!!! But than... there are no subtitles T_T... i really must brush up my Japanese ne, than i can watch all the Japanese stuffs without needing subtitles dee X3!!!~
Hmm... than won't my w-inds. DVDs all go to waste? As i purposely get Taiwan version cause they have chinese subtitles!!!
Naa, it won't!!!
One, because it is w-inds.!
Two, because it is ALOT ALOT cheaper than the Japanese version!
Three, because my Japanese is still very laoyia now, no point buying Japanese version!
Four, i'm sure even when my Japanese is better dee, seeing the subtitles is STILL more understandable XP!
Five, because it is w-inds.!
Six, because the Japanese version is ALOT ALOT ALOT more expensive T_T...
Seven, refer to reason three, because my Japanese is laoyia, and asking me to wait until my Japanese is better only buy is suicide, because i can't wait to buy it XP!!! Hehehe (And besides, Japanese version is more expensive T_T!)!!!~
Eight, because it is w-inds.!

Hahaha, all my repeated reasons XP!!!~ Hmmm... which reminds me, i haven't watch my w-inds. DVD... all of them, which i had bought 0_0... faster go watch better... kekeke XD!!!~

Ok ler, i go enjoy my Jay in short Pepsi movie and w-inds. DVD first!!! Hehehe, sore ja, bye bye X3!!!~

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

15 hours \(≧∀≦)/!!!~

15 hours?? What 15 hours??
Muaheeee, eiko-chan slept for 15 hours X3!!!~
These past few days slept really late (And wake up real early @_@...), and deprive of sleep ler, so last night sleep ganti balik everything X3!!!~

Yesterday after coming back from SPCA for community service, real tired like... real tired @_@... so bath dee than plan to go take a nap, ask my mom not to wake me up for dinner but save some for me when wake up will makan ler...
I switch on radio stuffs, than lay on me bed, look at the time, its 6.08pm... ok ler, i'll wake up around 7pm like that... set alarm... and than immediately fall asleep... UNTIL AROUND 6AM (Or so...) NEXT MORNING XD!!!~
Alarm rang around 7pm, cannot wake up (My alarm is real irritating and real loud, but because i always sleep late wake up early, i became immune to the alarm dee @_@...)! Mom called around 11pm, cannot wake up! I really slept peacefully and soundly, no dreams, until the next day ne!!!
And let me clear this up that i did not plan my nap to be a sleep one, haha, my curtains are open (I usually close it if i sleep!)! And i did not arrange my pillows nicely! XD Really sleep until next morning ne!!! 15 hours \(≧ω≦)/!!!~ Muaheeeee!!!~

What did i do the past few days?? Hmm... ok, i last key in on the 10th April!

11 April = Went watch "Spanglish" with Amanda in KLCC!!! Bought my CD-Data mag (w-inds. front cover and 20P of w-inds. XD!!! Plus a giant w-inds. poster X3!!!~)!!! Than at night Pei Fern suddenly SMS tell me tomorrow go for Community Service work!!! In SPCA!!! Go ler go ler XD!!!~ Doggyeeeeeeeeesssss!!!~

12 April = Went to SPCA for Com work!!! Doggy XD!!! Kitty XD!!!~ And Amanda almost got bitten by this fierce dog @_@!!! Kia kia X0!!!~ Its smelly but the doggies are reallllllll cute X3!!! And went in the cat cage, all the cats came walking to us 0_0!!! First time got surrounded by so many cats (Good kitties good kitties XD!!!)!!!~
Went to this nearby mamak for lunch!!! KILLERS!!! Sooooo expensive!!! Luckily the food is not bad, otherwise -_-*!!! And hehe, i didn't pay for my drink XP!!! Not on purpose!!! I told her tak makan, and she didn't count mine 0_o??? And than she didn't come dee but... i feel so bad now T_T...

Ok ler, concludes everything!!! Heee, if anything happens today will post again tonight, which will not, because i'm gonna spend me whole day cleaning room and do homework (FASTER FINISH X3!!!~)!!! AHHH XD!!!~

Sunday, April 10, 2005

For the first time in eiko-chan's history...

Ok, guess what time i slept last night??

6... no, not 6pm... Its 6am THIS MORNING!!!
First time sleep that late ne X3!!!~

Last night Ah Theng jie jie came to help me makeup for her portfolio, and i requested for Ayumi's looks from her latest album, My Story! And guess what, that siao char bo REALLY CAN DO IT!!! She really geng ne!!! She's not human!!! She's from outerspace!!! Catch her XD!!!~ Heee, just kidding!!!

