Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Only a retard like me.
Who still hasn't sleep.
Will go to JoKyu's Cyworld at 3.15am.
Click on his diary tab.
Remove all the annoying stickers covering the page.

And sing along to the lyrics he (Old Man?) edited to SORRY, SORRY.
어딜 가나 당당하게 웃는 너는 닭강정
착한 여자 일색이란 생각들은 닭강정
도도하게 거침 없게 정말 너는 닭강정
돌이킬 수 없을만큼 네게 빠져 닭강정

내가 부럽다면 그건 그대들이 닭강정
What's with Koreans and Chickens? (KYOCHON~~!!)
I guess it's like how Chinese' are obsessed with Pork?? (Ok, maybe just me?)

Oi Pig, call you ar, ㅋㅋㅋ!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Just because.

Gosh, if not for Full House i would really never had realized how wonderful "Just because" can be, ㅋㅋㅋ!~

3집 대박!!~

Two NUMBER 1 in just two weeks time. It may be not be anything "oh wow wee" to anyone else, but to us... ㅋㅋㅋ!~

I'm going to make HeeChul dance "SORRY, SORRY" as our celebratory dance.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why i love 13.

Because they make me smile and am happy again despite anything (^^ )!~

너무 너무 따랑해~~~ 아기범너오디야야???~~
우리 최고야!!~ 3집 대박!!!~

ps: It appears that the person who cut Teuk's jacket didn't return the remaining cloths to him, ㅋㅋㅋ!
WookieHRH그 바보 아이~~ 따랑해!!~
기범!!! Gosh, i should stop crying when its 13 related. I cry too much, ㅋㅋㅋ!! I blame it on Teuk!
Haha, i like 's retarded expression behind!~
희님 dance!~
Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 행복!!!~~~ (^^ )

What the FUCK.

This was supposed to be a "menagih kesimpatan" post. (gosh, my BM is getting horrible.)

Then it became a HAPPY POST.

But its just a shitty post right now.

Like what the fuck.

And mind, i make it a point not to curse.

But really... WHAT THE FUCK!!!

会いたくて... チャンス도와요!!! 근데 안돼다... 뭐야!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!! I want to go Fahrenheit's concert!!

Anyone got tickets???
Please??? Pretty please??? m(_ _)m

ps: I doubt i would be updating this Blog until after the Fahrenheit concert, just in case anyone who has an extra free ticket missed this post and didn't see my plea.
Meanwhile, since i have an obligation to update Project365 as often as i can (but apparently i'm making it a daily thing)... so... yeah...

Pretty pretty please???

MacBook Air.

Using my dad's new MacBook Air now.
!@#$%^&* I ALSO WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fast, sleek, pretty, slim, FAST!!!
OMG i'm so going to steal it from him tonight, and erm... erm... hide is under HeeChul's bed!
Hah, it's so freaking thin nobody would even think something is there!!

Though, the fact remains i *still* doesn't like MacBooks. Complicated nevermind, can learn... but slow until (when i used my bro's one)... that for one i was thinking if am i so DongHae that my bro's MacBook works fine him, but malfunctions at my hand??
But my dad's MacBook is like... OMG!!!
It's like surfing the net OUT OF MALAYSIA ok, those super fast, one click *shoosh* and the page opens those type.

What turf. It's just a MacBook, why lar the internet connection like so much faster???
And the start-up... OMG!!!
Oh right... AIR mar... what turf.
And i think i sound like a computer-illiterate now, what turf. I'm not, ok...
Ok, maybe just a little... but yes, i don't know anything about MacBook at all so it's ok.

Operation "steal-Air" commencing in 13hours.

So retarded, omg.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The answer to a question.

You know, when i was surfing around SuJu's forums and all, i've read a lot of questions asking:
"Which version is better?"
Considering that SuJu's latest album has TWO different versions...

My answer would be...
How? The answer is simple, as long as you follow the simple steps i've provided below.
  • Con your father into giving you the remaining wons he have.
  • Count the wons and put it into an envelope.
  • Seal tightly with lotsa sellotape, just because.
  • Proceed to laugh evilly.
  • Pass envelope (with the wons, and a lot of sellotape) to a very nice person.
  • Go home.
  • Prepare to wait for a week.
  • Look at the clock. Note time.
  • Laugh evilly at thought that someone would have a hard time opening the envelope (which has a lot of sellotape all over it).
  • Continue waiting.
  • Laugh evilly at the thought of next week.
  • Continue waiting.
  • Say, "why are the days passing so slow???"
  • Look at clock, which tells you it has only pass 13 minutes.
  • Say "dangs".
  • Continue waiting.
Ok, not very helpful, i know.

But anyways, the albums WORTH THE WAIT (^^ )!~
In case you're wondering what i've been waiting for these days, ㅋㅋㅋ!

Thanks to them, i got both versions at a better price (and i don't need to pay for shipping =P!), and the posters too (^^ )!~

But ah... on the downside...

WHY LAR I KENA RED BOMB FROM F4 o(>< )o o( ><)o???

On the other hand...
Look at my pretty boys ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ!~

Ah, but why can't they (the shop people) just give me all the posters =P?
Oh well, better than nothing!!
I love Nana for knowing which to choose all the time, hehehe!


Monday, March 23, 2009


Leader Teuk's jacket (blazer? coat? what?) looks like someone pulled a prank on him and cut it short on purpose, hehehe!
I can totally imagine HeeChul doing that, although how she holds the scissors i do not know...

