Friday, February 29, 2008

I was packing my bags...

I miss her (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

I'm coming back soon with your appa and oppas baby (^^ )!!

따랑해!!!~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Coming 23rd Febuary 2008...

Ok ok, its way pass 23rd February 2008, but i forgotten to post it (really busy) so... hehehe!!
The battle between OldMan Jay and OldMan Teuk.

I should stop calling them "oldman"...

But it's just so addictive XD!~

Do you know who won?

Monday, February 25, 2008

All i want to say is.

Hip-thrust / Pelvic thrust...

... is best watched LIVE... *right in-front* of you...

... by 13 Beautiful Boys.
13 lovely, wonderful, adorable, cute, good-looking, talented, and all the good things in the world...

13 Precious Boys.

I love them so much.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


People say i'm crazy.

Some say i'm mad.

Others ask if it's worth it.

I say it's worth everything i've been through just for today.
I love ELF, and am so proud to be one of them.
And most of it all...
I love my 13 Boys.
They are just so beautiful and precious, i love them so so much.
Words couldn't describe how i feel about them right now.
ps: Oh yah, i just got officially married to all of them today. It's not just a saying anymore. I'm married to them now. Officially.
And yes, again, to YoungWoon and SiWon.
I'm not kidding you, we i proposed to them, and they did it in return, marriage proposals accepted... so yeah, we're married aren't we?.
I love them so much.
Now i'm...
Mrs Park, Kim, Han, Kim, Kim, Shin, Lee, Lee, Lee, Choi, Kim, Kim and Jo.
Its good to be married (-_―V)!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


It still seems like a dream.

I need rest, or i'm going to turn ballistic.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

HeeChul The Little Royal Rascal.

Approach and Worship.
닥 · 숭

Don't you agree (^^ )?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jay Chou is...

... "haunting" is a strong word, but i couldn't find anything else more suitable...

So yeah, Jay Chou's haunting me!!

But regardless...

I still love him so much XD!!!

Will edit later, need sleep (^^ )!~

This post is written in anger.

You may not like the contents, and excuse me if you don't like the language... but thats your problem, i wouldn't care.

I say if you're inhuman, you wouldn't read this post at all.

But since its late, and i should go to sleep soon, i'll keep this short. Seriously. For the first time.

Yeah its good, but there are alternatives to the taste.

Keep in mind, i don't believe in imitation Shark's Fin, because i believe that once idiotic ignorant people got the hang of it, eventually they'll want to take real ones.

Its like if you always buy fake LV, one fine day you'll want a REAL LV won't you?

9 new species of sharks are going to be added to IUCN's Red List, the official list of animals at threat of global extinction.

I mean, like seriously lar... *continues cursing*...

People who take Shark's Fin are idiots really, and i shall stop my cursings now. Cause it'll come true. As much as it may be good karma, but really... i guess i'm just being nice. You should thank me.

And so in conclusion, i've got a New Year's Resolution.
Something which i've decided some time ago.

I'm boycotting all dinners which serves Shark's Fin Soup.

Seriously, serving it in front of me, imitation or not, is just plain insulting to me that its worst than a nice slap on the face by a basketball or something.

I find it seriously insulting.

And considering the fact that my whole life, i've only met ONE OTHER PERSON who doesn't take Shark's Fin soup even when served. Bless him the kind soul.

I love my dad and brother (and me DaiSou and family) for understanding how important this matter is to me, that they respected me and didn't order that-thing-which-idiots-eat during the family dinner, and also bro's wedding!

Also because they understand me i guess, i'm guaranteed to throw a fit (seriously bad one, i'm capable) if they did, which would never be pretty, so yeah...

Me family is cool *beams proudly*!~

Stop taking Shark's Fin soup. Really. How more sinful can you get?

If people actually shows their seriousness in the matter, it will change.
Don't think just because everyone else also eat, might as well you eat too because "it won't make any difference".

