Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm damn mean.

I was watching 100% Entertainment (Pig Papa~~ and OMG i didn't know it was actually LIVE!!) when they had this news on this new Taiwan drama "K.O.3an Guo", and the news about how a few bands have come together to sing the drama's theme song. Something like that, can't hear clearly.
Anyways, because there were a few bands, the number of members came up to 13, and i read at the caption below the screen it says, translated literally, "Very difficult to divide lyrics among 13 people".
They also interviewed the members on how 13 people sing and all, something like that (can't hear clearly mar), and i caught myself staring blankly at the screen while the tip of my lips very slyly and evilly went up, the right side only btw. Yes, it's my trademark "hahaha, look at me i'm so evil like HeeNim" smirk.
Yes, i was smirking and actually, laughing evilly inside (Grandma was in the living room at same time, so cannot suddenly start laughing madly no matter how much my family were used to my madness).

Ah, 13 is not a difficult number honestly. My boys has been doing it for 3 years!!
It's as if i'm laughing at the tee-vee and smirking and all, and saying, "Cheh... amateurs..." while shaking my head and sigh, wondering what's the big deal with dividing lyrics among 13 people.
So mean. HAHAHA!
(ps: SYML has 17 people!! What about SMTOWN???)

On the other hand, OMG... Wu Chun and Jolin acting in Absolute Boyfriend??? MY 絶対彼氏??? どうして??? あたしだけのナイトだから!!!
I didn't even bother to watch the Japanese live-action version, even though Mokomichi was in it... because the "feel" just isn't there (somemore i don't like it they change from studying to working). Now it's Taiwan's live-action, it's kinda... i don't know, it's just... weird.
At least it's Chun although Jiro would be better (he has the stupid look Knight/ Night has), and i guess i don't mind him kissing Jolin compared to some *other* female artist, and i don't mind him being Knight/ Night and all, because Knight/ Night to me is the perfect guy, and... erm... what was i going to say?

Conclusion, yeah, it's ok! I like both Jolin and Chun! But it's still weird Absolute Boyfriend is going live-action. Pretty soon Korea's going to do it too... i think, and it'll be even weirder.
I don't know, to me it's suppose to exist only in manga. And by Yuu Watase (my uber most favourite manga artist ever!!)!! I've been chasing after this series ever since it was just released, so yeah, it's weird (for me) to see it go live-action. It's ok, i'm weird anyways!
Gosh what's wrong with me, i'm so pointless these days, what turf XD!!

ps: Pigs are fast animals, what turf XD!

And pps: BTW regarding 100% Entertainment, it's not exactly "LIVE" because it was broadcast at 6pm in Taiwan, as opposed to Malaysia at 9pm, so it's more of a "delayed broadcast" thing =D! Thank the Pig!

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