On first look, i was like @_@... but than after i awhile i love it love it love it \(≧ω≦)/!!! I'm not kidding but i can say its around erm... 80% look alike!!! Ok ler, my face doesn't look like Ayumi, but the make up and especially the lips add up the marks!!! Somemore my fringe there almost like her hairstyle so... SUGOI DESU YO \(≧Ⅲ≦)/!!!~

She really very hebat, so people, if want great makeup (Any type!!! Morning, night, prom, party, ball, funky, photographs, etc etc!!! You name it, she can do it!!!) look for her ok, sure gurantee worth of your money one!!!~

I love the piccus i took alot so for the first time in eiko-chan's history, i'll be posting that pic in me Friendter because ITS REALLY NICE /(≧Ⅲ≦)\!!!~

After makeup and chat awhile, around 2am to 3am dee! At first want to watch movie with HS one, but he fell asleep in the music room -_-|||... so we went downstairs play com awhile, than around 4am found HS sleeping in music room and don't want to wake up, so we slept in my room ler!!!
After washing face Ah Theng jie jie pack her BIGGU BIG makeup bag, around 5am, than we chat, and Theng jie jie teach me how to pass the level in Adventure Island, i always die at this part one, now muaheee, i know the trick dee ^-^!!! Arigato XD!!!~

Than around 5.45am dee, want to sleep dee ler, but i say still got 15 more minutes, stay up until 6am only sleep ler, i haven't break record before... so heheeeee, she teman me lor X3 (Hehe, sleeping this late is also first time in eiko-chan's history yo /(≧ω≦)\!!!)!!!~ We chat and check watch, reach 6am only can sleep, hahaha!!!
At 5.59:50am, i started countdown, than reach 6am dee, only sleep!!! I think cause too tired, so the moment i hit the pillows i ZzzzZzzzZzzz dee!!!~

Oh yeah, this morning went Popular bought Lead's CD X3!!! And i'm broke for the month dee T_T... haih... I also want to buy Simple Plan's CD one X3!!! Heeee, want to break my record!!! If i buy Simple Plan's CD, it'll be the first english album i bought in 3 years!!! A few pals say don't buy cause don't break record, but a few say just buy ler, now i really want to buy because i love the song "Shut Up!" etc!!! The songs really cool so... but no money dee X0!!! Erm... see how ler XP!!!~

Ok ler, until here now, i really need to go do my house than sleep dee X3!!!~ Heee!!! Taaaaa, nite \(≧∀≦)/!!!~

Friday, April 08, 2005

HK style /(≧Ⅲ≦)\!!!~

Today wore a the sleeveless shirt bought from Hong Kong last time, my white dress also from HK, my darling Nike hat bought during Chinese New Year, my jeans jacket and the earrings Ah Theng jie jie gave me (THANK YOU AGAIN \(≧ω≦)/!!!)!!! Very HK style /(≧Ⅲ≦)\!!!~

Haaaaaa, the earrings very long story about it so i lazy talk about it, heeeee, if curious ask me ler!!! Alot of things lerrrr X3!!!~

Today Tao2 they all go bowling T_T... i want to go too... but but... haih... going for dinner... After dinner thought can go KLCC, but too late, the shop close dee T_T... so kelian... w-inds. X3... CD-Data... X3!!!~

Must faster go KLCC XD!!!~

p/s: X3!!! Foosballl X3!!!~

3am... still haven't sleep yet...

It is around 3 am in the morning, and i have yet to sleep -o-|||...

Haiyo, all because of the bloody promo assignments ler (Haha, serve me right for doing everything in the last minute (≧ω≦)!)! Luckily now finish dee, although still have to draw the pics or find pics... headache @_@...

But actually, i think cannot call it "full finished" ler, cause theres still alot of editing to do tomorrow (Today!)! And the pics, not to forget @_@... Have to wake up early tomorrow (Today!) to go to school and do the remainings ler, or else cham lor!!! Luckily tomorrow's (TODAY XD!!!) first English period is canceled, otherwise cham lor!