Ah, apparently HeeChul has her appa's bloodtype, not that i believe in bloodtypes but... it's cute ㅋㅋㅋ!~

Sometimes it goes to shows...

You don't need to go to fancy places for a holiday, kekeke!

왜 선생님은 날 싫어하는 이유...

피곤 할 때, 한상 생각 한다: "아, 죽어면 좋짢아"?
그럲데 안돼요.
죽어면... 슈주의 3집 살수 없어요.

아, 그래요?
예~ 그래요~.

Press the reset, press press the reset.
다 나쁜 생각... 지우개요.

Just like that.



니가 좋은 이유.
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ♪!~

Ah, if my Korean teacher read this, she's going to pull her hair while screaming and ask where did she go wrong in my case.
ㅋㅋㅋ!~ (- - )v

Beautiful boys, beautiful lyrics.

Ok lar, i know i had to rely on translations, but still...

The lyrics are so beautiful that as i read each and every meaning to the songs, while listening to it at the same time, i cried,
The emotions from each and every songs just accumulated that i cried at "What if...".

Gosh, now i know why Mondays are extra-loved, hahaha!

And on another special note...
What turf, but i do honestly prefer Angel, ㅋㅋㅋ!~
천사 특이 특이~~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ!!
13 boys' love ok, who doesn't want, hahaha!
*is delusional atm*

What if lar, what if, ㅋㅋㅋ!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I heart EeTeuk's new hair.

Like super heart.
I think it's the nicest.
And because i like it whenever Baby has short hair, he deserves a mention too (^^ )!

Ah, and the one who cut his hair (and even wanted to shave it bald)...
Kim HeeChul NICE!!
Even though the second time is rather unnecessary... but it's still ok =D!

Number 1 Leader Teukie!!~
Ne HeeChul?? Ne ne HeeChul??? *nudges HRH Princess Kim HeeChul*

"Zzz... Zzz... eh, hmmm???"

"What?? Yes, I KNEW THAT FACT!!!"


I love annoying her, it's the funniest thing ever!! ㅋㅋㅋ!!!~

ps: HeeNim is loved in Music Bank *laughs with open mouth, while eyes half closed while putting arm up towards mouth*!!
pps: DongHae... electric boy!~ OMG!! XD

ppps: Ok, and i also like YehSung's, SungMin's, EunHyuk's, RyeoWook's, ShinDong's, Geng's, KyuHyun's (but shorter, haha i like short hair =P!), KangIn, KiBum (SHORT PLEASE!!)!! HeeChul influence???) and DongHae's =D!
Eh, wait, that's all 13 XD!!
They always look good anyways, so it's ok (^^ )!~

Friday, March 20, 2009

HeeChul is...

"What is this?"

"Can you stop being retarded please? I'm trying to sleep..."


Thursday, March 19, 2009

I despise liars.

A few months from not driving on KL road... is it me or has KL drivers gotten more lethal??
Just a short drive to Sungei Wang, and i almost:
- Got knocked by a lorry.
- Got squished by a bus.
- Got smashed by a van.
- Run into a motorcycle.
- Bump a Vios' backside.
Ok lar, i was exaggerating. But no denying KL drivers has gotten a lot scarier... or maybe i've gotten tamer...???
Or maybe... i'm just being drama???

I've got to say, some things you can bear, but some just ticks you off don't they??
And among all, the one thing that ticks me off most are LIARS.
I guess sometimes it's inevitable to lie... but if you really must lie, at least lar be convincing and ensure nobody (or at the most, the person you're lying to) finds out!
In such situations, it's either you confront, or just pretend all is fine and dandy, and secretly smile to yourself when the person continues to lie, but you and i both know the truth.

I seriously hate liars, it's worst than people who uses the elevator to go one-floor up... when the stairs or escalators are nearby!!
No lar, ok, i think the latter is worst. And litterbugs. OMG seriously.

I once saw this guy who was quite good-looking (and that's saying something, considering we're in Malaysia and all).
His hair was smartly styled, he was dressed casually nice and all.
He was standing in-front of me, second in line, at the ATM, and i admit i did stole glances at him.
Then, the person in-front of him finished and walked away, but he (that person) forgot to take his receipt.
Now if the person in-front of you forgot to take his/ her receipt, you'll just take it (perhaps take a glance at it if you're a busybody), and just courteously throw it into the bin right?

That "so-called-good-looking" guy in front of me, took the receipt... and threw it onto the floor.
I was like what turf!! The bin is just two steps away (because his a tall guy, so two steps were more than sufficient)!!! Why can't you just throw it into the bin??
I was tempted to pick up the paper and throw it into the bin, just to show him what does courteous means... but he stepped on the receipt so...

Anyways, i stopped glancing at him afterwards. His lucky i didn't run to the nearest toilet and throw up.
Seriously. Good-looking and all, but attitude worst than a pile of poopoo!!

Oh well, this world is makes up of all shapes and sorts and sizes etc. I'm just glad people i'm close to aren't people like that (^^ )!~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The wait till next week is painful.

