Monday, March 16, 2009

13 is not quantity, it's quality.

You know how sometimes when you watch a performance by a solo singer, your main focus is on that singer.
Then you know how sometimes when you watch a group performance, your main focus is on your favourite member, and sometimes, very rarely but it does happen, you'll feel like... some of the other members are rather "chor deng", or put it loosely, "taking up space". And you go "Hey Bob, take that fella out would ya?"
(ok i don't know why Bob, being Malaysian Ah Beng would be much more suitable is it not?)
Even if it's just a 4-5 member group.
I know i felt that before!

But with Super Junior, i don't know.
There's 13 of us! Even if the "largest" group before (Shinhwa) is doubled, we're still the largest!
(Please exclude Japanese groups, siao one, those people can be).
It's like when i watch their performance, i do go "haha we have a lot of members ♡", but i'll never feel any of them are "chor deng".

It's like every single member is just so important to the group, you cannot miss not even one!

In fact, i really think it's a Miracle (hehe!) that i can actually like all members. I mean, seriously!!
Let's be really honest here, yes, i'm a few member biased, but overall, i'm really greedy i want all 13, hahaha!
It's never like this with any other group before. I'll always end up neglecting a few members, but with SuJu, i try my best to pay attention to all of them! And i do mean all of them, that sometimes i wish i have 13 pair of eyes XD!!
I like seeing all of them. I won't say i know in detail about each member (and considering my horrible memory, it's a miracle i even remember a few =P!), but i do *know* every member much better as compared to other groups.
And that's saying something seeing that there's 13 of us, and the largest group i've ever like before are only 6, and some of the members get neglected! But it's never like that with SuJu.

It's ok if you don't understand. I don't understand it myself either!! HAHAHA!!!
There's just this feeling inside me every time i watched them perform. I tried my best to describe my feelings, but i just can't, as evident above. I really don't know how to express it, but it's there alright, it's there!

So conclusion, 13 is never too much, too many or "a lot". It's just my boys.
Ok crappy conclusion, what turf.

Every member is precious and such a vital part of the group, that ok, even if they are not in that performance, it's ok (of course it's best if all 13 are there).
Because Super Junior is 13, and that's all that matters in the end.
(^^ )!

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