Haven't you thought of that if you stop eating, other people might follow suit?

It will make a difference.
Look how my family has stopped taking Shark's Fin now (Dad is a great support!), even though they might not be as "serious" about it as me, but one small change might always mean a big chance for Shark's won't they?

Its not a matter of whether or not you "order-it", its more a matter of whether or not you will eat it.
Ordering it is already bad, but eating it is just the same. If you stop eating it, it means no point ordering it, isn't it?

If most people (saying everyone would really seem like hoping too much) actually stop taking Shark's Fin soup, even when served, it will make a difference gradually.

Thats all i want to say.

ps: Ok, its actually a long post again, but what the heck, it feels good letting how i really feel out XD!

Friday, February 15, 2008

HeeChul is Astro Cat from SuJu-land.

Long post =P!

This is the picture which i posted on HeeChul's blog.

HeeChul all tired from coming back from the vet... oh, and because of the cone she hates so much...

It actually makes her all tired and semangat-less, and i know it might seem "cruel", but she just looks OH-SO-CUTE in it (Astro Cat from SuJu-land), plus the fact she's extra-manja (follows me almost everywhere till she gets bored of it) and becomes a really good girl just by wearing the cone... well... sorta...


Do you know HeeChul actually knows how to removes the cone by herself whenever she's presented with the chance? And she really won't hesitate to take advantage of that chance!

She actually knows that if something holds on to the cone, whether someone's hands or if its stuck between something, she just needs to pull her head (or reverse) and wa-lah, she'll be free! So whenever she feels pressure on the cone, you can see she'll immediately start pulling her head back so she can be free!

Smart or cheeky?

Honestly speaking, and not because i'm bias really, i always think HeeChul's a pretty smart cat, but she really has her own mind (*coughliketheoneshe'snamedaftercough*) and is really stubborn, so she won't do as told unless if she's in the mood.

Typically HeeChul.

Anyways, a short update on her, here's a picture of her injury on the first day (Wednesday).

Yeah, part of her tail's fur had to be shaved off for the wound to be kept clean and all =(...

Imagine trying to hold down a very feisty cat, while the doctor shave her tail (and accidentally kena the wound abit (= =")...), and it is a part which she is extremely sensitive to at the moment because she had been feeling pain there for a few days, and even walked weirdly because of the pain... so yeah... very difficult... i still amaze myself on how i manage to hold on to her without sustaining any injury *prouds*.

She had to wear the cone the moment she comes back from the vet, and as said, she gets very tired wearing it and goes all semangat-less, and as tired as she is, her eyes are still open wide-and-bright even when its bed time!

Because she refuses to sleep, i spend the whole night trying to coax her to sleep while i read a book at the same time (the beauty of multi-tasking). Until she fell asleep only did i sleep.

Although the next morning when i woke up, all her funny sleeping posts, while still wearing the cone, still appears, but you can tell she didn't sleep well. Even in the afternoon, to avoid her from going out of the house, i locked her up in the study room, and she got so restless because of the cone, she didn't even sleep but is either resting with eyes open, or meow-ing whenever me or someone she knows passes the study room.

In the evening, when i finally have the time to look after her (if i have the time to look after her 100%-ly, i will remove the cone, since i'm watching her i can stop her immediately if she starts to lick her wound), she showed how happy she is by doing something she loves best...

You can even sense her feeling of happiness even by looking at the photo? Hehehe!

Though she still wore the cone until late last night, the injury improved, so i removed the cone before bedtime, so she could get a good night sleep!
And boy, did she sleep well throughout the night! She didn't even wake up for meals, despite not eating much the day before, but just continue sleeping (i'll know if she's awake while i'm sleeping, because she would either trash my Jay Chou board, or she would wake me up to open the door for her)!!

Apart from that, you'll know if she had slept well, because when you wake up and see her sleeping like this...

You'll just know! Hehehe!

But hehe, too bad i had to wake her up for medication time =P! Woops!