Is it only me (HeeChul), or do all cats do that?
But it's a fun thing to do, the way their face looks whenever you do that, like you've the world's worst breath or something, and they couldn't bear to be within inches of your face, as if your breath would kill them (= =")...
So you revenge by blowing air at them.
Especially when you just woke up, with that breath... and then the look on their face... ㅋㅋㅋ!~
I'm so evil ( ̄ー ̄)!~

HAHAHA, HeeNim ↑ cut his hair short!!~
HanGeng cosplay XD!!!
But... really lar...
Why lar cut so short o(>< )o o( ><)o???
He actually cut his hair twice, and the first time he cut was actually nice ok! So why lar like this now? Typically HeeNim!!
On another note, he actually mentioned if he had dyed his hair red he would look like an acorn, hehehe!

Ah, 1am this time.

우연히 그냥..사진 보다가...
coincidentally just like that.. looking at the photo…
행복속에 쓸쓸함 이라고나할까....
in the midst of happiness do i feel lonely….
도저히 말로 표현할수없는 그 무언가..
what is that feeling that cannot be expressed using words..
가끔은 머리속에서 모든걸 지우고가 싶을때가 있어..
occasionally i will want to erase everything off my mind..

Typically Teukie Old Man.

KyuHyun and sunglasses.
SiWon has bad taste, ㅋㅋㅋ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ!~
I prefer Fluffy's!~
But i think i would look better in Zhoumi's!
I would look like an artist if i wore his XD!~

Monday monday, please come faster.
워요일이야~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 빨리 오세요!!
아~~~ 진짜!!

Top 10 Guys!

I did this today 2 years ago, and looking back...
My preference hasn't changed much really (^^ )!

Now it's more of:
Jay Chou (no matter what, i still think his hot ok!)
Tidus (hey, who daresay Tidus doesn't exist!!?)
KyuHyun (because his precious!)

Ah, having to choose among 13 boys is difficult really.
I tried my best to fit all 13 into the list by using couples instead but...
So yeah, it (as in the boys are in the list) goes without saying!

But the most special i would say, would have to be...
Because he can sing "SORRY, SORRY"!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My car's name is Angel.
And my boys's album's has a song titled Angela, which is track no.4.

My car's mp3 player can only display up to 8 letters, so when i played the mp3 CD in my car, it'll show:
Hahaha, i love coincidences like this!
I'm sure Angel loves it too XD!

On the other note, i love smelling HeeChul, i reckon it's addictive.
Now i un why HeeNim always does so to HeeBum. It's really nice!!
Although of course... sometimes when the fur gets stuck on your face it's... yeah...
But it's still nice (^^ )!

You know you have a lot of members when...

Watch (HQ) from 1:40.
You'll understand!

This is one of my favourite parts from SuShow!
I think i attempted to explain it to a lot of people before, but erm... failed... because... yeah...
But anyways, NOW YOU KNOW (^^ )!~

I love my 13 boys!~

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Pig now say.

Pig confirms that my room is not messy... but erm... yeah, the same... i just have a lot a lot a lot of stuffs (but at least my stuffs are properly placed and all)... ehem ehem...
Mwehehehehehehehe, i'm not messy nyat XD (but my boys are!)!!

I actually owe Pig something (to be posted here), but i'll leave it for another day, simply because... LAZY XD!!!
And i want to *try* to sleep early today, hehehe!
But anyways... YOU FIRST, hahaha! Toodles!~

13 is not quantity, it's quality.

You know how sometimes when you watch a performance by a solo singer, your main focus is on that singer.
Then you know how sometimes when you watch a group performance, your main focus is on your favourite member, and sometimes, very rarely but it does happen, you'll feel like... some of the other members are rather "chor deng", or put it loosely, "taking up space". And you go "Hey Bob, take that fella out would ya?"
(ok i don't know why Bob, being Malaysian Ah Beng would be much more suitable is it not?)
Even if it's just a 4-5 member group.
I know i felt that before!

But with Super Junior, i don't know.
There's 13 of us! Even if the "largest" group before (Shinhwa) is doubled, we're still the largest!
(Please exclude Japanese groups, siao one, those people can be).
It's like when i watch their performance, i do go "haha we have a lot of members ♡", but i'll never feel any of them are "chor deng".

It's like every single member is just so important to the group, you cannot miss not even one!

In fact, i really think it's a Miracle (hehe!) that i can actually like all members. I mean, seriously!!
Let's be really honest here, yes, i'm a few member biased, but overall, i'm really greedy i want all 13, hahaha!
It's never like this with any other group before. I'll always end up neglecting a few members, but with SuJu, i try my best to pay attention to all of them! And i do mean all of them, that sometimes i wish i have 13 pair of eyes XD!!
I like seeing all of them. I won't say i know in detail about each member (and considering my horrible memory, it's a miracle i even remember a few =P!), but i do *know* every member much better as compared to other groups.
And that's saying something seeing that there's 13 of us, and the largest group i've ever like before are only 6, and some of the members get neglected! But it's never like that with SuJu.

It's ok if you don't understand. I don't understand it myself either!! HAHAHA!!!
There's just this feeling inside me every time i watched them perform. I tried my best to describe my feelings, but i just can't, as evident above. I really don't know how to express it, but it's there alright, it's there!

So conclusion, 13 is never too much, too many or "a lot". It's just my boys.
Ok crappy conclusion, what turf.

Every member is precious and such a vital part of the group, that ok, even if they are not in that performance, it's ok (of course it's best if all 13 are there).
Because Super Junior is 13, and that's all that matters in the end.
(^^ )!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Cow once said.

"Your room is actually not messy," said Cow.
"Really?" Monkey listens with glistering eyes, because for once, someone said her room isn't messy ( ゚▽゚)/.
"Yeah... you just have a lot of stuffs."
"..." (._.)
So true.