Yeah, i wore Yukata today (Yesterday -_-*...) to school X3!!! Not bad ler, was the "main attraction" should i say so??? But sadly, lost alot of stuffs =(...
My beloved hairclip =(, lolipop i just bought the other day and dropped my handphone on the floor (Luckily didn't lost it!!! TOUCHWOOD!!! But my darling baby dropped alot of times dee!!! Gomen T_T!!!)!!!
BTW, its hot like @_@ wearing yukata neeee X3!!!~

Ooh yeah, in our Families class, finally watched the movie i've been wanting to watch for a long long long time... BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM XD!!!~ Its really nice!!!~ Great story ne (≧ω≦)!!! How i admire her for being able to play football!!! I love football and want to play alot alot alot, but i can't play -_-|||... haih...

Yeah, i'll be wearing a sleeveless top and my favourite white dress, my jeans jacket, my Nike hat and the earrings Ah Theng jie jie gave me (I love it X3!!! Thank you!!!~) tomorrow!!! Heee~~ hope it'll be ok ler /(≧ω≦)\!!! Heeeeee!!!~

Oh yeah, and wore the Yukata while playing foosball X3!!! Muaheee, love the style i posed when i scored a goal or something!!! But my bad habit while playing foosball... i'll always overuse strength and either sprain hand or finger -o-|||... haih... hehehe...

Till here, listening to darling Jay's "Jian Dan Ai", me and Jay's song XD!!!~ Heeee, long reason, lazy to explain, next time ler \(≧ω≦)/!!!~ Jaaaaaa XD!!!~

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Yukata 浴衣 ゆかた \(≧v≦)¥

Yah, haven't sleep yet X3!!! Hehehe, busy doing the homework now which is due tomorrow (Erm... today ler, as it is well pass midnight dee XP!)!!! Haha, serve me right for doing everything at the last minute (I love saying that these days... hmm...)!!!~

Hope can wake up late abit tomorrow but cannot /(≧.≦)\!!! Because tomorrow have to wake up early ne!!! Why?

Muahehe, because this week is ICPU dressup week!!! And tomorrow (Today, Thursday...), the theme is traditional dress and haha, i'll be wearing me Japanese Yukata XD!!!~
It may seemed weird and it'll be uncomfortable (5 levels up the stairs @_@... weather so hot somemore, and Yukata is cooler than Kimono, but also hot... *pengsan*...), but it'll probably be my only chance to wear this in Malaysia apart from Bon Odori XP!!! Taking advantage of the chance ler!!! So hope it won't be weird cause there'll be other people wearing traditional costumes too!!! Also, by wearing the Yukata tomorrow, plus the headgear on Friday, means i followed the ICPU Dressup Week da XD!!!~ Heeee!!!

Today is uniform and actually, was planning to wear Japanese football team's jersey, but i wore my Interact Club's ler (Long reason, lazy explain XP!)! Heee, quite fun, felt like a private school student or a Japanese high student XD!!! 2 days wear tie, nice ler wear tie, really gives you the "student-feel" XD!!!~

Also went to play foosball too today and fun XD!!! Me and Amanda both also own goal once -_-|||... hehehe, but cincai ler!!! Enjoy most important XD!!!~

Umm... something is finally confirmed dee as i said yesterday, mixed feeling happy and sad... somemore about what... i think what dee...

Don't understand nah? I also don't understand XP!!! Heee!!!

Ok ler, faster go finish my homework than sleep or else tomorrow become panda in Yukata 0_0... NO XD!!!~

Taaaaaaa \(≧ω≦)/!!!~

p/s: Wore smartly too today, kinda like yesterday!!! もかっこいいだ \(≧∂≦)/!!!~ And pass by corridor too but i went all 0_0 and become really nervous, and don't dare to look anywhere else and heeart beeepeeed real fast!!!
And afterwards became short while stalker -_-|||... eiko-chan, anta ne... haih...

Muahehe \(≧Ⅲ≦)/!!!~

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

ICPU Dressup Week \(≧ω≦)/!!!~

Yah, manage to post something today, which meant i survived XD!!!

TvT... tears of happiness X3!!!~

-o-||| I'm getting dramatic day by day...

Hmm... today wear this outfit to school, i think its kinda cute ler (Perasan XP!), but everyone think i looked like a girlguide T_T...

Hehe, forgot to mention yesterday, this week is ICPU's Dressup Week \(≧v≦)/! Hehe, let me list down the "outfits" for the week!