As of now, the wound doesn't hurt anymore even when i touch it or apply slight pressure to it, so hope for the best!! Thanks for everybody's concern! I REALLY REALLY appreciate it because although HeeChul makes it feel "easier" by looking all silly and making me laugh, i'm really worried... also "lucky" that i'm feeling numb in terms of emotion now, otherwise i'm sure i would've bawled (=v=")...

Eitherways, thank you very much! I really appreciate everything!

Oh, and HeeChul said she'll post something up later to thank everyone's concern! I wonder what it'll be?

I baked cookies the other day...

Whether accidentally or coincidentally...

13 stars on the tray.

They may not be purr-fect, but i love it the way it is (^^ )!
Btw, the pack of premix cookie mixture comes with a pack of strawberry icing!

Too sweet to my liking, but apparently, HeeChul loves it (she loves sweet stuff)!

ps: No seriously, it was pretty difficult to shape the dough (too sticky), so i just make the cookies accordingly to as much the tray can hold, and wah-lah, 13 stars just came out (^^ )!

pps: OMG I LOVE STARS (the shape)!! I'm obsessed with it (and pretty much everything i like =P! Hehe!)!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Double ugh...

I take back whatever i said last post.

I'm going to kill that expensive chicken.

The "attack" happened last Sunday. On that night itself i discovered 2 "small-wounds", just minor-scab-ones which should heal relatively fast.

But until today i discover SIX wounds all-together around HeeChul's body, but most are just minor ones turning to scabs. The "bigger-wounds" are still the two i found on Sunday, so its really nothing.

Well, six-scabbish-wounds *are* nothing... seriously...
Till i found a slightly deeper wound on her tail.

One which she actually cringes away when i touch it.

One which she actually hiss when i touch it.

One which she actually tries to attack me when i touch it.
(Note: HeeChul is naughty, but she doesn't attack if i didn't provoke her. And there are differences between her bites when she is playing and when she is annoyed)

At first i wondered if i should bring her to the vet, because it could be just some normal scab and it would be very embarrassing to make such a big-fuss over something so trivial!

However, after trying really hard to get a good look at the thing (she wouldn't let me touch it, i have to actually man-handle her till she cries like mad just to be able to see for a few seconds!), and considering the fact she actually cries and moves away whenever i touch that part...

Heck, just bring her to the doctor to be safe!

Plus, i don't know if i'm being sensitive or not, i somehow find the way she walked funny after discovering the wound on her tail!
And i think there's some minor swelling from the looks of her tail?

But she wasn't easy to be fooled to get her into her carrier bag; she actually ran out of the house in the middle of eating her can-food (something she NEVER do unless something is wrong) that i had to run out and catch her! Luckily something distracted her, otherwise guarantee she sure hide somewhere i can't get to her!

So anyways, i managed to bring her to her vet, and when she got out from her bag, i hold on to her while the doctor take a look at her tail, and even when he touched the wound and all, HeeChul didn't even cringe or move away or anything, so i thought the injury was really just a scab, and was about to feel embarrassed that i made a big fuss out of something so small, when the doctor pressed the injury... and yellow pus came out of it...

I did some research about injuries on cat before, plus i was Lazy's cat-sitter before, so...
pus = no good.

The wound was rather bad, but, don't know to say "lucky" or not, its just the third day, so it wasn't that bad... but anyways, i really blame myself cause if i had discovered it earlier, maybe it wouldn't be this bad...

And to make matters (myself) feel worst, i actually read this article that if a cat suddenly walks differently, it means something is not right.
And i actually never take note of how she had been walking this past few days, and somemore i wondered whats with her bad temper.

I'm a horrible omma.

Anyways, before i feel more horrible with myself... the doctor had to shave off part of HeeChul's fur on the tail, to keep the wound clean i guess... and i had to apply medication there, and feed her medicine every day. If the swelling didn't subside in the next 5 days... well, i'm sure it would, so praying for the best!!