For once i actually feel that i do have a lot of stuffs in my room, to the extend of "stuffy" (also because i haven't tidy it lar)... just because i've added two new furnitures(?).
But... those are necessary additions lor. And it's not like it's a huge addition, but it still seems like there's "too much" stuffs in my room!
... ok lar, it is too much! I honestly have nowhere to put (stuff?) my stuffs anymore ok!!

Heck, find a day to properly clean my room, i should.
As in... ransack every nook and cranny, tidy up every single cupboard space, i shall.
(actually i just have ONE storage space i haven't tidy nya lor, the rest like sudah tidy lar!)
May the force of 13 be with me.

What turf.
Their rooms are messier than mine, except perhaps my OCDness of a HeeChul's appa... so who am i kidding?

I just died and gone to SuJu Heaven.

And from now onwards i'll also probably be known as the weird girl who smiles to herself when she goes shopping.
Then again, since i'm going... i already *am* in SuJu Heaven... shouldn't i be invisible?

I really don't mind it (being invisible), as long as i'm still allowed to shop, ㅋㅋㅋ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ!!!

HeeNim heard me!

He got his hair cut ( ̄ー ̄)!~
HAHAHA, i rule ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ!~
Or maybe his just afraid i might heed Ah Ma's advice and dye HeeChul golden/ brown?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The consequence from watching 13 boys laugh.

It's like i took some laughing gas myself as well.
And i can't stop laughing after that.
(It was a compilation clip of the boys laughing.)

Then i watched Sorry Sorry's performance. ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ
And i actually started laughing uncontrollably.
My mind is asking me, "what so funny", but... OMG i don't know why!! It's like i'm imagining the boys are laughing while dancing or something i think. It's just hilarious!!
Yes, i'm weird i love myself O(≧∇≦)O!
One minute i was crying uncontrollably, the other i was laughing uncontrollably!!

I can't stop watching short funny clips of the boys now!
They always make the sun shine 너무너무 사랑해요 (^^ )!~

On the other hand...
Well, maybe not "addicted", but rather, it was stuck in his head, against his will, so he was very annoyed!! Hehehe!!!~
I like it!!!~
*continues playing Sorry, Sorry*

My boys are just the BEST DANCERS ever!!
I can be very critical when it comes to group dancing (blame the boys), but despite the number of beautiful boys members, they can still dance oh-so-wonderfully, as always! My boys are just amazing =D!
I'm so proud of them!~ Nyans!~

That's the plan.

eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:
eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:

§¤«* Xï ¥ëÑ*»¤§ says:
§¤«* Xï ¥ëÑ*»¤§ says:
why i like you?

eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:

§¤«* Xï ¥ëÑ*»¤§ says:

eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:
§¤«* Xï ¥ëÑ*»¤§ says:

eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:
what if...

§¤«* Xï ¥ëÑ*»¤§ says:
club no.1

eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:
happy together!!
§¤«* Xï ¥ëÑ*»¤§ says:
dead at heart

eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:
shining star
§¤«* Xï ¥ëÑ*»¤§ says:
lets not!

eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:

eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:
Thank You, Thank You~
eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:

repackaged song ???

It'll be funny if the repackaged album really has a song titled "Thank You, Thank You", ㅋㅋㅋ!!~

And the latest is...
To play "Sorry Sorry" 24/7 whenever my brother is around JUST BECAUSE!
He got annoyed after i played the song like a hmm... 133912318313 times =D!
So yeah... operation "Let the song be stucked in his head" 출발!!

And i love you Bi!
eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:
do you want some SuJu love ???
♥ 사과 ∙ 비 says:
not sure bout the "relationship" tho.
eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:
"sorry sorry" comeback~
♥ 사과 ∙ 비 says:
i'm very VERY content with changminnie~~
♥ 사과 ∙ 비 says:
♥ 사과 ∙ 비 says:
eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:
no no, come to my 13
eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:
♥ 사과 ∙ 비 says:
♥ 사과 ∙ 비 says:
cannot lah. i cannot multitask! 13 TOO MUCH!
eiko-chan: Cat Biscuit says:
its ok, you'll get used to it~

ps: What turf.
This is MY BLOG.
And i write whatever i want, however i want it to be, even if it means weird English only i will understand (er... no, honestly, sometimes i don't even understand myself ㅋㅋㅋ!~).

pps: For starters, i'm terribly ashamed of all the negativity and insecurities which just hit me a while back. It's just wrong, i should always be positive.
But honestly, i realized sometimes you *do* need that negativity (although unwanted, and only a while nya please, not too long or you'll go mad!!) to open your eyes, and it'll make you realize who are the people who matters most.
I am extremely grateful for people who are there when i needed them most, and most importantly, i don't even to say it out loud!
Of course, i'm always grateful for all the amazingpeeps around me, but i really am extremely grateful to those special few!
Thank you! Although you may not know that you've helped, but yeah, anyways, thank you!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sorry Sorry.


And because it's too superly wonderfully fantastically awesomely brilliantly excellently ultraly extremely (and all the good stuffs-ly) GREAT, here's the MV again!

OMG. The dance is just BRILLIANT.
It's just too PURR-FECT. Everything is just too purr-fect, it shouldn't even exist.
Because you know, there's a saying that "there's no such thing as PURR-FECT".
And my boys are too PURR-FECT to be true.


ps: From my boys to me.

