Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How to make Law Classes more enjoyable!

Honestly, Law is something "relatively" easy!

You just need the interest and brains to study it, which, i *have* the interest, i'm just lacking on the "brains" part, due to laziness, ehehe!

Don't worry, i'm doing my best now! Fighting!

Anyways, there is something which has been a hindrance to "improve" my "brains-parts".

Actually, it had ALWAYS been a hindrance to improve my studies...

... that bloody idiot...


Somehow, since Form4, i've "manage" (i don't know how, i don't know why, it just came o(=.=")o...) to automatically fall-asleep in class whenever i'm too tired, or i don't understand the subject at hand!

No matter how much i don't understand it! Wham, "sleeping time"!

So feel like smacking my own ass!

I "would've" made it OK in class, as in having a good grasp and understanding of all the subjects, if not because of bloody falling-asleep-in-class!

Now, *because* of sleeping-in-class, there are alot of parts within all my subjects which made me stuck here and there!


Till the extend now my classmates and Auntie also don't want to *choy* me adee o(ㅠ.)o...

I've been VERY dissappointed with myself because of this (bloody-sleeping-in-class-thing), and it is also something which never fails to "successfully" manage to make me feel like a-piece-of-tahi-from-that-cow-you-see-by-the-highway- on-way-back-to-hometown after class EVERYTIME!

I feel so shitty i sleep in class, really dissappointed and angry with myself, that it made me feel the need to jump into Klang River!
I need to find a "new-river"... i have this feeling i'm "over-using" Klang River o(=.=")o...
Perhaps Strait-of-Melaka?

Anyways, i've really gotto read-up extra to catch-up in class!

And when i mean extra, i mean REALLY extra extra, because i lack the normal-understanding-ability of a normal-human, so i need to take extra extra EXTRA time to understanding an easy topic!

Good luck lar o(ㅠ.)o... only YOU YOURSELF (who means ME) can save yourself (And probably Super Junior, Shinhwa, w-inds., TVfXQ!, FTTS can help as well, ehe *blush in happiness*...)!

Woops, i've *again* strayed really far away from the main-topic i want to talk about =P!

Which, as you've read from the title:
How to make (my) Law Classes more enjoyable!

This is *something* i've came up with in-order to solve the "problem" of me sleeping-in-class, and with it, i'll DEFINATELY understand EVERYTHING SAID in class!

Which, though it *may* not come true, its still FUN to think about it XD!~

But hehe, YOU'LL. NEVER. KNOW =P!~




With the new lecturers, i can 100% guarantee i'll be the TOP-IN-CLASS!


With everyone's result's percentage being 100% =P!

Yes, especially the girls, and even the guys =D!~

*laughs crazily*

Don't get me wrong (Lets love NoguriKangIn again for teaching me that word XD!~)!
All my lecturers rock in their own wicked-way!

Just that these new lecturers will definately rock all-the-way XD!~


I have five subjects currently:
General Principles of Law (GPL)
Criminal Law
Tort Law
Legal Skills
Contract Law

For starters, no other people shall be my GPL lecturer, other than my superly-beloved:


See how suitable he is to be my GPL lecturer =D!~

My current lecturer is Mr Joseph, a really nice elderly man who was in the AirForce before!
Though so, i've find trouble understanding him most-of-the-time...

Anyways, with THIS old-man-DongWan as my lecturer!
And with extra-FREE-tuitions at home if i don't understand...



Alternative lecturer: HanKyung!
Another old-man of mine, ehehehehehehehehehe XD!~

As for Criminal Law...

OMG, i cannot imagine anybody else who could be more suitable, than HIM...

Who he himself is a CRIME as well...

The one i pounce onto everynight...


You'll definately be the BEST LECTURER (Since you are a CRIME yourself XD!~)

If Choi SiWon is really my Criminal Law lecturer... i'll be the happiest student alive!


No, actually...

Though, the both of us might have to exercise restrain from each other during class, which might be difficult...

As long as i get my grades up lar, ehehehe!

Since its only like 3 hours of Criminal Law every week... FIGHTING!

We can have the rest of remaining hours all to ourselves XD!~

Alternative lecturer: Mario Choi?
Hehehe, Baby's "alter-self" for classes XD!~

Ehem ehem, ehehe, back to my erm... what am i doing again?

Oh yes, ehe, right!

My Tort Law lecturer!

No other than my beloved DongSaeng:



Tort Law classes will NEVER be the same again.

Though, i'll have to learn not to laugh too much in class.
... this is going to be really tough... probably harder than restraining myself from Simba...

But otherwise:

BTW, if LittleBoy really is my Tort Law lecturer, i have this feeling i may have to fight with BiBi to be top in class!

And i can also foresee that BiBi will be the one leading a group of people requesting for more hours every week for Tort Law classes!

Wow, i'm psychic =D!~

Can i petition for less hours for Criminal Law classes then?
Simba can teach me at home anyways, ehehehehehehehehehehe XD!~
Ehem, if any academic work can be done at home with him that is o(=v=")o...

