Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I was feeling a bit depressed, so i kept thinking and thinking... WHY!!
It's not exactly me to be depressed. And i'm not so emo adee nowadays (or so i think so anyways)... so WHY!!!
I begin thinking, is it this? Was is that? Or maybe that?
The answer was no, no, no... so... WHY!!!

Then while having lunch, it came to me.
Cheh lar, NO WONDER LAR!!!
The thing with PMS, you feel all troubled and depressed and all and you don't know why, and it gets even more depressing not knowing why!!!
I should whack myself for not being able to think of that first ok, since i always kena and some more and i even helped Cow before by recognizing the symptoms ne!
But you know, retail therapy actually helps! Even if it's just window! Hehehe! It sorta reduces the depression and all... which makes me think if i actually buy something maybe i'll be cured of it, no?

Honestly, sometimes how i wish i could be a guy. No need to go through this every month!
If i was a guy, who would i want to be, i thought while i was eating.

Ah, i would want to be either:
Shim ChangMin,

or Jo KyuHyun.

Yes, there's just something about being a freaking 180cm+ tall and good-looking, SUPER FREAKING 'EFFING SMART (Maths Olympics, what is this?), freaking good singer with freaking nice voice, and freaking retarded that i like about.
And freaking good proportionate body (ok lar, kinda "skinny", but to me it's still good body because it's proportionate. Long body and legs are nice! They can wear anything and still pull it off as VERY NICE!)!!
And being freaking 막내 ♡!~
Ok, too freaking adee, i don't even know why i typed "freaking" so many times!

But yes, that's the gist of it, hehehe!!

I remembered something i heard from the radio, it's like those "what ifs" thing, and it goes something like: "What if you wake up morning and found yourself in Lin Chi-ling's body, who would you go after?"
I did wonder, of all female artists, why her? But i guess she's kinda like iconic for Asian women and all, so it's ok... so i wonder, what would i do, you know, if i wake up one morning and found myself as her.

For starters, go get an operation to change my voice.
Haha, sorry, i don't really like to hear her voice. It was ok to being with... but the longer it gets the more annoying it gets as well.
I mean, who knows how long i'll be stuck in that body right? I'll probably end up killing myself having to listen to myself with a voice like that all the time!! AND I TALK ALOT!!!

So yeah, since i talk so much, and i don't know how long i'll be in her body... so i would want a nicer voice which doesn't involves me feeling the need to kill myself every time after i talk, so... yeah, lols!
And who would i go after...???
Honestly lor, the way the question is put (by the DJ), it's like saying nobody can resist her nya. How if the guy i go after actually prefers shorter and fat stubbier girls (like me)??? In other words, her complete opposite (me?)???

Rofl, i love it when i'm being retarded XD!!

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