니가 좋은 이유.
니가 우리의 이니까.
ㅋㅋㅋ, i love being an ELF!~

My boys are beautiful.

It's actually very difficult to see when your eyes are full with tears.
But it was awesome. Hmm. Honestly... Awesome just isn't enough to describe it. There's no word to describe it.

Will update later, too excited (and bawling like a crazy git) now.

I'm sorry sorry (how ironic), i know i should be excited and all.
I mean, i am, obviously, but just...
But it's just wrong. It's just all wrong.
Where is KiBum???
범이 오디??? 왜요???

And here's SORRY SORRY's MV.

My 13 boys are beautiful as always!

ps: Omg i actually whined while watching the MV because i wanted more KiBum.
Ah, and i'm 21-years old. XD


I shall hereby slap any ELF who cries when they watch the comeback performance..
I mean, seriously, we cry for everything. We should be known as the most cryfans in the world.
Or maybe just me?
Then again we have K.R.Y. (and old man as well), so it's ok (to cry~)!~
Ok, not funny. I was trying to be punny actually.
Yeah yeah, i know i'm being completely irrelevant here. But i'm just too excited!!
And i shall hereby do this:

Credits: Maggiemarket.

Yes, because i cried just by watching this.

I love my boys!~
We're 13 again (^^ )!~

Ok, bracing myself to watch the comeback performance now! SORRY SORRY XD!~

Sorry Sorry, SJ COMEBACK 13 March 2009.

It's a bit weird posting this now, since i'm all "Sorry Sorry" all the way now, but i want to just because, so, yeah... taking a "one-post-break" from promoting my 13 boys 3rd album (3집 대박!!!), Sorry Sorry...

Ah, i rarely watch dramas, but when i do, i can never stop!
I always appreciate a good drama really, because since i rarely watch dramas, it's like finding a Sapphire in a pile of other expensive gems and jewels you don't really care about, because all you care about is the Sapphire (^^ )!
Ok, i just want to talk about Sapphire lar, ㅋㅋㅋ!~

This is a woman...

구 준표 Gu JunPyo's mother in 꽃보다 남자 Boys Over Flower.
... who scares me so badly...

I would runaway even if i see her in broad daylight.
No, i'm serious.
I hereby give her the "Scariest Tsukasa's Mother Award" for being erm, scary... yeah...

I've actually compiled a list of my likes and dislikes from all 3 HanaDango series!
By far, except Oguri Shun, i've really got to say that the Korean version is my favourite (due to some personal reason as well ㅋㅋㅋ!~)! It really grew on me!
I guess it's still too early to say (3 weeks to finale!), but so far so good, so i really hope it won't disappoint me!

Oh, and i just have to say this...
If i ever own this necklace...

Not surprising, since it's my favourite (STAR), and all...
It's either my boyfriend's name starts with "J" as well (ㅋㅋㅋ!!~), or...

I'm a freaking narcissistic person that i love myself so much to write "J ♡ J".
Which can literally mean (in my case) "Jo ♡ Jo"; which means one of my "Jo" is in love with my other "Jo", so "J ♡ J". What turf XD!

ps: I super like little details normal people hardly notice (but which i usually do, and i think only i will notice such thing) in dramas (^^ )!~
As evident in the picture above, ㅋㅋㅋ!~
I like realistic drama, or at least, as realistic as possible, in the detailings =D!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sorry Sorry.

My 13 boys are love!!~
ㅋㅋㅋ ♡!~

ps: Speaking of which, i had a really funny, but nice dream last night.
The best part was dreaming that i was in Redang (which is a tad different, but still oh-so-beautiful), and the funniest part was that I LOOKED LIKE DONGHAE!!!!!
Serious!! We don't look "alike-alike", but we resembled each other so much it's scary! It's like i'm his (younger) sister or something!! HAHAHA XD!!!

Sea, Redang, DongHae, Fish, Jo Jo, 13... i like (^^ )!~
3집 대박!!~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's weird not doing anything (at all) now as i wait for tomorrow.

Remember to BUY THE ALBUM!!!
And always love the boys very very much!!~

OMG please let me cut HeeNim's hair. Sorry, tak tahan.

I love my 13 boys (except HeeNim's hair)!~
But gosh really... i lost my "ability" to be able to tell the boys apart very quickly one from another.
I actually needed a bigger picture ↑ to 100% confirm which one's KiBum (because i miss him most)!!
AND I DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE IT WAS KANGIN WAS MISSING (i mean, i did a 13 count, and know someone was missing (the head lar i mean) but it didn't hit me that it was KangIn)!!

Ah, it's not my fault, this one... KangIn himself also forgot the members so it's ok LOLS XD!!
And i love you 최시.
Gosh, he has the most nicknames among the 13 really XD!!
Wookie, Hyunnie-yah!~
Old man Teuk, DongDong (do you hang out with 나나 too much?), Ah Hae~~~ *느끼*, Monkey, Hamburger, ChinaMandooBoy, the one who i almost step on his shoe...
Did i get everyone?
Yes i did. I love counting to 13!~

언니나나 난언니를 너무너무 사랑해요요!!~~ ♡♡
(as in not doing anything, seriously, it's just... weird XD!!)

I'm damn mean.