Alternative lecturer: My other dongsaengs, RyeoWook and KyuHyun!
Actually, all three of them should teach in class =D!~

Because everyone will be laughing after LittleBoy and LittleBaby's retardness, and mesmerized by BabyBoy's voice!
Oh well, i can always get those extra-FREE-tuitions at home =D!~

As for Legal Skills classes...

Aside from teaching us writing ways etc, his assistant guarantee can teach us how to meow!


Yes, HanJaeHeeBum is his assistant!~

Wow, it'll be one of the most interesting classes too ne =D!~

I can imagine Cinderella wearing those wicked-specs, pointing onto informations on the board with those long-steel-teaching-stick-thingy, with HanJaeHeeBum sitting on his desk looking at all of us!


Somemore can play with HanJaeHeeBum in class! MEOW-ING ALL THE WAY XD!~

Alternative lecturer: Lee MinWoo?
Maybe because while as i was thinking of an alternative lecturer, he was singing, so i got the inspiration!
But somehow, i also felt MinWoo-oppa will be able to teach us this subject as well...
If his topless while teaching that is XD!~
Guarantee whole class drooling (Even the guys!)!~
Hehe, he can also teach the guys how to have such a GREAT BOD like him!~

Hmm... can i have TWO LECTURERS for Legal Skill Classes?

So ok, what about Contract Law classes?

As much as i like my current class, technically, to me, contract is still one of the MOST BORING aspect of Law =P!
I lazy to read cause *hides from ContractLaw-lovers*!

HOWEVER, if we have THIS lecturer...

Don't want to pay attention also cannot!

Who is he?

He is...

We might have to prevent AuntieMi-Ui from entering our class during his lecture though!

You might wonder... WHY ERIC MUN JUNGHYUK!

Its not like we stay together! How to get those extra-FREE-tuitions if so (Hehe, i can see the very-chinese-sides of everyone coming out!)?

Well, simple!

Let me show you something:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, SCARY o(ㅠ.)o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And especially...

DONGWAN-OPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!! kimchi scared o(ㅠ.)o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So as you can see, with such SCARY lecturer...


No need those extra-FREE-lessons also NO PROBLEM!

Heck, i think within first semester i already PASS WITH FLYING COLOURS!

Can go for MASTERS, PH.D, PB.D somemore! No worries!
*PH.D - Permanent Head Damage, PB.D - Permanent Brain Damage*

Somemore if you *don't* do well... imagine Auntie looking at you!
Because you're depriving her from her CHUT-TING-times with Eric-oppa!

Alternative lecturer: NoguriKangIn
Explanation is simple: He is scary as well.

Wah, no reasons to not do well for Contract Law class then, right?

If only...

Go eat! HUNGRY XD!~



Freaking SM!

SuJu's 2007 hanging Calendar XD!~



Freaking Version A!

Freaking Version B!

If not for the fact i've limited spaces (And limited "pockets"!) in my room, i *would've* probably bought one... or two... of the calendar...
Whatever lar, its not like i have anymore "empty-walls" in my room anymore, haih...
But if i were really to buy (OR RECEIVE AS PRESENT!), that would mean i have THREE calendar's in my room for year 2007 (Plus the w-inds. calendar i will buy annually X3!~)!~

Haih, nevermind lar...

But the black one looks so tempting o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o *hinthint*...

So do the other one actually (Though who knows how the inside looks like?)!


ARGH!!! I WANT BOTH OF IT *hinthint*!!!

I really want it *HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT*!!!

Ehem, Christmas and New Year is coming =P!


Enough, later Keita merajuk!

Keita finally *probably* met SiWon during the MKMF award!~

Which, btw, w-inds. won Asia Best Pop Artist Award, and SuJu won Best New Group Award!~

GYA XD!!!~



Ok enough, go to sleep, ehehehe o(=v=")o...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tired. Felt like quiting.

Edit: 29th November 2006 @ 10:14am.

I ended up not going for BOTH lectures today... bloody hell o(=.=")o...

Initial plan was to go for class, but genius me woke up late, so i thought of skipping first class... the second class was more important anyways.

I went back to sleep.

So missed both class... dang!

Somemore the "important" one i manage to miss... by 15 minutes (Late =P!)!

I'm in college now! Finishing up some presentation stuffs, and there's my GPL Tutorial class later!


Sheeet! I really damn "hebat" o(=.+")o...

And yes, going to watch my Baby, again, later! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!~


*Blabberings to myself, please don't mind me!*

So fail man you!

First sem haven't even finish, already dying...

And for the 1290126381273281937times within this month, the "attacking" feeling of wanting to *quit* my course came... again...

Hell, it strucks me that i feel like quiting every minute of my life after i started classes.

But it felt more serious this time.

I really don't understand a single thing since starting class last month.

OK, my "lack-of-reading" also contributed to this fact lar o(=v=")o... and i took a little too-long to get use to this kinda lifestyle (Which made me miss ICPU even more!), that its, though classes just start a month ago... its really too late.

Somemore genius me is really a lazy and slow-reader. BAH!

I'm useless, dumb and if not for the fact i knew i misses SuJu every single second of my life... i would've thought i was brain-less as well o(=.=")o...

