Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Cow once said.

"Your room is actually not messy," said Cow.
"Really?" Monkey listens with glistering eyes, because for once, someone said her room isn't messy ( ゚▽゚)/.
"Yeah... you just have a lot of stuffs."
"..." (._.)
So true.

For once i actually feel that i do have a lot of stuffs in my room, to the extend of "stuffy" (also because i haven't tidy it lar)... just because i've added two new furnitures(?).
But... those are necessary additions lor. And it's not like it's a huge addition, but it still seems like there's "too much" stuffs in my room!
... ok lar, it is too much! I honestly have nowhere to put (stuff?) my stuffs anymore ok!!

Heck, find a day to properly clean my room, i should.
As in... ransack every nook and cranny, tidy up every single cupboard space, i shall.
(actually i just have ONE storage space i haven't tidy nya lor, the rest like sudah tidy lar!)
May the force of 13 be with me.

What turf.
Their rooms are messier than mine, except perhaps my OCDness of a HeeChul's appa... so who am i kidding?

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