I was watching 100% Entertainment (Pig Papa~~ and OMG i didn't know it was actually LIVE!!) when they had this news on this new Taiwan drama "K.O.3an Guo", and the news about how a few bands have come together to sing the drama's theme song. Something like that, can't hear clearly.
Anyways, because there were a few bands, the number of members came up to 13, and i read at the caption below the screen it says, translated literally, "Very difficult to divide lyrics among 13 people".
They also interviewed the members on how 13 people sing and all, something like that (can't hear clearly mar), and i caught myself staring blankly at the screen while the tip of my lips very slyly and evilly went up, the right side only btw. Yes, it's my trademark "hahaha, look at me i'm so evil like HeeNim" smirk.
Yes, i was smirking and actually, laughing evilly inside (Grandma was in the living room at same time, so cannot suddenly start laughing madly no matter how much my family were used to my madness).

Ah, 13 is not a difficult number honestly. My boys has been doing it for 3 years!!
It's as if i'm laughing at the tee-vee and smirking and all, and saying, "Cheh... amateurs..." while shaking my head and sigh, wondering what's the big deal with dividing lyrics among 13 people.
So mean. HAHAHA!
(ps: SYML has 17 people!! What about SMTOWN???)

On the other hand, OMG... Wu Chun and Jolin acting in Absolute Boyfriend??? MY 絶対彼氏??? どうして??? あたしだけのナイトだから!!!
I didn't even bother to watch the Japanese live-action version, even though Mokomichi was in it... because the "feel" just isn't there (somemore i don't like it they change from studying to working). Now it's Taiwan's live-action, it's kinda... i don't know, it's just... weird.
At least it's Chun although Jiro would be better (he has the stupid look Knight/ Night has), and i guess i don't mind him kissing Jolin compared to some *other* female artist, and i don't mind him being Knight/ Night and all, because Knight/ Night to me is the perfect guy, and... erm... what was i going to say?

Conclusion, yeah, it's ok! I like both Jolin and Chun! But it's still weird Absolute Boyfriend is going live-action. Pretty soon Korea's going to do it too... i think, and it'll be even weirder.
I don't know, to me it's suppose to exist only in manga. And by Yuu Watase (my uber most favourite manga artist ever!!)!! I've been chasing after this series ever since it was just released, so yeah, it's weird (for me) to see it go live-action. It's ok, i'm weird anyways!
Gosh what's wrong with me, i'm so pointless these days, what turf XD!!

ps: Pigs are fast animals, what turf XD!

And pps: BTW regarding 100% Entertainment, it's not exactly "LIVE" because it was broadcast at 6pm in Taiwan, as opposed to Malaysia at 9pm, so it's more of a "delayed broadcast" thing =D! Thank the Pig!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love Story.

Watch HQ one yah!

I super love this song, very nice, and Taylor Swift is so pretty!!
I love the way her hair is made up, and her dress, in the past memory that one! And the ending so Pride and Prejudice (movie)-ish, i like ♡!~

I wanna do that with my boys ala 13 times, lols!!~
It's soon! Two more days nya!! Let's anticipate it yah (^^ )!!!~


I was feeling a bit depressed, so i kept thinking and thinking... WHY!!
It's not exactly me to be depressed. And i'm not so emo adee nowadays (or so i think so anyways)... so WHY!!!
I begin thinking, is it this? Was is that? Or maybe that?
The answer was no, no, no... so... WHY!!!

Then while having lunch, it came to me.
Cheh lar, NO WONDER LAR!!!
The thing with PMS, you feel all troubled and depressed and all and you don't know why, and it gets even more depressing not knowing why!!!
I should whack myself for not being able to think of that first ok, since i always kena and some more and i even helped Cow before by recognizing the symptoms ne!
But you know, retail therapy actually helps! Even if it's just window! Hehehe! It sorta reduces the depression and all... which makes me think if i actually buy something maybe i'll be cured of it, no?

Honestly, sometimes how i wish i could be a guy. No need to go through this every month!
If i was a guy, who would i want to be, i thought while i was eating.

Ah, i would want to be either:
Shim ChangMin,

or Jo KyuHyun.

Yes, there's just something about being a freaking 180cm+ tall and good-looking, SUPER FREAKING 'EFFING SMART (Maths Olympics, what is this?), freaking good singer with freaking nice voice, and freaking retarded that i like about.
And freaking good proportionate body (ok lar, kinda "skinny", but to me it's still good body because it's proportionate. Long body and legs are nice! They can wear anything and still pull it off as VERY NICE!)!!
And being freaking 막내 ♡!~
Ok, too freaking adee, i don't even know why i typed "freaking" so many times!

But yes, that's the gist of it, hehehe!!

I remembered something i heard from the radio, it's like those "what ifs" thing, and it goes something like: "What if you wake up morning and found yourself in Lin Chi-ling's body, who would you go after?"
I did wonder, of all female artists, why her? But i guess she's kinda like iconic for Asian women and all, so it's ok... so i wonder, what would i do, you know, if i wake up one morning and found myself as her.

For starters, go get an operation to change my voice.
Haha, sorry, i don't really like to hear her voice. It was ok to being with... but the longer it gets the more annoying it gets as well.
I mean, who knows how long i'll be stuck in that body right? I'll probably end up killing myself having to listen to myself with a voice like that all the time!! AND I TALK ALOT!!!

So yeah, since i talk so much, and i don't know how long i'll be in her body... so i would want a nicer voice which doesn't involves me feeling the need to kill myself every time after i talk, so... yeah, lols!
And who would i go after...???
Honestly lor, the way the question is put (by the DJ), it's like saying nobody can resist her nya. How if the guy i go after actually prefers shorter and fat stubbier girls (like me)??? In other words, her complete opposite (me?)???