Maybe choosing Law wasn't such a brilliant idea for the less-bright me?

Last time, i would catch myself questioning myself.

I had always knew i wanted to do this. And should i did not do so, i would regret till mad for the rest of my life.

But now i've done it, i caught myself questioning myself again.

Is this what i *really* want?

No lor, HEAVEN NO!!!
Who i really wanted is... erm... *blushes*... ehehehe... hehehe, lets not "side-track" into SiWon-land o(=v=")o... ehehe...
Whatever lar, ARGH!

I know i love Law, and dreams of becoming a lawyer!

But my huge interest in being a fangirly and with the media part is trying to takeover my lawyer-side!

Wow, you know the big battle between Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader?

My version is like the BIG BATTLE between Lawyer Skyflyer vs Dancing Vadermore!!!
Ok, the names are so lame o(=v=")o... shall come up with better ones next time XP!~

Just now just got a huge emotional breakdown!

Then i gatal while surfing mySHINHWA saw DongWan's pics and msg that i end-up cry even more o(=v=")o...

Scared everyone, ehehehehehehe!

Paiseh yah, paiseh!

I promise to scare DongWan-oppa only next time! VRA XD!~

Talking to her and Eric-bear-who-is-tring-to-learn-Malay-now makes me better adee =D!~

Actually i write halfway then Auntie called, talk to her until now all emotions to write "emo-entries" also gone adee o(=v=")o... ehe...

So lets just conclude this!

For now, i'll just try to cope with it!

If i can't, time for another emotional-breakdown and also for "Plan B" to come into action!

But no, PLAN B shall not deter me from trying to do my best NOW (Its just for backup!)!

Will still do my best GANBATTE!

As of now, i'll still do my notes and studies!

As for tomorrow...


Lets see whether i want to go for class anot lar =P!
Even though got Criminal Lect =P!

DongWan-oppa will say: "Skip nya my darling kimchi! Come play with oppa XD!"
But the LittleBabyBoys will go...
ChangMin, RyeoWook, KyuHyun: "Nuna, andue yo!"

Nyao, otuhke!~
*flys to SiWon*

Ehehehehehehehehehehe XD!~

No lar, if i really skip tomorrow, its not to "escape-from-facing-reality"!

Its just to "clear-my-mind" and rest lar!

Though i don't think i can say i "need" a break!

I am definately sure i can say I WANT A BREAK!

So, i'm giving myself a break, and nobody shall or can stop me! Die than die lar!
But still have to see how lar! Ehehehehehehehe!~




Monday, November 27, 2006

Cannot like that...

Short note: A Battle of Wits is GOOD!

I love my Baby o(^ω^)o ♪!~


Another short note:

Come back next year if possible OK =(...?

The house is so quiet, i can hear the ant crawling across the floor outside near the garden o(=v=")o... ehehe...

Should've hide you guys passports that day =P! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!
Ehe, joking joking XD!~


NEVER *attempt* to do notes, or study...

... Well, doing it infront of the com is *O.K.*...

But if the monitor is playing *ANYTHING* regarding to Super Junior...


I'm sure everyone knows what *happened*...

Especially if you know me *well*...


Cannot like that ne o(=v=")o...

Worst is if SiWon is there.


Someone send LittleBoyMinMin, or at least, "his brains" to me o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o... badly in need of it...

So do BabyBoyRyeoWook and LittleBabyKyuHyun's PLEASE!

Then i can go play with DongWan-oppa and SimbaBaby while they do my work *sheepish smirk*! YEAH XD!~

*feels BiBi staring angrily at me from behind, burning in fire*

Oi, i'm unnie AND nuna lar =D!~

Yeah, for once, being older rules XP!~


ps: Oi you two! Lets go K soon!~ Yeah XD!~

pps: Your unnie me misses Korean BBQ too btw, otuhke o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o *hinthint*... i drive ok? Lets go XD!~


The Beauty of D.R.I.V.I.N.G.!

What IS "The Beauty of Driving" anyway?

Especially when you drive alone!

Ok, i'll skip all the other "good parts" (We ARE talking about the BEAUTY anyways!), and come to the *BEST PART*!

What is it?


Ok, i know everyone will probably say singing in K, or during shower is "better"!


1st situation, K:
Don't tell me you go to Karaoke EVERYDAY!
Who does so?
Even if you work there, i doubt you get to run into the customer's room and sing with them all the time right?

2nd situation, SHOWER:
Yeah, go ahead and SING!
But then your whole family and neighbours will hear you.

Especially when you sing really loud like nobody's business =P!
Consider yourself lucky you aren't "complained against"!

I had a few "really-malu-experience" of my family and cous hearing me sing from *outside* the house (Due to the place my bathroom was situated!)!

So paiseh ok o(=v=")o... eventhough i still continue to do so *minimally*... hehehe...

Anyways, back to the story!
I haven't finish my work, so gotto faster finish this and complete my work anyways o(=v=")o...
So naughty... ehe...


Just now i attempted Jang RiIn's Timeless, and i was screaming like mad while driving!