For now, i had to put the cone-thingy on HeeChul, to stop her from licking her wound, however, that cone thing makes her all moody and down, i almost took pity on her and remove it! Luckily BiBi advised me not to, so the wound could heal faster!

And she still cringes whenever i try to wipe the liquid (watery blood) which is coming out from her wound, even though i didn't even touch it, just using the tissue to absorb whatever it can absorb, i doubt i even touch the wound!

Poor thing, i hope the wound is not hurting really, seeing her like that hurts me (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

Seriously, i want to thank AhJung and BiBi for their advice and especially, concern on HeeChul, because i actually felt numb and blurred throughout the whole thing, i don't even feel like myself (= =")... so really, all i know how to do at the moment is lose my temper instead of "feeling"... nice...

Going to post pics later, i'm going to go tend on the little one now; she only ate some wet-food, and hasn't even drink nor eat her dry-food yet, probably because of her cone?

Eitherways, have to make it up to her later! She really "suffer" at the vet, cause apart from squeezing out the pus on a wound which hurts etc, the doctor had to apply medication and all, which really hurts her and made her go all mad!

Another thing which amazes me though... is how i can still bravely hold on to HeeChul despite her constant cringing, hissing, attempts at biting and scratching, due to the pain when the doctor was tending to her!

Because i'm used to it, or because i love my Baby?

Well, despite everything, she's my life, so i guess that explains it =)!

ps: Contrary to popular belief, as feisty and naughty HeeChul may be, she will NEVER scratch anyone UNLESS if she feels REALLY threatened, or really scared! Otherwise, she never scratches anyone.

She only scratched me twice, and those are in really grumpy and threatened situation to the extreme. The second time i sendiri cari pasal somemore!

But really, apart from that, HeeChul never scratches anyone else.
HeeChul may bite, but mostly is because she was extremely annoyed, but otherwise, she really is a good cat who would prefer to leave a place when disturbed instead of "biting", unless if she was constantly disturbed till she couldn't take it anymore!

So really, please stop any misunderstandings on HeeChul!
Though i may emphasize it for precaution, but really, she's still my precious after all, i hate all stereotypical opinions on her!

If you know her she's a real darling who i love despite the constant bites and ignorings =)!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I haven't been blogging much lately yah =P?

Have been busy, me apologies, but anyways, a slight update...

Last Sunday, HeeChul got attacked by this idiotic pure-bred "apparently-costs-RM1000" neighbour's cat.
What kinda pissed me off was that nobody actually cared when they hear the noise of cat-fights outside... somemore it was REALLY LOUD (just by the gate)...

I was busy at the moment, but being HeeChul's omma, the one who is constantly paranoid about her and worries about her and fuss about her all-the-time, i yelled for my mom to help me see (if its HeeChul), but mom was upstairs and didn't reply, so the next moment i throw away everything else at hand and rush to the "source" of the commotion, and my worries came true.

The expensive-but-idiotic-cat trapped HeeChul to a corner and was attacking her, but luckily, being a feisty one herself, she defended herself with all her might!

I shoo-ed the "expensive chicken" (and henceforth, that is what he shall be called for life) away (seriously, he see you nya he runaway adee - very cowardly), and walked to HeeChul. I was going to carry her but she hissed even when i touch her, something she never do, except if she's really really scared (to protect herself)!! But once she realized its me, she quickly ran into the house!

Anyways, now she has some scabs around her body (THREE - the last i counted), and my poor baby (ㅠ.ㅠ)... i was really scared and paranoid!! Even though the first i found (on her head) is just one small little wound... but still... she's my little precious!!

Seriously, i love cats and all, but if i see that expensive chicken near me house again, i'm going to give it a good kick up the ass!!

My baby is most important; anyways, its not a "racist" thing, its a personal thing.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Horrible fan.

Yesterday was Geng's birthday.

I totally forgotten about it (= =").

I mean, i know when's his birthday.

