Sunday, March 08, 2009

I love this commercial!

It was on Malaysian tee-vee, except that it's for HSBC Visa!
It makes me happy that i feel like dancing along =D!
I wonder if he ever fell into the sea when dancing in Vietnam?

Today is a funny day. I fell asleep watching a Stephen Chow movie... i ended up dreaming of a Stephen Chow movie!!
It was a whole new movie, with Andy Lau and Cheung Man inside and all, with a whole new plot and everything!!
Wow, i should be scriptwriter or director or something, then when they interview me asking me how did i get the inspiration and ideas for all my award winning movies and all, i shall be really discreet with a simple, mysterious smile and say:
"I sleep."
And end the interview with an even bigger smile. Muahahaha, i love myself! What turf!

On the other hand...
I love smelling her!

She just bathed today =D!
I love looking at her fur every time after she bath. It always has looks shiny and soft... and it smells extra good! Many adorableness!~

And look at this cat!

He/ she was just lying there looking at me, waiting for his/ her owner to pick him/ her up, and at the meantime, just laze around and be completely oblivious to everything happening around the world.
Cool cat!
Which makes me wonder, if i ever have to send HeeChul to a boarding hotel, what will she be like? This cat, or like the others who are constantly asking for some TLC??
Mind, she'll probably start off by scolding everyone within the vicinity for a couple of days. She's the Princess yo!
But the thought of sending her off to a boarding hotel freaks me out honestly. The little Princess has never spend even a night away from home!!
Hmm... maybe i should try that someday, hehehe!

Ok, i gotto wipe my face. Fur on face (from smelling HeeChul's oh-so-nice-smell fur, ㅋㅋㅋ!). Not cool.
Pretty soon it's either i'm going to get a furry face, or i'll start coughing up hairballs!! EEEEEEEK!!!!

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