You can only understand the fun of it if you can:
- Drive
- Loves to sing
- Knows the lyrics to that song
- Able to drive and sing at the same time
- Able to control the car while driving and singing
A few of those are necessary requirements to avoid being a nuisance to other road-users!

We're considerate drivers =D!~

Ehem... anyways...

It was really fun XD!~

I can scream and reach (Or at least *try*!) to reach the high-key without the need to worry about anyone else hearing my malu-ness XD!~

When i do manage to reach it, YEAH XD!~

If i don't... luckily there's no one else there to complain or see me *malu* =D!~


Though, there *is* "one-condition"...

Where got *good things* without "condition" right?

The condition is that you MUST NOT care too much, or mind what "other-drivers" *think* of you!

Who cares what they *think* of you anyways! Its not like they *know* you, or they'll even remember you the next minute, ne?

But if its someone you know...

Prepared to be malu for a lifetime.

(Solution to singing in car without being suspected being a "nutcase" below.)

Enough, good girl faster go do work o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

Then can go play with the family! YEAHS XD!~

I want to pounce on my SimbaBaby! ROAR XD!~

*faster finishes work*

ps: There *is* a solution to avoid the malu-ness, in anycase you *want* to sing, but is afraid other's might thought you are crazy!

Which is to "cover" your mouth naturally with one hand, another hand on steering wheel driving carefully, mouth singing, try to remember the song's lyrics and also try to drive properly at the same time!
Wow, talk about multi-tasking o(=v=")o...


Its only for nutcases like ME XD!~

Monday, November 20, 2006


Han. Jae. Hee. Bum.

One fine day, i msged Auntie on how my cousin has liked HanKyung-oppa (Unintentionally and accidentally "caused" by me... again =P!)!

Which Auntie replied:
"Ne, when you get a new cat, name him HanHeeBum X'D"

Whats with Auntie to come up with these "weird names" (Cause usually i'm the "weird-name-giver"!)?
Eric-oppa chut her too much?

Anyways, to which i reply:
"OK, good name XD!" something along those lines!

Auntie replied:
"Eh? Its HeeChul's new cat's name!"

My immediate reaction was: 0.O???
Cinderella got a new cat again?
I just remember around last month or so he was just so emo because it had been a year since YamChe ranaway!
**Note from kimchi me: Silly cat! If it was me, i would've just sticked to him (Until SiWon comes to visit that is...)!**

I did some "research", and apparently, his fan just gave him a new cat!
Same breed: Russian Blue (Heaven, fans there are just so rich o(=.=")o...)!
It looks kinda like YamChe, but i feel that this new little-guy has stripes as compared to YamChe!)

This time, he named it "HanHeeBum" (After discussions and considerations with HanKyung and KiBum! HanKyung's Han, HeeChul's Hee and KiBum's Bum!)!

That is... till JayKim of THE TRAX came along, got jealous, thus, the cat was "renamed"...

Jay came back from the countryside . .

JAY : Ew!! What is that again!!
HEECHUL : I received it~ke
JAY : it's identical to Yamche.. what's its name?
HEECHUL : Hanheebum
JAY : What? Han.. what? Hanheebum? What's thatㅡㅡ;;
HEECHUL : Hankyung·Heechul·Kibum combined.. Hanheebum-_ㅡv
JAY : Why am I left outㅡㅡ^
HEECHUL : you went to the countryside yesterdayㅡㅡㆀ
JAY : include me too.. quickㅡㅡ++
HEECHUL : alright.. Hanjeheebum is as pretty as these people..
JAY : right~ let's do that~ Hanjeheebum~ke
HEECHUL : but this name has been repeatedly changingㅡㅡㆀ

Source. 희철싸이월드
Credits. La'MISS:fairy (ryeowookitis) and here.

**Note from kimchi me: Haha, JayKim is so cute XD!
His TYPHOON of THE TRAX, and his image is so cool and all, and his not much younger than HeeChul, but he can "egyo" with his hyung till like that! CUTE XD!~**

So now, the cat's name is HanJaeHeeBum.
What a long name for a cat o(=.=")o...

The naughty one in my house also named as "2.90" (Two-ninety) nya... and i thought *that* was long...

Trust them to come out with those weird but cute names XD!~

Anyways, here's a pic of HanJaeHeeBum and his beautiful owner, RellaHeeChul!

Credits: HeeChul's Cyworld

Auntie calls me KITTY or CAT! Thus, i should have "rights" to be HeeChul-oppa's cat too right?
What you say Auntie?
Yae mama, i got it, i can sense DongWan-oppa (And the rest of the family...) nunpik-ing me even from 100km away o(=v=")o!

*runs back to DongWan-oppa and jumps into his arms*

I'm still and always will be DongWan-oppa's little kimchi lar XD!~

As much as i would *like* to be HeeChul-oppa's cat (Just a thought lar DongWan-oppa! DON'T NUNPIK ME UNTIL LIKE THAT XD!~)...

We ROYALS stick together =)!
**kimchi's note: The Princess and the PrinceDongWan-oppa mar!**

DongWan-oppa's expression in the pic is like saying: "Stupid cat is back!"...

Oi, what stupid cat o(=.=")o...