I looked forward to his birthday before his birthday.

But somehow or rather...

I forgot about it when it actually is his birthday (= =")...

But its actually his fault, so can't blame me? Hehehe!

Shall do something today, regardless!

For the retarded, typical Chinese AhBeng i love so much!!

I love you all!~

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tis the season to get angpows!

I love Chinese New Year!

Apart from angpows, there's mandarin oranges (sour ones, ooh, me love!~), angpows, family gatherings (sorta), angpows, holiday, angpows, reason to shop, angpows, good yummy CNY food, angpows, reason to eat, angpows, and more reason to dress up nicely and all...
And of course...

Ook, angpows are SUPER attractive and one of the reasons why i love CNY so much, but the no.1 reason why i love CNY so much would be...

Its a New Year!
A Chinese New Year!
A very Chinese celebration!


I love my CNY outfit!
And i made pretty nails!
Well, i *hope* it'll turn out well, haven't exactly started properly yet...
Super procrastinator procrastinates again?

Ok, new year resolution... STOP PROCRASTINATION!!

In the meantime...


Monday, February 04, 2008

Do you know?

Short note: *Massive* update at HeeChul's Blog!

If you don't like Kimutaku's Gatsby advertisement board at Bukit Bintang...

Or if you don't like Bi's Clear shampoo advertisement board at the back (left of pic)...

Simple *grin*...

The pic world is even brighter with KangIn and HeeChul's advertisement boards!~

I love photoshop!~

Sunday, February 03, 2008


I went to KL the other day, and guess what i saw??

You know the brown building opposite Lot 10, near the Bukit Bintang junction?

Well, there was this HUGE poster on the building, and guess what it is!!!


Can you see the famous Malaysia Twin-Jagungs at the back?
Just as proof that i'm not lying, this picture was *indeed* taken while i was standing at the Jalan Sultan Ismail junction at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!!

Ooh, i can't wait!!




Today is...

My precious Baby's birthday!

Happy Birthday SUPERKyu!~

You're so precious me love you so much!~

Saturday, February 02, 2008

This is the most procrastinated post ever.

HeeChul's Blog is updated (^^ )!~

Well, sort-of.

Without further adue...

DongHee's birthday is on September 28, however, *because* due to certain reasons, period, JungAh and i just held a "simple" celebration (marking us as two horrible fans) on that day, and postpone to celebrate his birthday with DongHae's next month...

I was supposed to post this earlier... like... OCTOBER LAST YEAR... but... oh well =P!

I guessed i better get round doing it, i mean... i've posted about SungMin AND KangIn's birthday this year (which has passed), and KyuHyun's coming up next! I'll be doing serious injustice if i delayed in posting this... again again!!


One big blubber who i dearly loved, and another fish who is many loved!~

I love being an ELF!~


Ju-lia's Full-Moon Party.

Technically, i can refer to it as "come of month" too right?

Look at *most* of the presents she received (meaning there's still some which is not in the pic)!

Double plural "s" because its just "too much" presents!!

I also want to "come of month" next month (-┏)...

I don't understand...

Why the lines at J. Co Donuts?


Are the donuts extra heavenly?

Are the donuts extra tasty?

Are we turning into those uniformed cops we see in US shows who loves donuts?

If its like Mr Donut which i had when i went to Thailand, i would *totally understand*, because those donuts are SERIOUSLY HEAVENLY! Totally different from those "normal donuts" we have around, because the texture is extra-Q, just the way i like it!

But even Mr Donut @ Thailand doesn't have freakingishly long lines like that!


From one of KinkyBlueFairy's post, one of her friends' box of donuts can even get *stolen*.
That desperate?

Me no big-fan of donuts (Except Mr Donut @ Thailand), and according to my SIL's "testimonials" about J. Co, it tastes almost like Epal Besar's, which i like too btw, on occassions, so seriously, i don't understand why its necessary to line-up that long... or even to steal for it...