Monday - Colour coordination (Girls wear pink, guys wear blue!)
Tuesday - Main accesory: Tie
Wednesday - Uniform
Thursday - Traditional costume
Friday - Headgear

Yeah, i followed Monday and Tuesday too (The "cute" outfit i mentioned which everyone thought looked like a girlguide T_T, has a tie included!)! Tomorrow will be wearing my Interact uniform! But sadly, i don't think i have any for traditional costume T_T... i want to follow the whole week ler, but... sadly... haih... Headgear, my Nike hat, no problem X3!!!~

Em, i plan to wear my green Padini "basketball" sleeveless shirt, the white skirt i love alot, my jeans jacket, and the pair of earrings Ah Theng jie jie gave me on Friday! Along with my precious hat ^-^! Hope it'll look ok /(≧ω≦)\!!!~


Oh yeah, i know i should be complaining about this, but kinda erm... i know if i don't say it out, i'll feel horrible! But saying it also feels horrible ne! Anyhow, typing here ler, easier XP?

As well, my cousin from overseas had decided to come study at the same college as i am!
Well, its easier for my mom and also, i can take care of her ler, but than the "feel" i keep on thinking kinda freaks me out ne...

I don't mean don't want to share, but yesterday my favourite blanket, today my seat during dinner...
She doesn't know ler, somemore its her mom who asked her to sit there but... still feels freaky...

Freaky freaky... i need someone to chat over with this! Hehe, might bored Ah Theng jie jie too much if keep on talking to her bout it XP!!!~ But hehe, theres no friend who i find can talk to and they'll listen now... haih... oh well... talk to my pan-chan! Best resolution XD!!!~

Ok ler, gtg sleep now! Hope everything goes well tomorrow X3!!! Nite nite XD!!!~

p/s: Dressed up very smart and nice today /(≧ω≦)\!!!~ かっこいいだ!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Thank you very much ^-^!

Hehe, today some problems arises with my mom and i about some stuffs regarding me foreign cous! Now don't care dee ler, but still very geram with my mom abit -_-*!

Want to say million thanks to my cousin Nicole for understanding how i felt! Arigato ne ^-^! Told some other pals about it and they say i'm being silly for being angry over some small things! Hehe, honestly, as i'm mad at that time, its not the best words of comfort! Not what i want to listen to! Anyhow, arigato ne! For listening =)! Auntie for hehe, calming me down XD!!!~
Hmm... someone by the name of JW didn't even seem cared to be honest -_-* (I doubt whether she even listened to what i said!)! I wonder how will she feel if i do the same to her when shes complaining to me about some stuffs that pissed her off (Like she complain dee than i suddenly talk about something else? Hehe, but i very nice one XP!)? But maybe cause she wants to divert my attention so i won't think much about i! Thanks ne, but hehe, being eiko-chan, when i'm pissed i prefer to talk all about it and complain complain, hear some nice words than i'll be ok dee! But hehehe, today Jing Wen very funny ne XD!!!~

Ok, things below are complain stuffs... if you want to hear me ramble, continue on... no, just check some other cool websites in my links XP!

My cousin from somewhere else came to KL to enquire more about college stuffs. Last time got say that she might be studying here and i'm pretty cool about it! I mean, it'll be fun! But than, the first time when i heard about it, i've a sudden erm... how to say, "image" or something that well, she might "take" my boyfriend, friends etc...
Its stupid, but i just had this blast image in my head...
Don't get me wrong! My cousin's a sweet person and definately not like those b*tch type, but than one can't help but to think so because my cousin's a babe!
She's beautiful, nice, sweet, kind, lovely, cute, tall, fair, nice features etc, and definately those types guys will love! So... hope you get what i mean... thats what makes me real scare...
And erm... she haven't even come to stay here yet, she already "took" my favourite blanket dee. Well, not her fault. My mother just let her use my precious blanket without my permission! If my mom had asked me or something, i wouldn't have mind honestly, or if my mom took some other ones, its ok! But WITHOUT MY PERMISSION AND SOMEMORE MY FAVOURITE, thats over the line! Thats the "problem" that arises just now! Yeah, you might think its stupid, but for me, somemore with what i had been thinking about, its really disturbing?

Now, theres plans also that maybe she'll come study in my college too cause it'll be convenient and all! Which made me more freaked out abit! But than, if same college it'll be easier for me to take care of her and all ler!
If her college will be near my house, or if same college, she'll be staying with us ler. My auntie (Not Auntie Amane XP!) got tell me, since i'm older have to "rang" her abit (Loosely translated as give way?), which got me thinking, does auntie wants me to give way even if we're fighting over a guy? But than, thinking back and back, if really my boyfriend will fell for her, that guys not worth to be loving! But how if its the guy i like @_@?? I shudder to think about it...