Anyways, HanJaeHeeBum is a RussianBlue, HeeChul-oppa's fave breed are RussianBlues, and i'm just the "fat-chubby-cute-adorable-allthegoodstuffsintheworld-white-grey-tabby-cat"!

We're not in the "same league" lar =D (And i'm ROYAL XD!~)!~

Cinderella HeeChul...
Cinderella IS a princess... ain't she?
Doesn't that make HeeChul-oppa a ROYAL too?
As i've said "ROYALS STICK TOGETHER!"...
Yeah, lets stick to HeeChul-oppa as well XD!~

Enough, go continue work o(=v=")o...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Damn Fail.

Upon coming back from The Curve with my beloved cousins and darling nephews, i *thought* i would be doing my notes.

End up going to buy dinner, which took around half-an-hour.
Then having dinner.

I then *thought* i would be doing my notes AFTER dinner.
End up playing Flo's Diner 2 until 2am o(=.=")o...

Its just too addictive! OMG!

Damn geram lar playing it!


Sometimes you just need a little-bit-more to reach the goal, but failed... so you have to play the shift all over again o(ㅠvㅠ)o... sakit hati...

Sometimes while playing can "very-manage", sometimes end-up going crazy o(=v=")o... too many things to do if you didn't manage well you'll go bonkers!

Argh, overall play until very fun but geram, but upon reaching the next shift... its HEAVENLY FEELING (Especially when you've played the same shift multiple times but still couldn't reach it!) XD!~

Nothing can describe *that* feeling X3!~

But padan muka me now... last night play play play (And with SiWon and KyuHyun too XD!~)...

... End up i haven't finish my notes... LATER CANNOT GO PUTRAJAYA WITH COUS AND NEPHEWS o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

I. WANT. TO. GO. o(ㅠoㅠ)o!!!

I want to go take pics of the places there, the places where SuJu had been before o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

Going back to places where SuJu had been before (Example Bukit Bintang, StarHill, Saujana etc)...

Its somehow just such a miracalous and wonderful feeling, knowing that SuJu was just there and was there before, bringing back all wonderful memories i've had with them...
I miss them so much...
Thus, going to those places actually makes me MISS THEM MORE.


Don't care, this Dec holidays, going to do a "road-trip" to Putrajaya and take pics of all the places where SuJu had been XD!~



I miss them so much o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

ps: Ah, JongKook-oppa, i miss you too o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...
Have to wait another year till our beloved muscleman comes back!

I really love his voice and his songs XD!
Current spazz of his song: ParamMan ParamMan with SG WannaBe!
His songs are always so addictive XD!~

pps: Of all the Korean albums i own.

Shinhwa, FTTS, TVfXQ! and Super Junior.

I find that the most "worth-it" (In the sense i listen to it ALOT!)... is Super Junior's 1집-SuperJunior 05 XD!~

I can just put the album on "shuffle repeat", and listen to it the whole night, then falling sleep as SiWon sings me to sleep, until the next morning!

Thank Heaven's i followed my own instinct of wanting to own the album, thus buying it even though its like, an old album (Released last year!)!

Its really worth-it!~


*avoid stares from DongWan-oppa, Brian and ChangMin*

Not that i don't listen to the rest always!

They are on my mp3 and com lar XD (Some in car as well!)!~

If CD-wise:
- I've always listen to Shinhwa's 8jib in my mom's car last time!
- Brian sings to me everytime, why do i need to put their album in the player =P!
- I don't *really* like TVfXQ!'s 3jib (Except Balloon XD!~)!

So yeah, thats about it =P!

*runsaway from DongWan-oppa, Brian and ChangMin and hides behind SiWon, KyuHyun and RyeoWook*


pps: BiBi, don't get me wrong (Lets love KangIn for "teaching me" that sentence XD!~)!


Just that i'm not as satisfied with the new album as compared to the older ones!

LETS DANCE RISING SUN TOGETHER XD (Together with MinMin's retarded expressions in the MV and PERF XD!~)!~

Friday, November 17, 2006






How i miss you! You're finally "back" o(ㅠvㅠ)o!

Though so said:
Since i've spent today lazing, tomorrow and Sunday have to be "dedicated" (Note the sarcasm!) to note-making abit, tidy it up abit, and studying abit o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o!

Later must tidy up today's classes' notes too, since last night while preparing halfway... erm... fell asleep adee... so don't want to continue =P! So the notes were not *that* complete!

Naughty kimchi, NYAO X3!~

Most importantly what i want to do is...


Sleep early (Or late, it doesn't matter...), then wake up WHENEVER TIME I WANT TO tomorrow!

So tired waking up early in morning everyday after lack of sleep the night before o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o... Sleep, i miss you berry much too!

And the one i anticipates most... MEETING MY BEST FRIEND ZHAO GONG XD!!!~
I miss him most especially!
Didn't get to spend much time with him due to working till late-night everynight, then waking up early in the morning!
Later must yumchar "gao-gao" =D!~

And of course lar, spending time with my babys (And owner!) XD!~
- Lay low at hidden corner, then pounce on SiWon like how a Lion ambushes his (her) prey XD!
- Clings onto ChangMin like a Koala Bear XD!
- Go to Karaoke and sing like mad with RyeoWook XD!
- Take poser, retarded pics with KyuHyun XD!
- Manja to DongWan-oppa XD!