Even Epal Besar has their "off-peak" times (no people lining up), so i wonder if J. Co have their "off-peak" times?

Maybe they have slow servers, lols!

So really, i would never understand why.
And i wouldn't be crazy enough to go line-up that long just for "donuts", except if i have someone crazy who is willing to wait for them, but otherwise... NADA!!!
(I only buy Epal Besar when i'm craving for them, and when there's no line!)

Really, Malaysians are funny!
First Roti-boy, now DONUTS!!

We love our baked-goods yah?
Its really ironic considering the fact that our "main staple" are rice isn't it?

Maybe we're getting bored, lols!

So sinful.

Its sinful to live in Malaysia.

Its sinful to be me.

No wonder i'm gaining weight (= =").

Seriously, i need to lose some before i can squish EeTeuk with just one hug (-┏)...

ps: Compiled pics are taken since around September '07 till now.

Friday, February 01, 2008

I love being myself.

Whatever it is with maturity or growing up...
I shall stay like a kid and act as i see fit!

I love these quotes below:
There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes.
- Doctor Who

But my favourite remains:
The purpose of life is to fight maturity.
- Dick Werthimer

All hail people in the world who fights maturity!
Honestly, you are old only if you think you are.

Or if you act so.

I believe in "acting my age"... well... most of the time...
But i believe more in acting as i see fit!

Acting as i like!

닥 · 숭
Approach and Worship.

We have so much to learn.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.

- Mahatma Gandhi

I was reading these two post entries from this Blog.
Entry#1: Observe how they treat their "lessers" and
Entry#2: Counteracting objections (to allow pets on MRT).

Somehow or rather, after reading those entries, i felt Singaporeans can be rather unfriendly and mean towards animals, especially strays.

Especially from the article in Entry#1!
(Below is part of the article i find myself really disgusted)
Pet-unfriendliness in Singpaore extends beyond transport companies to the individuals. I have seen some people exhibit irrational fear and disgust towards creatures so much smaller than themselves.

I have seen young boys who kick their balls towards harmless stray cats and dogs. These animals would have given the children a wide berth if given a choice, but do not have such privileges.

I have seen parents egging their children to chase after and terrorise strays; even pets are not spared in some cases.

Is this the kind of values that we want to pass to our future generations? Even writing about this makes me fume.

- by Jason Woo, Content Producer, CND New Media
21 Aug 2007

OMG, if i know any adult who does that, i would be utterly disgusted i wouldn't know how i would actually react!

I mean, even if you really dislike animals and all, just ignore it, unless if the animal like terrorizes you right?

What, you live in kampung ar??
Moreover egging your own children to be cruel and unkind! OMG!

I shudder to think how your children will turn out to be.

So anyways, as i was saying... i felt Singaporeans can be rather unkind and unfriendly to animals after reading the entries above.

However, if you consider the lengths of those people in Singapore who are helping the stray cats community, fostering the cats, paying from their own pocket for GOOD FOOD for the cats, and not just any supermarket-brand which are actually bad for the cats...

The stray cats there actually live a good life! Fat cute ones!!

Not forgetting paying for the sterilizations (spaying) as well... something most Malaysians refuses, not even for their own cat or dog, because they live in zaman kuno and feel like doing that is "cruel to the animals".

I especially admire how they are actually buying good food for the cats, its not cheap, but for the cats health in the long-run, they just went ahead!! Not forgetting those cats are NOT their own cats, but rather, stray cats, or their own community cats!!!

I do know that there are loads of owners who are not even willing to invest in good food for their own pets, even if its beneficial, but will just proceed to get cheap supermarket brand, which is actually bad for the pets health in the long run!

Well, Malaysia may have loads of kind and compassionate animal lovers, like seeing a poor animal they'll help and all, but somehow i feel Malaysians will never want to waste that extra buck for animals, not even for our own pets!

It takes all types to build up a society! Eitherways, we still have a long long way to go!