Monday, March 02, 2009


Edit: Oh yes, i've forgotten spending around 30 minutes or so in Etude House trying to figure out what to buy just so i can buy the diary.
In case you're wondering, the 30 minutes was wasted.
Bloody hell.

I've got two egg molds (for my bento-makings), but what the hell, IT NEVER WORK! I've tried it like more than three times already ok, and i followed the instructions!! But all also turn out like... *censored*!!

I'm blaming it on the egg mold. BAH!!!

On the other hand, there's this big-concept-style-nada-boo pet shop which i frequented for HRH's stuffs, and there's this guy working there, well, let's just say i don't like him. Stuck-up and unfriendly.
Anyways, today i went... omg that guy dressed up... ok... they are wearing their polo-shirt uniform all the time so not exactly "dress up", but he put on FULL MAKEUP and he have BOOBIES!!!
I don't know is it those "one-day-dare" or whatever, but it seriously freaked the hell out of me that i totally forgot to buy my rabbit's food, and i totally forgotten that i actually wanted to pay with a different mode.
And his hair was so long now, and straighten, and before i actually looked at him he was actually humming like a girl, and even sorta flicked his hair when i was paying.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not discriminating against him or anything, BUT the fact remains i remember him as "ERIC" who is stuck-up and unfriendly with the Elmo landyard and all of a sudden he changes into a girl with boobies. You say will get frightened or not?

Today's not very smooth. I actually drove all the way to Sunway Damansara, and got stuck in a minor jam, only to find out that pet shop's wet food naik harga. Got discount lar... but only got two flavours why i want to buy from there? I rather let uncle earn the money.
And while i was there anyways i forgot to buy HRH's FrontLine. So will have to go back there next month when actually finishes. Turf turf.

Oh well! Fighting!~

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