Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hilariously "difficult" conversation.

The conversation between my cous and his 2 friends are just hilarious!
"I'm going back Penang, one more spot, who wants to go?"
"Me me me, i go i go..."
"Eiyer, you ar?"
"Why you scare i "cheung sai lei ge fong tao ar"?"
The following conversation after that is even more hilarious that it's so difficult to pull a straight face being in the same room as them!! And i can't look like i'm eavesdropping ne? Difficult.

But ah, i love impromptu trips! Even listening to it seems fun (^^ )!~

On the other hand...
I've got to start wearing nicer "home-clothes" (perhaps a little black dress or ball gown or something) and my hair henceforth shall always be clipped nicely (or styled RM100+ stylishly by a hairstylist everyday) while i'm at home.
You never know when people will just come and you look like a piece of crap... tartar sauce.

ps: HeeChul's favourite colour is WHITE.
No i'm not kidding. There's this toy she is super crazy about (she actually look at me when i'm hiding the toy, then later will try to take the toy herself from the hiding spot!!), and i have an exact same replica, in fact, even furrier and nicer... but in brown colour... and HeeChul totally ignores that one.

And she super love this WHITE furball which is a keychain attached to my SiWon (my handphone's name - i name all my gadgets!~). You say ler, her favourite colour is white or not?

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