Tonikaku, for now just hope everything will go good and smoothly, and hope we'll be good friends ^-^! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

eiko-chan signing off! Hope she'll still be able to post something tomorrow cause she haven't study for her exams, which is tomorrow XD!!!~ Cham lor!!!~ CHOY XP!!!~

Good luck everybody! Have a nice day... night ^-^!~

Day-dreaming... is good X3!

I went back to Penang on Sat for Cheng Beng. Came back to KL on Sun ler!
On the way there, i slept throughout the whole journey, so i didn't felt anything (When i woke up, already arrived in Penang dee and i went "@_@... so fast?"!)... Unfortunately, on the way back to KL cannot sleep dee, just slept for the first 2 hours than ehem... daydream ler...

Me dad said in the morning that if i loose 20KG, let me go Japan!!! Don't care whether want to go w-inds. concert or not, as long as in this year loose 20KGs, than can go dee XD!!!
Thats what that made me... ehem, started the daydreaming =^-^=...

I was at the back seat, than i was thinking, how if i really lost 20KGs than, mar can go Japan see w-inds. lor!
And i daydreamed i really lost 20KGs, and i went to Japan and can see their concert XD!!!
Went with Amanda because she got say before want to go Japan too mar! Hehe, but pity her have to accompany me to their concert ler! Hehee!

First, went shopping for their goods! Lined up like @_@... than when i chose all my stuffs dee, mar pay ler! I asked the lady in Japanese how much is the stuffs, she replied in Japanese and i went -o-|||, looked at Amanda who looked back, than ask her to repeat in English XP!!!
That was the first time we caught attention ("These people no Japanese! Can speako englishy" XD!), especially Amanda, hehe, Japanese likes to look at people?

Than lined up (Like @_@ again...) to get into the concert hall! Luckily get quite front place, and when w-inds. appear on stage, i know for sure i'll cry one (Too touched T_T... finally getting to see them X3!)!

I hold up a board which reads "Malaysia kara no fan desu!" (Means "fan from Malaysia!"!), than they were surprised to know they have fans from everywhere, and invited us upstage XD!!!
Me of course happy and genki until can pengsan dee, Amanda is just shy from the attention (Wow, i even imagined her expression 0_o... my daydreaming skills are good XD!)!
After upstage, went back down, they continue performing, than of course i enjoyed throughout the concert! And also, Keita asked me what is my favourite song (I was just right infront of the stage XD!), and i replied! Than he said will sing later XD!!!~
I know i sang along to all their songs and they very surprised and happy! Hehe! Amanda just enjoyed the concert!

After finish dee, very super excited (XD!), than suddenly, the crew came out and invited us backstage (@_@! I must be dreaming, which reminds me, i am XP!)!!!
At backstage, we took pictures and chat for awhile! But hehe, my Japanese very laoyia, but they also tried to speak to us English and Japanese mix mix ler! Hahaha! Happy XD!!!~

Afterwards, they asked us if we had our dinner dee, and we haven't (Cause busy lining up -o-|||...), and... THEY INVITED US FOR DINNER WITH THEM XD!!!~ Went to this "sukiyaki" shop or something! Its BBQ ler, forget whats it called in Japanese! Than chatted happily and eating, hehehe, Ryu-chan seems interested in Amanda (XD!)!
Oh yeah, and since Mandy doesn't really know Japanese well, so she told them in the "Amanda-style", "I only know 'Konnichiwa' and 'Arigato' XD!" and we all laughed!!!

Ok, the "day-dreaming" doesn't ends there *wink*!

After eating, they send us back to our hotel. And than asks us... conversation as the following...
w-inds.: Are you going back tomorrow?
eiko-chan: No, going back on the day after tomorrow!
w-inds.: Ooh, so you are free tomorrow ne?
eiko-chan: Yeah, doushitano ^-^??
w-inds.: Want to come to our Yokohama concert?
eiko-chan: Yeah XD!!! But no ticket =(...
w-inds.: No problem!
eiko-chan: But i don't know how to get to Yokohama...
w-inds.: No problem! Leave it to us! You don't mind going early right?
eiko-chan: No no XD!
w-inds.: Than just come with us! Tomorrow 5pm ok?
eiko-chan: OK OK OK XD!!!