Rofl, i love it when i'm being retarded XD!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

"Some" habits die hard.

I heart 988. A local Chinese radio station.
I don't know, it's just weird listening to other Chinese radio stations. I do listen to Hitz FM, FLY FM (when there's nothing good on 988), but i'll never listen to another Chinese radio station.
I don't know. I'm weird i guess. Duh!

This morning very semangat, woke up at like 7.30am to go swimming with mom!
Long story short, only i swim, but it was still fun to get up so early though i waste it all by spending the whole day playing Sims 2!! Imma want to make this a habit, at least once a week! Even if not swimming, at least walk around the park! I need exercise, and i always feel better after exercising (but lazy nya), so it's ok (if i can wake up)!!
Anyways, when we got into the car, Mom's radio was on to another Chinese radio station, and immediately i cringed and changed to 988.
It's just weird not listening to 988!! Especially in the morning! I'm so used to the DJs voice since my radio is on the moment i entered my room at night till when i leave it the next morning!

It's like you wake up every morning and get off from the left side of the bed, then one fine morning you get off from the right side instead.
It's ok i guess. It's just that the right side of your bed is the wall.
Ok lar, i just randomly thought of that this morning, and i wanted to write it down but need to find a good opening for it right?? Besides... ok there's no besides, what turf XD!!!

Hmm, when did i start listening to 988 anyways? I think way back when i started liking J-pop, and knowingly, local English radio stations will never play Japanese songs, that's why i changed to Chinese stations, and that was it.
Haha, i "very Asian". I especially heart that they always play Japanese and Korean songs from time to time, even Thai songs =D!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

I love this commercial!

It was on Malaysian tee-vee, except that it's for HSBC Visa!
It makes me happy that i feel like dancing along =D!
I wonder if he ever fell into the sea when dancing in Vietnam?

Today is a funny day. I fell asleep watching a Stephen Chow movie... i ended up dreaming of a Stephen Chow movie!!
It was a whole new movie, with Andy Lau and Cheung Man inside and all, with a whole new plot and everything!!
Wow, i should be scriptwriter or director or something, then when they interview me asking me how did i get the inspiration and ideas for all my award winning movies and all, i shall be really discreet with a simple, mysterious smile and say:
"I sleep."
And end the interview with an even bigger smile. Muahahaha, i love myself! What turf!

On the other hand...
I love smelling her!

She just bathed today =D!
I love looking at her fur every time after she bath. It always has looks shiny and soft... and it smells extra good! Many adorableness!~

And look at this cat!

He/ she was just lying there looking at me, waiting for his/ her owner to pick him/ her up, and at the meantime, just laze around and be completely oblivious to everything happening around the world.
Cool cat!
Which makes me wonder, if i ever have to send HeeChul to a boarding hotel, what will she be like? This cat, or like the others who are constantly asking for some TLC??
Mind, she'll probably start off by scolding everyone within the vicinity for a couple of days. She's the Princess yo!
But the thought of sending her off to a boarding hotel freaks me out honestly. The little Princess has never spend even a night away from home!!
Hmm... maybe i should try that someday, hehehe!

Ok, i gotto wipe my face. Fur on face (from smelling HeeChul's oh-so-nice-smell fur, ㅋㅋㅋ!). Not cool.
Pretty soon it's either i'm going to get a furry face, or i'll start coughing up hairballs!! EEEEEEEK!!!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

My boys are back!

One of the ways to stuff 13 beautiful boys into one normal CD cover, ㅋㅋㅋ!~
I love my boys!
And i did a check count, and all 13 of them are there (^^ )!~

ps: I hate HeeChul's hair. I feel like sneaking into his room when he sleeps (cannot say midnight, the git doesn't sleep at that hour) with a pair of scissors.
AND SHINDONG IS TOO THIN!!! WHAT TURF!!! *feeds ShinDong food*
But i love them all the same!!~ (^^ )

I need to lose weight.

Ooh like that's a big surprise *sarcasm*.
I promise, if i don't lose at least *some* weight before June, i'm going to:
  • Shoot myself with a piece of rubber-band.
  • Jump out from my living room's window.
  • And throw myself into a swimming pool.
There. That'll make sure i keep to my own promise!!
Ok fine, i know it's not convincing, at all, lar.
Because for starters:
  • Shooting yourself with a piece of rubber-band doesn't exactly hurt.
  • My living room is on ground floor.
  • I know how to swim. Even if it's a matter of throwing me into the middle of the ocean and watch me swim back to shore, i'll still most likely survive. I think. It depends lar.
Oh gosh this is difficult.
No, I'AM difficult.
I should just start of by STOP EATING BEFORE SLEEPING!!
It's "addictive"(?) (no lar i'm just being an idiot what turf)!
You start doing it one time, then you keep doing it everytime!!!

And i think i just killed a tree or changed the entire weather for some small random town somewhere in the world... or something...
Maybe it's effect will be something like in the movie "Day After Tomorrow"... except they'll probably huddle off somewhere nice and warm (sorta) like er... in their local pub or something (somehow all those movies always show like small town people like to hang out in local pubs or something, i guess i'm stereotyping but whatever). Anyways...
Because i just put on Resident Evil: Extinction (OMG Milla Jovovich is the coolest wei!!), with lights turn on and fan full blast and erm... came to erm... write this entry... yeah...
So guilty. Waste electricity.