Weekend has only two days, but so many to do, so little time o(=v=")o...

Holidays, faster come lar o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o!

On a different note!

Do you know the word "drool"?

I'm sure everyone knows what the meaning of drool is!

Typically, a lot of people, fangirlys especially, like to use the term "drool" when they describe their "spazz-ation" over hot guys, etc!

Like how i'll usually use it to when i look at Keita, SiWon, etc! To emphasize on the fact how HOT they are!

Though, people will just *say* it, not necessarily they'll really *drool* while looking at good-looking guys, right?
But me...
Just now while i was looking at SiWon's pics... i honestly and really, *almost* drooled o(=v=")o..

Its like i was about to drift off to SiWon's side, aka SiWon-land, when Keita suddenly catches me back to his side, and realizing that my saliva were already at my lips i had to quickly slurped it back (to avoid erm... you got it lar... o(=.=")o...)!
I have nothing else to say.

One things for sure.
I don't think Keita is please with SiWon's existence.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tired. Stress. Die lar.

I'm so tired.

Lack of sleep, lack of studying, lack of understanding capability in class.

Not to forget lack of own personal-made notes, lack of knowledge, and especially, lack of studying and understanding!


Can die!

I really cari pasal.

Worst off, i can't believe i've actually seriously considered quiting this course.

I've actually "anticipated" that coming, but i didn't know it would be this soon!

Worst worst off, i can't believe i've actually almost had a nervous breakdown.

Thank God no, i didn't!

Luckily i was able to stay strong!

But how long will this be able to last?

Though honestly speaking, if i was able to handle my time better, better "time management", this wouldn't be happening.

I won't be emo now. I won't be in a headache now. I won't ki-siao or freak-out now.

And i definately won't be panicking now for tomorrow's tutorial and Friday's lecture.

I bloody love Criminal Law, but i bloody hate it as well.

A Love-Hate-Relationship, how beautiful.

Another would be if i were to start doing my notes early, thus, i would have a better understanding from the start, and i won't need to panic now.

Bloody hell.

Whoever who could say that they are busier are seriously underestimating my current course.

Well, actually, if i were to do my notes earlier and efficiently and all, yeah, then i would not be like-that now.

Assignments, i don't usually mind. I'm use to doing those in ICPU (Though depending on which subject!)!

But my current condition?

Its like i'm sitting for exams everyday now!

Worst, its not just normal exams, its like i'm having *major* examinations everyday! Surprising is i don't even feel this-freaky before my SPM or PMR but for just LECTURES?

I really need to work-up! ARGH!

Ah, but of course, apart from better "time management", i really need to get my "understanding skills" upnotch!

I feel if my time management is bad, but i can easily absorb all information given, it wouldn't be this difficult now!



English My Dear Judges, ENGLISH!

We speak the "same-language", but yet, its like "rabbit and duck" talking to each other...

Or rather, the duck understands what the rabbit is talking about, but the rabbit has NOT a single idea what the duck is quacking about.


Can i buy a sponge and stuff it into my brain?

At least it absorbs information, and it'll be useful in the sense i'm lazy to explain it now, aha.

I want to be SpongeBobSquarePants.

In a less cartoony way of course.

Oh yes, i seriously miss my Fairly Odd Parents!

I use to be able to watch it 2-3 times everyday last time, now...


I miss Timmy, Wanda and Cosmo so much o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o!!!


Something else which was MAJOR...

While Auntie was busy with assignment, i was having lunch (Even so, my mind was still much troubled with how am i going to do my work! ARGH! STOP THINKING TOO MUCH!), so i bo-liao kacau her.

Being busy, Auntie then told me to go play with my SuJu.


If i could've play with them, i would've already played with them o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

I miss them so much!

Its been SO LONG since i've watched any episodes of SuJu variety show, let alone their performance!

I want to watch Mystery6 again, but as mentioned... BUSY!

My LionCub, my retarded boys, my Noguri, my Smilling Angels, my oppas...

I really miss them. All of them. And especially that special few.


Stuck in college now. Bi (Rain) is busy dancing.

Want to go home, but can't.

Want to do work, but can't.

Want to study, but can't.

So lazy, should've just go jump down Klang River, otherwise known as "Teh-Tarik-LEBIH-KAU", as my friend calls it.

Honestly, as KL-nians, where else to go to if you want to kill yourself instantly, other than the beautiful "Teh-Tarik-LEBIH-KAU" Klang River?

I doubt there'll be any other river in Malaysia which could be capable to kill you instantly other than our very own majestic Klang River! Since well, we know of its contents... even fungus don't grow there i heard...


I shall stop here. I would really want to love and happily finish my next meal, thank you.


Go do work lar, haiya.

Monday, November 13, 2006




Well, it was supposed to be on the 6th of November 2006 (They first debuted on SBS on 6th November 2005!), ehehe, but better late than never ne =P? Naughty me =P!~

So proud of you guys! LETS FIGHTING TOGETHER!~


Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Choice

These days, every now and then i would come up with the most ridiculous decision to avoid problems.