Hehe, erm... actually, i don't remember using what language dee, but i'm sure Amanda was looking from me to w-inds. wondering what we are talking about! Haha, someone missing a day for shopping, but for me, its worth it XD!!!~ But i think the Amanda than didn't mind?? Hehe, w-inds. getting into you too ka XD???
As for the going early part, its cause we follow them there! They'll have to be there earlier to practise mar, so hehe, tagging along X3!!!~

Wah, i felt so "shiawase" X3!!!~ But i think i mumbling and smiling to myself than! Hopefully my bro didn't notice or he might wonder whats up with me XD!!!~

Hmm... must continue day-dreaming what happens next soon!!! Muahehe XD!!!~ Oh ya, i also day-dreamed of posting the pics of us, just like friends, on Friendster!!!

In another day-dream on the same day but later at night, i don't know started from where, but we are like really good friends, i got introduce them to wFL forums and asks them to leave message there!!! Hehehe!!! So funny XD!!! Took pics to prove to those at wFL to believe that it really was them!!!
Oh, hehe, its not w-inds. only ler, hehe, all wFL XD!!!~

And that day-dreamings make my day XD!!!~

This concludes that day-dream is good ^-^!!!~ Good for health, spirit and everything, cause it makes you happy and less stress X3!!!~

Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool XD!!!~

Hehe, today's April Fool yo!!! Happy April's Fool day XD!!!

Oh yeah, i wrote this Blog to announce something... i'll be marrying my sweetheart Jay Chou next month!


-_-||| *crow fly pass*...

Ok ok, its lame XP!!!~

Aiyo, today English last period is work period... and i felt like i'm such a b*tch!!! We're discussing about this thing, and the debate became quite heated @_@... and i have this thing about listening to people when i disagree! Finally, my classmate bang the table (XD!!!) to stop me from talking and i listen to her... turns up cause the earlier idea is not really agreeable, so she thought of another one - But because i'm busy stating my opinion about the earlier one, so i didn't try to listen when shes trying to tell me of the newer one -o-|||! So paiseh X0!!!~

And sometimes i felt like i'm such a control freak! Its like, during our workgroup, i like almost want everything my way like that @_@... of course, occassionally i did give way, but its cause that ones a more suitable! I think i'm scaring my new classmates in the workgroup @_@... i must really try not to be a b*tch anymore ne! Later scare all of them away XD!!!~

Ooh, later after class, we'll be going to K to sing song XD!!!~
Actually, its cause my mom (Phang! Amanda's my dad XD!) will be going to LA soon, so mar like farewell party lor!!!
Because my class ended late, so i have to go there myself (They all leave me to go there myself T_T...)! Luckily can tumpang Travis's car! Hehe, no need take taxi XP! Taxi naik harga dee XP!!!~ Arigato ne!!!~
Me, Jessie, Tao Tao and Travis go to Sunway Pyramid ler, than after finding a parking, they all planning to watch movie, so throw their bags into the car. While Tao Tao was putting his bag into the car, he go put one leg in the boot (-o-|||...), than Jessie and Travis pushed him inside the boot XD!!!~ AND CLOSE THE BOOT XD!!!~~

My reaction was so big (Paiseh =^o^=!), i shouted "Oh sh*t!!!"! Than Travis faster go open the boot, and Tao Tao is lying there, very relaxed, talking on the phone -o-|||... Hahaha, this is funny!!!~

In K, at first a bit boring ler, than i duet "Voyage" and "Carols" by Hamasaki Ayumi with Amanda! Wah, sing until damn high XD!!!~ First time sing Carols didn't "chao yum"!!! Happy XD!!!~
Thanks alot to Amanda, because got a lot of people not close too, so don't really dare to sing! Although she don't really know how to sing the song, she accompanied me sing till the end!!! ARIGATO!!!~

After K, me and Amanda became "wu liao ren" -O-|||... hahaha, funny XD!!!~ And makan "pre-dinner-snack" there (At 9pm+ 0_0...), than mar fun Mandy's mom fetch me home! So paiseh ne X0!!! Thank you alot alot alot!!!~ Later must SMS her thank her again!

Than Jing called, chatted for awhile... she getting more -_-||| dee XD!!!~ Ok, me too ler!!! Hahaha!!! And called Auntie!!! Yokatta everything ok!!!~ Auntie ganbatte XD!!!~
Send Pupu her "wife-to-be" pics too! Hope he likes her! I become "mui yan po" dee XD!!!~ Well, if it suceeds of course XP!!!~

Ok ler, until here! I want to go "kao kao" pig dee XP!!!~ Heheeeee, nite nite XD!!!~

p/s: I suddenly felt so "bian tai" for doing something -o-|||... oh mami...