On the other hand... i heart HSM3!~
Am contemplating if my love for the movie (and the songs! Woot!) is enough for me to bear to part RM50 or so (i think) to buy the original DVD.
You did not read what i just wrote.

OMG, reading what i've just wrote.
I love my blog, ㅋㅋㅋ!~
(And so obvious my minds gone completely bonkers or something now hasn't they?)

Bahboo, i need to start sleeping early what turf.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hilariously "difficult" conversation.

The conversation between my cous and his 2 friends are just hilarious!
"I'm going back Penang, one more spot, who wants to go?"
"Me me me, i go i go..."
"Eiyer, you ar?"
"Why you scare i "cheung sai lei ge fong tao ar"?"
The following conversation after that is even more hilarious that it's so difficult to pull a straight face being in the same room as them!! And i can't look like i'm eavesdropping ne? Difficult.

But ah, i love impromptu trips! Even listening to it seems fun (^^ )!~

On the other hand...
I've got to start wearing nicer "home-clothes" (perhaps a little black dress or ball gown or something) and my hair henceforth shall always be clipped nicely (or styled RM100+ stylishly by a hairstylist everyday) while i'm at home.
You never know when people will just come and you look like a piece of crap... tartar sauce.

ps: HeeChul's favourite colour is WHITE.
No i'm not kidding. There's this toy she is super crazy about (she actually look at me when i'm hiding the toy, then later will try to take the toy herself from the hiding spot!!), and i have an exact same replica, in fact, even furrier and nicer... but in brown colour... and HeeChul totally ignores that one.

And she super love this WHITE furball which is a keychain attached to my SiWon (my handphone's name - i name all my gadgets!~). You say ler, her favourite colour is white or not?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Spotted. Cat in Bag.

HeeChul is this weird little girl who likes to do weird things.
Like stuffing herself into bags and stuffs.

I left the luggage bag in my room, and seeing it wasn't zipped... she stuffed herself in it...

And she was actually peeking out like that for the longest time ever!! It's like she's playing with herself some imagination adventure game or something XD!

And when i went to take pics...

Yes, my HeeNim is the fabbest and cutest and most adorable XD!!!

Pictures to make you hungry.

Because i'm in a bo-liao mode now, i shall post up food pictures to make you hungry.
Just because. *cue evil laugh*

This is for Cereal Ah Ma.

How to use an egg-mold 101.
It never works for me *sobs*.

And the all time famous kimchi Ramyeon. Somebody missing it =P???

Well, i didn't add kimchi for this one though.
And i need to stock up on kimchi. I'm missing my own kimchi Ramyeon, lols!

Ah, Penang food.
Fried Oyster.

Extra "tor-chew-hun" please! Yums!

Penang's Wantan Mee.

Er sorry... was too hungry then.
The pic says it all anyways.



Seafood Pancake.

It looks nice, but not as nice as long long long time ago =(...

Milo beng chia.

Only in Penang you get cheap and yummy Ice Milo! And not "homemade" punya!

Penang Fried Jawa Mee.

Die die die... OMG I MISS JAWA MEE!!!

And my all-time favourite Lam Mee!

I've been having this since i was a little girl every time i eat at that place! Don't feel like breaking the tradition, so i took the liberty to finish it first before anything else. You get to see the plate though, yummy ne? =D

Ok what turf, i plan to make people hungry but now i'm hungry myself. TURF TURF!!!
And last but not least...

Stupid cousin.
I want strawberries too (ㅠ.ㅠ)!!!


Anticipating the day when Sapphire Blue Balloons will fill the sky (^^ )!!~

Monday, March 02, 2009


Edit: Oh yes, i've forgotten spending around 30 minutes or so in Etude House trying to figure out what to buy just so i can buy the diary.
In case you're wondering, the 30 minutes was wasted.
Bloody hell.

I've got two egg molds (for my bento-makings), but what the hell, IT NEVER WORK! I've tried it like more than three times already ok, and i followed the instructions!! But all also turn out like... *censored*!!

I'm blaming it on the egg mold. BAH!!!

On the other hand, there's this big-concept-style-nada-boo pet shop which i frequented for HRH's stuffs, and there's this guy working there, well, let's just say i don't like him. Stuck-up and unfriendly.
Anyways, today i went... omg that guy dressed up... ok... they are wearing their polo-shirt uniform all the time so not exactly "dress up", but he put on FULL MAKEUP and he have BOOBIES!!!
I don't know is it those "one-day-dare" or whatever, but it seriously freaked the hell out of me that i totally forgot to buy my rabbit's food, and i totally forgotten that i actually wanted to pay with a different mode.
And his hair was so long now, and straighten, and before i actually looked at him he was actually humming like a girl, and even sorta flicked his hair when i was paying.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not discriminating against him or anything, BUT the fact remains i remember him as "ERIC" who is stuck-up and unfriendly with the Elmo landyard and all of a sudden he changes into a girl with boobies. You say will get frightened or not?

Today's not very smooth. I actually drove all the way to Sunway Damansara, and got stuck in a minor jam, only to find out that pet shop's wet food naik harga. Got discount lar... but only got two flavours why i want to buy from there? I rather let uncle earn the money.
And while i was there anyways i forgot to buy HRH's FrontLine. So will have to go back there next month when actually finishes. Turf turf.

Oh well! Fighting!~