Which was to quit.

I admit i'm one of the laziest person alive. Garfield and me would've been best of friends. Thus, making this choice to study Law came not only as a surprise to myself, but to everyone else as well.

What more that i'm not bright (Well, actually i am, but laziness told me i'm not, so let it be...), and i sincerely admit so, because i would prefer lying on the green field looking up at the blue sky as compared to sitting beneath a huge tree reading.

I love reading... if its Harry Potter or Meg Cabot you're talking about.

As for my Law books?

Lets just say if J.K. Rowling had written those books, i would bring it everywhere with me!

But they were not, and with my shallow command of "English-understanding", its easier for me to throw my Law book aside and turn on the tee-vee, watching it for the whole day, even if a scary lecture is tomorrow!

Heck, i think i would've still done so even if my FINALS were tomorrow!

Its LAZINESS, just pure laziness... really very lazy to do anything else but laze around... haih...

Thus sometimes, when i forced myself to do prepare notes, do homework (Such as now, but i end up writing this entry... OMG! SELF-CONTROL ABIT LAR PLEASE!), the lazy side of me would appear, and i would caught myself thinking why did i choose this course? And the inevitable... i would feel like quiting... maybe i should quit...?

Which then, my consious mind, the strong and determined one, would appear and slap me right across the face to remind me that this is what i wanted. This is what i want to do (Well, not studying, just the outcome of finishing this degree and everything else to achieve my dreams!). This is what i had chosen. Stick to it. Don't give up so easily. Giving up on this small little challenge would've killed my self-esteem for life.

Often my consious mind would remind me, if i gave up now, i would hate myself for life.

As much as i hate studying now, i know i would hate myself more if i were to quit halfway.

Which is one of the reasons why i chose this road, because i knew if i didn't choose this road at all, i would've regretted for the rest of my life.

Thus, there's only one way for me now.

Study, or study.

There's nothing else, but to aim high, and reach for your (my) dreams.

Quit is not a choice, its not even a question or a thought that should be in my mind.

Study, and study, study.

Do your best, try your best!

Even if the results aren't as bright as your other brilliant classmates, at least you know you've tried, and there would be no bigger regrets as compared to not choosing this road at all.




ps: As much as they looked like distraction to me, they were more of a strong "driving forces" behind me!

My LionCub SiWon, my LittleBoy, BabyBoy and LittleBaby!

For them, i'll do my best!


Lets go for ice-cream soon yah o(^ω^)o ♪!~



Missed his *cute weirdness* so badly i so wanted to re-watch that movie... AGAIN, just for L XD!~

Though, i'd probably need to enter the cinema around an hour later after the movie starts, when L finally appears? Lazy watch from beginning again, hehehe!

Or Auntie, we share lar!
We buy ONE ticket, then you go for the first half (More Light for you!), and i'll enter for the second half (More L for me!)?
The idea of a GENIUS XD!~
Ehem ehem o(^^;)o...

OMG, why are they such bloody geniuses o(=.=")o...
SUCH GENIUS that they scare me XD!~

But Light's "mad genius" scares me so badly, i think i better follow L's ways XD!~


Because technically, those make you hyper right? Maybe thats how L got all his "over-genius-energy" from right?
o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o... ice-cream...


Did you know?

No no, maybe...

You know what, i think both of them are innocent!

Or rather, Keita's the victim, and JaeJoong's the innocent one (Obviously, look at his expression XD!~)!


I'm very sure it was LittleBoy who took the hat from Keita, then giving it to Joongie, who was not aware that the hat actually belongs to Keita!


He *thought* his naughtiness would've gone unnoticed, but whaddya know, both Keita and Joongie wore the same hat in their latest single and album's DVD! AND I SPOTTED IT!

*Throws into closet*
Hehehe XD!~

BTW, just now my eyes got *washed*...
"Wash eyes" by seeing both YuCheon and JaeJoong... YEAH XD!~

Shall stop elaborating about what happened now, in any case later that LionCub roars, and the rest nunpiks XD!~
But still...

Enough, go do homework o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

So lazy... haih...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My LittleBoys...

... are retardeds.


This is my LittleBoyChangMin.

That is YuCheon btw, my "Tribal-Uncle" (Lets dance the "FarmerMickyDance" XD!~).
Anyways, this is not so bad! You should see their MVs (Especially "Rising Sun (순수)"!)...
Nobody's expressions can get "retarder" than this LittleBoy of mine, ehem...


This is my two other LittlePrecious.
BabyBoyRyeoWook, and LittleBabyKyuHyun.

So retarded o(ㅠ.ㅠ)O...
**Luckily YehSung-oppa is not (Except when he touches his hair...)! Otherwise Super Junior - K.R.Y. will be the retarded-dest thrio within SuJu?**

Why so (retarded)?

Please take a very good look at their beloved hyungs.

... *sweat drops*
But nevermind, this is still OK!
SungMin-oppa very cute btw XD!~

Please take a very very VERY GOOD LOOK at my owner Kim DongWan.

This is my owner.

That is Amane's Eric btw.


Now i know why they are so retarded.
... spend too much time with the owner and the cat o(=v=")o?
But hold on, the little boy was also retarded from the beginning.
And the LION CUB!
Poor LittleRyeoWook and KyuHyun...

But honestly...
What i find funnier, is that KyuHyun is *winning* over ChangMin with his ultra-retarded-ness! As compared to MinMin's super-retarded-ness...



Never judge people by their look, and first impression as well!
You may never know...
For example:

... So retardeds o(=v=")o...
But i LOVE you guys all the same o(^ω^)o ♪ *big hug and CHUT*!~
My LittleDongSaengs XD!~

ps: I actually has ALOT of KyuHyun's retarded pics XD!~
More than MinMin in fact!
But to protect the sanity of everyone, i shall witheld them for my own personal viewing only!

They are not for the "untrained-eyes" anyways.
What about ME you ask?
Well, technically, my eyes had been trained (From seeing their retarded-nesses everyday!), i'm VERY use to it, and honestly...
... They had already affect my sanity.
Since so, whats the risk in MORE VIEWINGS for me?
=D ♪!~

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Death Note

Just came back after watching Death Note (For FREE =D!~) @ GSC OU!

Yes, its F.R.E.E., FREEEE~ (Free, i LOVE the word FREE!~ FREEEEE!~)!

Thanks alot to my brother, for willing to go earlier in order to line-up for the tickets =D!~

Thanks alot to CousKat too, for really wanting to watch this movie, so in a way she accompanied me to watch this movie too just now =D!~

Thanks to my brother's friends for lining up with my brother just now, so i also don't need to go line-up =D!~

Thanks alot to the Malaysian Today newspaper for their free ticket redemption =D!~

And especially...


Its such an interesting story that i was caught watching it with 100% attention from the beginning!

Though i doubt i'll read the manga (Too many books =P!), but i'm definately hooked onto the movie that i can't wait for the "sort-of-sequel" coming out this month (In Japan and Taiwan first anyways, probably need to wait Dec or next year for Malaysia o(>.<)O!)! This was one of Keita's FAVOURITE manga, so being his beloved darling, of course i knew about this even before the movie is out =D!~

I've only read book 1 though, as for the rest, Keita had roughly read them to me =D!~

He probably watched this movie earlier than me anyways, being the avid fan he is...

I'm reallly "pulling-him-in" without the necessary to right XD?

Hehe, cincai lar!~

THE MOVIE IS REALLY GOOD LAR XD!~ Thanks to Keita's recommendation!~

Though so, i still don't like Baby's new hair btw!

*Takes out scissors*

Which reminds me i need a haircut, AGAIN, too... aish...

And its barely even two months?


Maybe i should get a shorter cut next time?

Yeah, i really should...

After Keita of course XD!~

Which reminds me, i don't like SiWon's current hair as well...

Whats with those two and their hair now!

Both of their previous hairstyles were shorter and needs more "styling"!

Their current ones were sort-of like their hair has grown longer, and they were too busy to get a hair-cut!


Maybe their hairstylists very lazy...

Longer hair = Save-up on time needed to style it.

Hehe, thats probably what i would've did =P! Can't blame them then!~

Ehem XD!~

But thinking of another point...

Maybe the two of them too busy spending their freetime after work with me that they didn't have the time to go get their hair done better?

And maybe i too was too busy spending my freetime after studies with them that i didn't have the time to get my hair done better as well?


The three of us should go cut our hair together.


My short opinion on the movie!
I really need to get to sleep ASAP after preparing abit for class tomorrow, otherwise GUARANTEE i will SLEEP again in class o(>.<)O!


The movie was good!
Not alot of movies can manage to "attract" my attention from the beginning till the end!

Regarding the actors, Fujiwara Tatsuya did a GREAT JOB acting as Yagami Light!
However, i still felt that they could've got a more good-looking actor XP!~

Nevertheless, the "aura" Fujiwara-san gave of as a "mad-genius-in-the-making"... no, his already a "mad-genius" in a genius-ly scary way... is REALLY GOOD! You are really persuaded to believe that he really is a genius!
Not to say he does not look like a genius, but lets face it that its not everyone can look like those "mad-really-genius-mad-GENIUS"!
... erm... got what i mean?
Nevermind, watch and you'll understand o(^^;)o...

As for the other character, the one who played "L" (Forgot the actor's name...)...
Those filmmakers are GENIUS!
They really managed to find a guy, and after make-ups, looks at least a close 80-90% alike the manga character!

Apart from being a good actor and being convincing in playing his role (As another mad-genius...), his character was really cute XD!~
The way he eats all his candies and sweet stuffs, and the way he drinks his really sweet tea...

Abit the "weird" in a normal-human-sense (I may not be what you call "normal", but i'm definately considered "normal" standing beside those two characters! Hehe!), but still CUTE XD!~

I wouldn't be surprised if he managed to catch more than half the cinema's viewers' attention with his cute and strange ways!

Ok enough! GO TO SLEEP (After preparations!) NOW!

Can't wait for the next episode, the last one to the Death Note movie!